How to put a wow on your pizza

Pizza toppings: tips and tricks for that certain something on your pizza.

Pimp your Pizza - tricks from a pizzaiolo

Here are a few ideas to pimp your pizza with simple tricks, because there's more to pizza than salami and capricciosa. Our pizzaiolo Filippo Licciardo is always surprising us with new creations. We asked him for tips on pizza toppings with a wow effect. He goes into raptures and I get hungry with all the delicacies he lists. Here are a few tips:

Tip 1: Prepare the ingredients

The more time you invest in preparing your ingredients, the more intense their flavour will be. A simple trick is to grill vegetables before putting them on the pizza. The imprints from the grill add visual appeal, and the roasted aromas add flavour to your pizza. A fresh pesto after baking or an unusual cheese and your guests will be delighted. Stewed tomatoes for the sauce also intensify the flavour.

Tip 2: Make creams

If you say that only tomato sauce ever goes on pizza, make a vegetable cream from grilled aubergines or pumpkin, for example, and bake a delicious vegetarian Pizza Bianco with it. If you don't want to do without the tomatoes, you can shine after baking with homemade pesto. Many fresh herbs are suitable for adding a new and surprising flavour. A mint pesto gives your pizza a new touch. And if you know your way around the woods and fields, you will find wild garlic, goutweed and other wild herbs that can be made into pesto to round off a pizza with fresh chanterelles or potatoes.

Tip 3: Topping with crunch

It goes without saying that we put some fresh and high-quality ingredients on the pizza only after baking, so that they retain their full flavour. Mortadella, serano ham or rocket remain cold. But have you ever tried making your pizza topping crunchy? You can mix nuts or breadcrumbs with Parmesan, melt them and let them cool. Sprinkle over the pizza for a super crunchy effect.
Feel free to comment with your tricks for a little wow on the pizza! We look forward to it.

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