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Nice that you have found your way to our pizza oven magazine. Here we would like to collect interesting content for you on the topics of pizza oven and pizza baking. Browse through our recipes for different types of ovens like dome ovens, stone ovens or gas pizza ovens. In addition, we give you insights into exciting oven projects of our customers.

Ratgeber 03-14-2023

Brot backen für Einsteiger

Wir verraten euch einfache Tricks mit denen ihr auch als Einsteiger Brot im Holzofen backen könnt.
Ratgeber 03-05-2023

Tipps für Pizza aus dem Holzbackofen

Tipps für perfekte Pizza aus dem Holzbackofen.
Ratgeber 03-03-2023

Was kann ich in einem Holzbackofen kochen?

Pizza, Pasta und viel mehr. Backen im Holzbackofen einfach erklärt.
Ratgeber 03-01-2023

Abenteuer Mietpizzaofen - ein Erlebnisbericht

Unsere Kollegin Leona beschreibt ihre Erfahrung mit unserem Mietofen Fontana Gusto.

Effedue Spiralkneter bald in unserem Sortiment

Neu bei uns: Spiralkneter von effedue srl
Rezepte 02-14-2023

Special doughs #5: Pinsa

Pinsa, the Roman speciality, is crispy, soft, aromatic and digestible. We explain why this is so.
Ratgeber 02-03-2023

Pizza oven with gas burner: What you need to know

Gas burners are super practical. Here's what you need to know to bake delicious pizza.
Ratgeber 01-11-2023

Pizza course competition - The winners are determined!

In our December newsletter we raffled our online pizza course exclusively for our customers. The winners are fixed!
Rezepte 12-25-2022

Recipe: cookies like from grandma

What can't be missing at Christmas? Correct - freshly baked cookies like from grandma.
Ratgeber 12-19-2022

Pizza ovens for the start

Top pizza ovens for beginners at an absolute cracker price. Now new in our assortment. All info here...
Rezepte 12-15-2022

Recipe: Spelt flour cake with Cantiano sour cherry jam

A new recipe from Fontana for the Christmas season: spelt flour cake with Cantiano sour cherry jam.
Ratgeber 12-05-2022

A tip for going out in the Black Forest: Pizzeria Meckerlini

Every now and then we deliver great ovens to holiday regions and let you know here so that you don't have to miss out on good pizza anywhere.
Rezepte 11-29-2022

In the cold season: sweets from the Fontana bakery

Have you ever baked biscuits, waffles, sweets or cakes in your Fontana Backhaus? We have tips for an optimal baking day.
Ratgeber 11-21-2022

Attention baking clubs

A bakehouse in the village like in the old days. We show how this wish can be fulfilled for every association.
Ratgeber 11-07-2022

Cooking temperatures in the wood-burning oven

Would you like to use the energy in your wood-burning oven from 400 to 0 degrees? We show you how it works.
Ratgeber 11-02-2022

Professional dough kneading machines for bakers, bakeries and restaurants

Find the best dough machine for bar, café, restaurant, hotel or bakery.
Ratgeber 10-31-2022

Baking bread in a wood-fired oven

Self-sufficiency is the trend. Here are tips on baking bread in a wood-fired oven.
Rezepte 10-27-2022

Recipe: Cannelloni with ricotta and vegetables

We have a new recipe from Fontana for you: Cannelloni with ricotta and vegetables
Rezepte 10-13-2022

Recipe: Cantucci

We have a new recipe from Fontana for you: Cantucci with spelt flour.
Ratgeber 10-10-2022

Building a pizza oven kit: Avoid these mistakes

Do you want to assemble a pizza oven kit yourself? Read here which mistakes you should avoid.
Ratgeber 10-04-2022

Which pizza oven can I convert?

