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Toscano Luigi
Toscano Luigi
Fontana Luigi: mobile pizza ovenThe Luigi gives wings to every hobby chef. It is noble in appearance, high-quality in workmanship and the perfect wood-fired oven for the upscale home kitchen. Whether you want to integrate it as a tabletop in your outdoor kitchen or use it flexibly with a mobile undercarriage, the Luigi is simply fun. Bake and cook pizza, meat, fish, vegetables, antipasti or bread to your heart's content. Braised dishes in the roaster or delicious gratins are also refined in this oven.Luigi for the outdoor kitchenThe Luigi from Toscano is made of high-quality stainless steel and can therefore stand outside all year round. Thanks to its straightforward noble design, it fits perfectly into its surroundings and enriches any outdoor kitchen. Bake your own bread or prepare delicious antipasti while the T-bone steak is cooking on the grill. If you are looking for a flexible oven that you can also move once in a while, you do not have to do without the Luigi. We offer a matching undercarriage, which has four wheels and with which the Luigi has its use wherever you need it. In the garden, on the terrace or in winter even in a sheltered corner to cook the Christmas goose in it, the Luigi does it all.Original wood-burning oven in a modern designThe Luigi is a classic Italian dome oven made in Italy. For thousands of years, people have been cooking and baking in dome ovens because they provide the perfect heat distribution. The wood provides the optimal heat, crackles and smells, making the cooking and enjoyment experience complete.Different sizes Toscano offers three wood-fired dome ovens in different sizes: Mario for baking two pizzas at the same time. Luigi for baking four pizzas at the same time Peppe for baking six pizzas at the same time Included is a sturdy door and a smoke pipe.
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Toscano Peppe
Toscano Peppe
Fontana Peppe: mobile pizza ovenThe Peppe is a multifunctional wood-fired oven that will put the crown on any amateur chef's crown. As a classic dome oven, it benefits from perfect air circulation to maintain even heat. As a wood-fired oven, it is predestined for pizza, but also for bread, meat and vegetables. An all-rounder for the ambitious hobby cook with family or friends at a top price-performance ratio. The Peppe in the outdoor kitchenThe Peppe cuts a super figure, because it is not only big enough for several hungry guests, it also impresses with its timeless and elegant design. All stainless steel, it is an eye-catcher and fits perfectly into its surroundings. Whether it's integrated into an existing outdoor kitchen or used on its own undercarriage for mobile use on the patio, the Peppe is a hit.Through the wood firing, the original flair of cooking returns to you. The heat of the fire is not comparable. And the Peppe is excellently insulated thanks to Made in Italy, so it keeps the heat for a long time. Both in the bottom and in the dome, you can count on perfect insulation. The Peppe gives wings to any amateur cook with many family members or guests. Up to six pizzas can fit in it at the same time. Different sizes Toscano has three wood-fired ovens in the program in different sizes. In quality, they are all the same, but depending on the number of people, this allows you to find the right size pizza oven:Mario for baking two pizzas at the same timeLuigi for baking four pizzas at the same timePeppe for baking six pizzas at the same time Each oven has a sturdy door and a smoke vent.    

