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Oven undercarriages

Undercarriages for pizza ovens: maximum mobility and efficiency

 In the world of pizza baking, having the right equipment is crucial to achieving perfect results. This is where the undercarriage for pizza ovens comes into play, an often overlooked but extremely important companion for any pizza lover. In this article, we will take a closer look at undercarriages for pizza ovens and show the invaluable benefits they offer.
Fontana undercarriage Piero

Fontana Pizza Oven Undercarriage 60x60cm
immediately available

Fontana Riviera undercarriage
3-4 pizzas hobby best suited for:

Fontana pizza oven undercarriage 60x80cm
2-3 pizzas hobby best suited for:
immediately available

Undercarriage for pizza oven Fontana Bellagio, stainless steel
4-6 pizzas hobby best suited for:

Fontana Pizza Oven Undercarriage 80x80cm
immediately available


Focus on mobility

A trolley for pizza ovens is a mobile base on which your pizza oven rests. This seemingly unassuming companion can make a huge difference in your pizza baking experience. Here are some reasons why mobility is a key advantage: 
Flexibility: With an undercarriage, you can move your pizza oven anywhere. Be it on your patio, in the garden or even to a friend's house - your pizza baking station is always ready to go.
Quick adjustment: If the weather changes or you want to find the perfect spot for your pizza party, you can do so effortlessly with a mobile trolley.
Smoke management: If your pizza oven is fired with wood or charcoal, you can optimise smoke extraction with an undercarriage by simply moving the oven to a more convenient location.

Efficiency and convenience

Another advantage that undercarriages offer is the increase in efficiency and convenience.

comfort when baking pizzas:

Additional storage space: undercarriages are often equipped with shelves or racks on which you can store wood, accessories and other utensils. Everything is within easy reach and neatly stowed away. Stability: Your pizza oven stands on a stable, secure base that prevents it from tipping or wobbling. This ensures safety when working with the hot oven Cable management: If your pizza oven is electrically operated, a trolley can also help to neatly conceal cables and power sources and minimise the risk of tripping hazards
The mobile base trolley as an indispensable companion A trolley for pizza ovens may seem inconspicuous at first glance, but its benefits are indispensable for any serious pizza lover. With mobility, extra storage space and increased stability, it offers everything you need to take your pizza baking skills to the next level. Experience the freedom and convenience of a pizza oven trolley and make your pizza baking an effortless pleasure, wherever you are. Treat yourself to this practical addition to your pizza baking station and discover the limitless possibilities of mobile pizza enjoyment!

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