Rising energy prices are also driving the catering industry. But which pizza oven can you convert to save costs?
Ratgeber 09-19-2022

Cooking with wood: Outdoor ovens

Original, sustainable and very simple. Whether bread, stew or pizza, prepare your meals yourself.
Kundenreferenzen 09-13-2022

Pizza oven for Catering

Street party, wedding, birthday or other occasions. A mobile pizza oven is always an eye-catcher and conjures up delicious pizza, tarte flambée and flatbread.
Ratgeber 09-05-2022

The best pizza oven for the garden

Which is the best pizza oven for the garden? Tips and info here.
Rezepte 09-02-2022

Recipe and instructions for gluten-free pizza

Gluten-free pizza dough - with instructions on how to mix it yourself.
Rezepte 08-21-2022

Recipe: Parmigiana

We are happy about a great recipe from Fontana: Parmigiana
Rezepte 08-15-2022

Special doughs #4: Pimp your pizza dough

Are you a big pizza fan and want to experiment with your dough? We have three ideas.
Rezepte 08-08-2022

Special doughs #3: Pizza Napoletana

Today we have a world cultural heritage to try out: original Pizza Napoletana.
Rezepte 08-01-2022

Special doughs #2: Pizza with poolish

You want to give your pizza dough the final touch? In this series we collect ideas.
Rezepte 07-26-2022

Tips for vegan pizza

We love pizza, preferably the classic Italian recipes. But we've also put together a few tips for vegan pizza. Watch this!
Rezepte 07-18-2022

Special doughs #1: Pizza dough with biga

You want to give your pizza dough the finishing touch? In this series we collect ideas.
Rezepte 07-16-2022

Recipe: Pizza Classica

Looking for a classic and original Italian pizza dough recipe? This way.
Rezepte 07-15-2022

Recipe: Babka with raspberries

Today we have a great summer recipe from Bernardi for you. Buon Appetito!
Ratgeber 07-11-2022

Pizza ovens from Fontana - that's why they're so good!

What makes our Fontana pizza ovens the high-performance ovens our customers love them for?
Ratgeber 07-04-2022

Bernardi dough mixer: Finding the right speed

Which kneading speed for which dough? Tips from Bernardi.
Ratgeber 06-28-2022

Josper Grill Demo

Busy times in our show kitchen. Three professional chefs present gastronomic Josper grills.

%Sommer-Sale% im Juni

Nutze die Gelegenheit: Großer Sommer-Sale auf unsere Topseller!

Wir sehen uns auf der Spoga in Köln!

Treffen wir uns am Stand von Fontana Forni. Halle 07.1 Stand C028.
Ratgeber 06-02-2022

Back again! Josper Grill Demo

Finally back: Our Josper Grill Demo! New date on 28 June. Request participation now.
Rezepte 06-01-2022

Recipe: Pizza in Teglia

We are delighted to have a great recipe from Bernardi: Pizza in Teglia
Rezepte 05-30-2022

Recipe for bread and rolls with sourdough

Here we have a great recipe from our baking class with Hendrik for sourdough bread or rolls with detailed instructions.
Ratgeber 05-23-2022

Bernardi dough mixer vs. cheap competitor products

Do you want to know what distinguishes the Bernardi dough mixers from their cheap competitors? Click here.
Ratgeber 05-16-2022

Tips for perfect doughs from the Bernardi

Are you interested in a Bernardi dough mixer? Here are a few tips that are sure to improve your results.
Ratgeber 05-09-2022

Bernardi dough mixer in comparison

Which dough mixer for the home? A decision-making aid.
Ratgeber 05-02-2022

Mangiafouco - now even better!

Fontana has optimised this classic dome oven for even more performance.
Ratgeber 04-15-2022

Online pizza course starts in April

You want to bake pizza like a pro? We have the right course for you! All info here.
Ratgeber 04-04-2022

Sourdough workshop 21th may

Möchtest Du Sauerteigbrot backen und brauchst Know-How? Dann buche unseren Online-Sauerteig-Workshop.
Rezepte 03-31-2022

Recipe: Coniglio in Porchetta

Roasted rabbit - how about this dish for the upcoming Easter celebration?
Rezepte 03-17-2022

Recipe: Porchetta

Porchetta - the ultimate dish for special occasions and celebrations.
Rezepte 03-08-2022

#4 Rustic pancakes according to Kati Wilhelm

At this point I would like to draw your attention to a great recipe here: Rustic pancakes
Rezepte 03-04-2022

Recipe: Cannelloni di Ricotta e Verdura

Cannelloni with ricotta and vegetables. Not only looks good, but also tastes incredibly delicious.
Ratgeber 03-03-2022