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Valoriani indirect
Innovation with beautiful details, the stone oven Valoriani Indirect. With its indirect heating of the baking surface, the oven Valoriani Indirect seeks its peers. The patented process allows particularly gentle and even baking due to radiant heat. The fire in the combustion chamber heats the firebrick stones of the baking surface and is fed from behind, where it surrounds the entire baking chamber. The heating time to 300 degrees takes about 30 minutes. Two pizzas can be baked at the same time in a few minutes. The exhaust gases are led forward to the controllable flue. The advantages of the innovative technology: The entire baking surface can be used and it can be baked continuously. The Valoriani Indirect can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Installation inside and outside: Inside, the Valoriani Indirect can be integrated into the elements of a kitchen as a supplement to the stove and mounted next to the fireplace or in the party room. Outside, he finds his place next to the barbecue, on the terrace or in the garden. But then it must be protected from the weather. As a mounting kit or pre-assembled: The Valoriani Indirect is equipped with thermometer, ash box, smoke connection and hardwood handles. Ideal is a 3-layer insulation with ceramic fiber of about 8 cm, to ensure a slow cooling and a long life. After that, it can be plastered or walled up. It is important that no moisture can get into the insulation. Take a look at our sample pictures. The kit Valoriani Indirect is a special fire concrete, which is poured into molds. Schamottseteine ​​and clay granules provide excellent thermal conductivity and insulation. The stove is reworked by hand during assembly. Please keep in mind that certain dimensional tolerances +/- 5mm and small irregularities are normal. Alternatively, the model is also available as an already assembled model including ceramic fiber insulation, metallic cladding and bottom plate in Toscanarot. Ideal for your private party The model is perfectly adequate even for larger families and small celebrations. With a baking time of 3 - 4 minutes per pizza depending on temperature, surface and firing, all guests can be satisfied.For bread baking and the lower firing chamber swept in the second baking process and used for baking. The oven keeps the heat long enough to have twice the capacity at the end of the pizza steak . The details for private use: Important for customers is the compact size of the model: After cladding and insulation, they receive external dimensions of 70-80 cm and a depth of 80 cm.The flue gas duct through the baking chamber provides the traditional taste. The baking chamber is less contaminated with soot particles or ash in relation to a directly mounted model. The compact dimensions of the Valoriani Indirekt make it ideal for terraces, balconies or even small gardens.You can bake your pizza directly on the firebrick and alternatively on metal sheets, it is important to get a feel for the oven.The floor temperatures are always slightly higher than in dome furnaces, this should be considered in order to achieve the best results for its taste . If the soil temperature is too high, we recommend placing the embers in the back of the glow chamber about 20 minutes before the pizza stump .Also delicious is the cooking and cooking of vegetables, pasta or meat in this wood oven. This is possible in commercial casserole dishes at any time and they get crispy and juicy dishes. We wish you a good appetite! A small baking instructions model "Valoriani Indirect ": Ideal is to heat the oven at least 1 to 1.5 hours to about 280-300 degrees. If they want to bake directly on the pizza stone made of fireclay, ideally after firing up the embers should be pushed back to the last third, so that the floor temperature is not too hot. If they bake on trays, this is not necessary, as these somewhat reduce the temperature emanating from the pizza stone. You should add one or two small pieces of wood every 15-20 minutes so that the pizza oven settles at a minimum of 250 degrees. Once the pizza is inserted, the oven should be closed again to keep the heat in the oven. Thin pizzas and not too many toppings are ideal. Then you achieve a delicious and crispy pizza directly on the bottom in about 3-5 minutes of baking. If they want to bake bread in the second round, remove the embers completely and leave the oven open for 10 minutes so that some heat escapes. Then put the bread in and close the oven for 30-40 minutes. Closing the smoke control is also ideal.  
Fontana Linea Antracide
Fontana LINEA Antracide - Bellagio & Riviera The Linea Antracide is based on the classic Linea Red. The successful dome furnace with the distinctive metal dome is therefore a design object in the Linea Antracide. The already aesthetic dome is emphasized by subtle anthracite and upgraded by an innovative storage system. A glass door allows a look inside the oven. This is particularly advantageous when preparing dishes that have a long cooking time, such as bread. The characteristics of the Linea Antracide: Direct wood firing food-safe chamotte bottom patented stainless steel dome with perfect insulation modern design, simple and elegant Storage system for wood and oven door glass door patented ventilation system large cooking space offers flexibility as a mobile oven or as a table-top version (table pizza oven) for outdoor kitchens There are two different oven sizes in the Linea Antracide series. Both with generous dimensions of 80x60 cm (Riviera) or 80x80 cm (Bellagio). In