5 Questions to... Christian Soens

At DreiHefen in Koblenz, everything revolves around pizza, beer, and wine. For this, owner Christian Soens has opted for the absolutely perfect pizza oven, a Forni Napoletano from Izzo Forni. Up to 480 degrees hot, this oven conjures up the perfect Pizza Napoletana. Christian Soens prepares his dough in the tried and tested traditional way and the ingredients must be of the best quality. They come from Italy or directly from the region, as he tells us. Unusual combinations give his Napoletana pizza that certain something and make the hearts of his guests beat faster.

We are pleased that Christian Soens answered our 5 questions:

1. What is your favorite dish to prepare in your oven and why?
Neapolitan pizza - for sure!!!

2. What makes your oven special for you?
Its reliability, ease of use, and its eye-catching appearance.

3. What is your tip for hobby cooks who have a wood-fired oven?
I don't.

4. Where or for whom would you like to cook?
We are happy about every single guest who wants to try our Neapolitan pizza and even more when we see the smile on the guest's face after they try it.

5. tell us your favorite recipe that we can publish in our blog?
Our current favorite recipe is our "new" creative and mega delicious Neapolitan pizza on the menu. "HONEY BEET NUTS" with buffalo ricotta, goat cream cheese, fior di latte mozzarella, beet, walnut, orange blossom honey.

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