Sourdough Workshop

Do you want to bake sourdough bread and need know-how? Then book our online sourdough workshop.
Rezepte 02-17-2022

Recipe: Crostata con Marmellata

Tartlet with marmellata. An incredibly delicious dessert from our Fontana Cookbook.
Ratgeber 02-07-2022

Valoriani Rotativo for gastronomy

Efficiency in the professional kitchen: the Valoriani Rotativo is a rotating pizza oven with many advantages in the hotel and catering industry.
Ratgeber 02-03-2022

New arrival: Fontana Maestro

Small but mighty! The Maestro reaches over 400 degrees and is mobile. The perfect oven for spontaneous people!
Rezepte 02-02-2022

Recipe: Lasagne alla Norcina (Salsiccia)

The somewhat different lasagna in original Italian style - a recipe from our Fontana Cookbook.
Rezepte 01-06-2022

Recipe: Focaccia Cipolla Bianca

Focaccia with white onions. An original Italian recipe from our Fontana Cookbook.
Rezepte 12-10-2021

Recipe: Cantuccini con Granella di Mandorle e Pistacchi

Cantuccini with almonds and pistachios for the pre-Christmas season!
Rezepte 12-07-2021

From the Christmas bakery: butter baked goods

Suitable for the Christmas season - we show you our delicious cookie recipe.
Rezepte 11-05-2021

Recipe: Pinsa

Fancy some homemade Pinsa? Here you can find the basic recipe.
Rezepte 10-28-2021

Recipe: Patate al Rosmarino

Rosemary potatoes from the oven for the autumn season!
Ratgeber 10-26-2021

Biscotto vs. Fireclay

What is actually the difference between the original Biscotto Sorrento and a fireclay brick?
Rezepte 10-14-2021

Recipe: Arancini Siciliani Al Ragù

Arancini Siciliani Al Ragù - an irresistible dish!
Rezepte 10-01-2021

Recipe: Nidi di Rondine

Nidi di Rondine - that's swallow's nests. A treat for all pasta fans.
Ratgeber 09-26-2021

Video: Comparison Valoriani Baby vs. Ooni

We would like to show you a great video in which you can see a comparison between a Valoriani Baby and an Ooni gas stove.
Rezepte 09-20-2021

Recipe: Focaccia con Pomodoro e Origano

A recipe from our original Fontana cookbook. To cook and feast on.
Rezepte 09-16-2021

Orecchiette: How to make the pasta yourself

Homemade pasta is something for lovers. Today we show you how to make orecchiette yourself.
Ratgeber 09-10-2021

Tatatataaa! We have a surprise

Fili has been on the road a lot. We've planned, rescheduled and come up with great recipes for you. Here is our surprise for all pizza fans!
Ratgeber 09-09-2021

View inside the Izzo Napoletano

Pizza ovens from IzzoNapoletano are among the high-end products in our range. We show you what the heart of the oven looks like.
Rezepte 09-03-2021

How to put a wow on your pizza

Pizza toppings: tips and tricks for that certain something on your pizza.
Rezepte 08-06-2021

#3 Fingerfood: Pizza rolls

A delicious recipe for quick pizza buns from the wood-fired oven.
Rezepte 07-12-2021

#2 Round would also be nice

Part #2 of our home story. We still have to work on the shape - and on many other things too, but round would be nice. Here's a tasty recipe tip for that.
Ratgeber 06-28-2021

#1 Burn-in: Home Story Valoriani Baby

Here we show you pictures, recipes and cooking results of our employees experimenting with their Valoriani Baby wood-burning ovens at home.
Kundenreferenzen 06-16-2021

Pizza oven trailer on tour

Bye-bye pizza oven! We have sold this great piece and will soon surprise you with a new gastronomic rental oven trailer.
Kundenreferenzen 06-09-2021

Culinary travel tip for Switzerland

New Josper Grill near Zurich in a dreamlike setting.
Ratgeber 05-11-2021

New videos on Youtube

There is new content in our Youtube channel! Take a look!
Ratgeber 05-07-2021

Online team event: Pizza course with Fili

This week we successfully tested a new format: an online team event in which the employees of a company baked pizza together.
Ratgeber 04-30-2021

