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An entrepreneurial intuition of the three brothers Giuseppe, Bruno and Carlo made them start manufacturing stoves under the sign of the great Italian craftsmanship.

For over 70 years

Fontana was founded in the distant year of 1946. At that time Italy was just about to enter a new phase consisting of challenges and opportunities. The talent, willpower and passion of the people at that time could guarantee extraordinary experiences. This happened in the heart of the Marche, in the industrious valley of Cesano, an area full of passion and pride in its own traditions. Here lies the origin of Fontana.

The Fontana company has already been managed by three generations. Yet the original commitment and concept of the company's founders - making durable stoves by finding innovative solutions and using sturdy and noble materials - have always remained. More than one company - a whole family - has grown with the work. This is a testament to the creativity and Italian tradition.


Today Fontana is the market leader for wood stoves. A manufacturer characterized by 100% Made in Italy, taking advantage of the experience and professionalism acquired in over 70 years of business. This is how we always create groundbreaking stoves that incorporate innovative technologies in a solid and timeless structure. We operate through a network of specialized commercial partners and resellers in over 40 countries worldwide. For this reason the company is able to be constantly present on the world market. But the history of the company does not end here, because over the years the interests have been diversified and Fontana has become a group of companies, to which the Heat Division has been added. It deals specifically with the production of stoves "Made by Fontana". The same construction principles are applied and the standards of excellence and quality are maintained. In this way, through its own creations, the group of companies becomes part of the homes of those people who like fire and understand its value and tradition. This is what Fontana stands for today: thousands of stoves and ovens are produced year after year and reach over 40 countries, to which Fontana delivers the dream of all passionate cooks and all those who want to heat with renewable energy and objects with great aesthetic impact.


A high-quality pizza oven from the Italian manufacturer Fontana reaches a temperature of 350 degrees with 2 kg of wood in 30 minutes. To this high temperature, a cheap oven is not at all capable due to lack of insulation - even with very high wood input. An original Fontana pizza oven has a material thickness in the dome of 2.5mm and in the baking chamber of 4mm. This is an additional reinforcement in the baking chamber to protect the dome and ensure the longevity of the oven.

In combination with other quality features such as insulation, a huge energy efficiency is achieved here. This also leads to a very long operating time of the ovens. In a Fontana pizza oven you can bake a lot of pizza for hours with low wood consumption, nothing stands in the way of a cozy garden party. And the next morning the oven still has 200 degrees to bake bread, rolls and cakes in it or prepare a casserole for lunch.


For over 100 years, Valoriani, located near Florence, has guaranteed the highest quality craftsmanship in the production of ovens for professional and semi-professional use. The wood-burning ovens of Vesuvio Valoriani can be found in the best pizzerias in the world, they are exported to the United States, Japan, Canada and Australia.

For over 100 years

Valoriani stands for history, quality and value. Valoriani is a family-run oven, currently in its fifth generation and with more than 100 years of experience. Its roots are in the Florentine area of Figline Valdarno, back in the 1890s. Here Pietro Valoriani founded a kiln for the production of vases, jars and bricks in refractory cotto clay. After the discovery of a cave with good quality refractory clay, Gino Valoriani, grandfather of the current owner Massimo Valoriani, decided to move the kiln to Reggello, where the company still exists today. After the end of World War II, with the need to rebuild our nation, Valoriani was well positioned as a manufacturer of bricks to contribute to the rebirth of Italy by supplying refractory bricks to communities to enable them to build and restore artisan bread ovens.

In the 1940s

An important turning point for Valoriani was in the 1940s, when Silvio Valoriani, Gino's son, had a "eureka moment" to grow the company: "Why don't we build our own kilns?" In fact, it happened that some artisan kilns had structural problems, due to the many hours of work and the great experience needed to build a dome of bricks by hand.

Valoriani's first wood-fired oven

Silvio went on to design and build the first prefabricated wood-fired oven, using the Valoriani family's centuries of experience in selecting raw materials and defining the structural design of the vault - perfect in all its proportions and exactly as it is used today. He used the same materials used in traditional artisan kilns, but he increased the stability and simplified the process of assembling a kiln. This idea was put into practice during the period of the Italian economic boom, which corresponded with the explosion of the "pizza phenomenon"


Valoriani stands out from its competitors. They are not just oven assemblers - Valoriani is the only company in the world that produces all of the oven's refractory components "in-house," including the baking floor. Valoriani's baking floors are produced in the factory, after a scrupulous selection of the best raw materials in the world. The internal production allows the study of a specific reception that diversifies even in baking floor for Neapolitan pizza, classic pizza or bread. The base sections are pressed and baked in our oven at over 1300°C for about 16 hours. This process allows the production of a product specially formulated for use in pizza ovens and therefore does not adapt to what can be found on the market.

Quality and safety

The quality and safety of Valoriani ovens are guaranteed in Italy and throughout the world by the recognitions of several certification institutions and associations in the sector.

Fireclay bases

The bricks provide permanent temperature in the pizza oven, because they can store heat for a very long time. The higher the content of aluminum oxide (üblicherwerise up to 45%) of the fireclay floor, the higher the heat storage. The melting point of fireclay bricks is about 1700 degrees, therefore they are called refractory. Valoriani Forni produces its fireclay granules itself according to a family secret kept for decades and presses its bricks for the pizza ovens in the company's own factory. This ensures high quality for decades and makes Valoriani flexible and independent.


Highest quality electric pizza oven directly from Italy

For over 70 years

The Italian traditional company Izzo Forni from Naples convinces already since the year 1951 as a developer and producer of high-quality pizza ovens for gastronomic needs. The Scugnizzo Napoletano is the modern heart of the company. The electrically operated pizza oven reaches a fabulous 480 degrees and can thus bake the famous Neapolitan pizza to perfection. But operating at lower temperatures for other foods is no problem at Izzo Forni. A Neapolitan pizza oven that could not be better. And absolutely efficient and with high effectiveness for the optimal enjoyment of pizza.


A Neapolitan pizza oven must meet a wide range of requirements and demands. Importantly, the powerful electric pizza oven from Izzo Forni has even been approved by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) and thus meets the highest requirements. Thus, with the gastronomy pizza oven you can prepare the perfect Neapolitan pizzas that your guests want and that will attract new guests to the restaurant thanks to their quality and taste. The Izzo Forni Scugnizzo Napoletano absolutely meets the high requirements in terms of quality, workmanship and temperature control of the pizza oven in every respect. Regulate the temperature freely according to your wishes and ideas for the perfect end result.


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