Tips for building a Valoriani Indirect

Here you will find tips and instructions on how to build the Valoriani Indirect.
Ratgeber 04-12-2021

Fireclay floors Made in Italy

Valoriani Forni produces its fireclay floors directly in Italy. This has many advantages.
Ratgeber 04-01-2021

Charity "Pizza for a good cause"

Together, La Bottega Toscana and Trattoria Aubergine are launching the "Pizza for a Good Cause" campaign and supplying nursing homes.
Ratgeber 03-20-2021

Time for a pizza oven in the garden

Spring is here and with it the dream of a relaxing time in the garden with dear friends and good food.
Ratgeber 03-15-2021

Easter recipes from Bernardi

Today we have original Italian Easter recipes for you! If you already have a Bernardi dough mixer, you have a clear advantage...
Ratgeber 03-15-2021

Pizzeria Minante in Vienna

We recommend Pizzeria Minante in Vienna. There we have delivered a first-class oven.
Ratgeber 03-08-2021

Valoriani: delivery in lofty heights

We do everything possible to provide our customers with one of our high quality pizza ovens, see for yourself.
Focaccia aus dem Kurs Italian Streetfood bei
Ratgeber 02-25-2021

New: Italian Streetfood in the online course

Bella Italia comes to your home. Focaccia, calzone, pizzetta - all the delicacies you can find on every corner in Italy are coming to your home. With our new online course starting in February.
Ratgeber 02-18-2021

Happy Birthday from the Valoriani Baby

Thanks to the dear colleagues for this extraordinary birthday post! What such a pizza oven can do.
Josper Grill Demo bei La Bottega Toscana
Ratgeber 02-08-2021

Josper demo on March 22

Finally it's that time again, we continue our series of Josper demos.
Rezepte 01-26-2021

Meat from the wood oven

Everyone loves pizza, but in our wood-burning ovens can cook a thousand other dishes. Today a tip for meat lovers.
Ratgeber 01-19-2021

Tool: Find the right pizza oven

Finding the right pizza oven for your garden or kitchen can take a while. Fontana Forni has developed a helpful tool, take a look...
Ratgeber 01-18-2021

New pizza course: Neapolitan pizza

We are often asked for a course on Neapolitan Pizza. Now the time has come, on February 6 we start.
Ratgeber 01-12-2021

Honest feedback

We are always happy to receive feedback from our customers, especially if they are satisfied with our products. Here is an opinion about a Bernardi dough mixer:
Ratgeber 01-05-2021

The basil trick

How does the basil develop its full aroma? There is a trick from the professional gastronomy. See with us the video...
Rezepte 12-28-2020

Recipe for the Bernardi: House bread

For our many Bernardi customers, today we have an equally delicious and simple bread recipe. Have fun baking it!
Ratgeber 12-21-2020

Visit from the region

In December, members of the SPD Linsengericht learned about our company.
Rezepte 12-15-2020

Recipe: Baguette from the Breadmania group

We are happy to be friends with the Breadmania group on Facebook. So many great recipes and knowhow.
Ratgeber 12-14-2020

Commodity science: the basil trick

And another trick from our online pizza course: the basil trick. See for yourself...
Ratgeber 12-09-2020

Commodity science: What the tomato can tells us

Who does not like to eat delicious pizza? But for the pizza to be delicious, it needs some knowledge about the ingredients. Today: the tomatoes.
Ratgeber 11-26-2020

Live pizza course goes into the next round

It was a premiere and it was a success: our first live pizza course with Filippo Licciardo. From now on we go in series with it. Sign up, it's worth it!
Ratgeber 11-20-2020

The fastest outdoor kitchen in the world: Fontana Pizza Desk

Novelty from the house of Fontana: Pizza Desk. The multifunctional work table for all Fontana pizza ovens.
Ratgeber 11-13-2020

Premiere! First live pizza course with Filippo Licciardo

Get your premiere ticket now for only 39 Euro (instead of 79 Euro).
Selected by 11-04-2020

5 Questions for... Kati Wilhelm

We know Kati Wilhelm as a successful biathlete. But now she is also a successful restaurateur with her restaurant "Heimatlon", where one of our wood-burning ovens has found a home. Learn more about Kati and the oven!
Ratgeber 10-27-2020

AVPN Pizza Course: New date

New date for the AVPN Professional Pizza Course in January.
Ratgeber 10-19-2020

Bakehouse Bofa: bread baking courses close to nature

Today we would like to introduce our partner Backhaus Bofa from the Montafon. Baking courses with passion in breathtaking scenery await you there.
Ratgeber 10-12-2020

Packing gifts for Christmas

The time has come: in our store all signs are set for Christmas. Many gifts are waiting for gourmets.
Ratgeber 10-05-2020

Insights: An Izzo from the Inside

Izzo Forni builds highly professional electric ovens for the catering industry. We take a look at the technology...
Rezepte 09-28-2020

Tarte flambée vs. pizza: differences and recipe

Pizza or tarte flambée, Italy or France. But what else distinguishes the two national pastries?
Ratgeber 09-22-2020

Build Valoriani Indirect yourself - here's how!

Start your pizza oven project now! Here are a few impressions of the construction of a Valoriani Indirect kit.
Ratgeber 09-17-2020

My Miss Baker

Dough kneader of the very first quality - now also for home!
Ratgeber 09-09-2020

Test Josper HJA with us!

New in our show kitchen: Josper HJA. The professional grill for the upscale gastronomy with us live in use.
Ratgeber 09-02-2020

New date for AVPN professional pizza courses

The time has come, the next AVPN professional pizza course in Germany at La Bottega Toscana is scheduled. Secure one of the few places now.
Ratgeber 08-25-2020

Wood or gas? That is the question.

It's clear: a pizza oven should visually enhance your garden and provide culinary pleasure. The only question that remains is the best energy source for you, wood or gas.
Ratgeber 08-20-2020

Pizza oven: fixed location or mobile pizza oven

There are many ways to fulfill the dream of having your own pizza oven in the garden. One of the key questions is the location of the oven.
Ratgeber 08-12-2020

Pizza oven: classic dome oven or a bake house

What are the differences between cooking with a classic dome oven and a bakehouse?
Ratgeber 08-05-2020

Pizza oven: direct or indirect firing

Your own pizza oven in the garden is a dream that you can easily fulfill with our help.
Ratgeber 07-28-2020

Installment plan for restaurateurs

You are a restaurateur and want to modernize your kitchen or open a new one? We have attractive offers for the purchase of the oven.
Ratgeber 07-21-2020

More than a pizza oven

We are your specialist for high quality pizza ovens. But our ovens are absolutely versatile. Here we present to you what a Fontana bakehouse can do.
Kundenreferenzen 07-15-2020

Customer images: Outdoor kitchen with Valoriani Top

We have many creative and talented customers who send us their pictures. We would like to present some of them here. Today: Valoriani Top in a large outdoor kitchen.
Ratgeber 07-09-2020

AVPN Pizza Course: Date is fixed

Finally we can give you a fixed date for our AVPN pizza course. Info, registration and and and you can find here...
Ratgeber 07-08-2020

Pizza Napoletana at the Westhafen in Leipzig

A real Pizza Napoletana is a work of art. In Leipzig we have an address for you where you can enjoy it from one of our ovens.
Ratgeber 07-01-2020

VAT down, discount up!

We at start our VAT discount promotion today.
Ratgeber 06-25-2020

Many products are available for immediate delivery

We can deliver your pizza oven for the garden at short notice! After all, now is the outdoor season.
Ratgeber 06-18-2020

Valoriani baby in perfect setting

As of now, MeinMain in Hanau has one more attraction: a bright red Valoriani Baby for maximum pizza enjoyment - or whatever your heart desires, the Baby can do it.
Ratgeber 06-15-2020

AVPN certified Izzo Forni Napoletano

This decision is like an accolade: the AVPN certifies Izzo's Forni Napoletano" for baking the original Pizza Napoletana.
Ratgeber 06-12-2020

Lunch at Trattoria Aubergine

Finally it's that time again: the Trattoria Aubergine offers again daily changing lunch. Business lunch in Mediterranean flair on the beautiful sun terrace.
Ratgeber 06-12-2020

New pizza course on 20.6.

It's time! On Saturday, June 20 we start again with our pizza classes for individuals. Register now!
Ratgeber 06-08-2020

Bayreuth is richer by one Josper Grill

In May we have delivered a great absolutely newly designed Josper Grill to Bayreuth in the EILA Tasting Center. So go there, it's worth it in any case!
Ratgeber 06-03-2020

Build the pizza oven yourself!

You have a new project in mind, the detailed planning begins. It is to be a pizza oven. Self-built, in your own garden. Then look here, how it works.
Ratgeber 05-28-2020

And a stove can fly after all

Sometimes we deliver furnaces to hard-to-reach places and have to come up with ways to overcome big obstacles. See for yourself.
Ratgeber 05-25-2020

Churrasco - Brazilian style grilling

"Churrasco" is the name of the Brazilian way to grill. Quite original like the cattle herders with conviviality and good meat. Here's a little introduction.
Ratgeber 05-22-2020

Pizza, pasta, be happy! From the oven test with your own family

We employees at La Bottega Toscana like to take the opportunity to take home a free rental oven and test what it can do. Thanks to the boss! And a little insight into a test weekend with the family!
Ratgeber 05-06-2020

Stainless steel pizza ovens: it all depends on the quality

Currently, many stainless steel hobby pizza ovens are on the market. Some discounters offer pizza oven models. We explain where the differences are and what's important. After that, you'll know why it makes sense to opt for quality.
Ratgeber 05-05-2020

New web address:

New name, proven content. As of today, we can be reached on the web under the URL Otherwise everything remains as before.
Ratgeber 05-03-2020

NEW: Services for our Josper customers

Attention Josper customers! From now on we offer a new service. Find out more here.
Ratgeber 04-30-2020

Furnace construction: We are fully committed!

As you know, you can get many different pizza oven models with us. How we hang ourselves for you purely to fulfill even individual wishes, you can see here!
Rezepte 04-21-2020

Sourdough bread in wood oven

A sourdough bread is digestible and keeps fresh for a long time. Click here for the recipe.
Ratgeber 04-18-2020

Baking bread in your own oven

Baking bread has become more and more of a trend. Read here which wood-burning ovens are best and how to make bread at home.
Ratgeber 04-15-2020

A donation for each stove sold

Our partner Fontana Forni wants to support its compatriots in the fight against the Corona virus and has launched an action worth mentioning.
Ratgeber 04-15-2020

The stone oven: versatile and mobile

Learn everything you need to know about stone oven kit stone oven, electric stone oven and pizza stone oven.
Ratgeber 04-01-2020

Find stove exhibition near you

You are interested in one of our pizza ovens and want to see it before you order it? No problem, we have a good network of partners all over Germany. We will gladly put you in touch with them.
Ratgeber 04-01-2020

Give yourself a pleasure break from the crisis

Barbecue was yesterday, today we bake our own pizza!
Ratgeber 03-28-2020

Wood Burning Oven Customer: Fire Up

Are you the proud owner of a wood-burning oven or are you thinking of getting one? Then take a look here!
Ratgeber 03-26-2020

Against the crisis: Pizza Contest

Our partners Valoriani and AVPN are each hosting a contest. We want to see what the pizza community around the world is putting on the table at home. So join us and post your pictures!
Ratgeber 03-26-2020

Bonus: Individual online tutorial for every furnace purchase

We have thought of something to help you with advice and support during the Corona period. Every furnace purchase comes with a personalized online tutorial. All info here...
Selected by 03-02-2020

5 Questions to... Christian Soens

Among our customers are many well-known and leading restaurateurs. For our blog, for example, they tell us their favorite recipe - it's worth taking a look! Today at DreiHefen in Koblenz.
Ratgeber 02-20-2020

Proper cooking in wood oven

It is important to heat the oven properly. Here you will find the appropriate instructions!
Selected by 12-02-2019

5 Questions to... Malte Bruins

Among our customers are many well-known and leading restaurateurs. For our blog, for example, they tell us their favorite recipe - it's worth taking a look!

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