this size, the stoves are almost on a professional level. Lovers of Italian cuisine will get their money's worth. Up to 4 pizzas or up to 5 kg of bread can be baked in it at the same time. These stoves are dedicated to cozy evenings with friends and family. The preparation options are as varied as the chefs' imaginations. In these spacious ovens, amateur cooks can start with antipasti, stewed vegetables, baked pasta dishes such as lasagna, and of course the popular pizza, meat dishes and desserts, as well as cakes and bread. Whether cooking evening together or a meal in a cozy atmosphere with the warming wood fire and the distinctive wood stove aromas, the Linea Antracide is perfect for the demanding cook and connoisseur in the home garden. Of course, the Linea Antracide also has a mobile trolley with two rollers, so that the stoves can change their position as desired. They are also available as a table-top version (table pizza oven) for the outdoor kitchen. For this, the customer prepares his outdoor kitchen accordingly with a stable and fireproof surface and then installs the oven on it. For this case, Fontana also offers high-quality barbecues with charcoal and / or gas firing in various sizes and equipment for the outdoor kitchen. Of course, the Linea Antracide also combines the patented techniques of the traditional Fontana Forni house: the patented ventilation system, the patented food-safe chamotte panels and the unique stainless steel vault, which is the absolute company secret. These properties make the Linea Antracide like all Fontana stoves absolutely high-quality stoves, which store the heat in a short time and can hold for a very long time. The chamotte floors inside the cooking space ensure the perfect temperature and, above all, the perfect floor for pizza. The massive insulation made of ceramic fibers and natural rock wool ensure perfect warmth in the oven. In the tradition of Italian wood-burning ovens, Fontana Forni has been cultivating its craft for decades, giving each individual customer an oven that is almost unique and brings joy to the home.
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Fontana Gusto
Fontana Gusto
Fontana Gusto: the classic Fontana wood oven in a new design The Fontana Gusto is one of the classics from the House of Fontana and enjoys great popularity among professional chefs as well as ambitious chefs. Because of this popularity, the manufacturer has decided to give the Gusto after 20 years, a new and innovative design, without changing the high functionality of the oven itself. Fontana Gusto: the Fontana wood oven in detail Particular attention was paid to the excellent workmanship and high functionality of the Fontana Gusto. Thus, the oven is made of high quality and temperature-resistant stainless steel and thus perfectly suitable for use in a professional kitchen environment. The solid cast iron doors ensure high temperature resistance inside the stove and are easy and safe to open.The entire interior is lined with firebricks, which maintain a constant temperature inside the furnace. In total, there are seven air outlets that optimally distribute the temperature in the rounded cooking chamber. For ease of use, the Fontana Gusto has three levels of insertion so food can be easily positioned as needed. The existing double ventilation allows you to easily regulate the distribution of heat in the cooking chamber of the oven and thus achieve perfect results. The high heat makes it easy to use the stainless steel pizza oven for a variety of dishes and meals. In addition, the entire oven is designed for professional use. Thus, among other things, the side walls can be taken out and disassembled, whereby an optimal and hygienic cleaning is possible.The wood stove is also supplied with a whole range of accessories and can therefore be put into operation by you directly after receipt. The perfect oven for small catering establishments and larger restaurants, which want to present their guests very special dishes. Perfect results with the wood stove The baking chamber of the Fontana Gusto is made of a special stainless steel and separated from the actual combustion chamber. The firing and cooking chambers of the stainless steel pizza oven are separated and decoupled by an optimized coating. This guarantees even heat distribution in the cooking chamber, ensuring even cooking of the desired products. In order to keep the temperature in the wood stove as constant as possible, the central area of ​​the furnace is insulated by a rock fiber with a thickness of 80 mm. This keeps the heat in the cooking chamber and prevents overheating of the outer oven sheets. The stainless steel pizza oven for professionals and ambitious hobby chefs The stainless steel pizza oven impresses, among other things, with its ease of use, both professionally and semi-professionally. As each model in this range is equipped with a thermometer, electrical lighting and an electrical switchgear, the flexible oven is extremely easy to operate. In addition, the car of the Fontana Gusto has its own warming compartment, which is ideal, for example, for the fermentation of bread and other doughs. So you can easily realize a short dough guide directly below the oven and thus relieve the kitchen, among other things. Advice on the Fontana wood oven: We are happy to help Would you like to know more about Fontana Gusto or do you have questions about this specific product or other products in our range? Then we are happy to advise you. You are also welcome to take a look at the model directly in our exhibition and convince yourself of the benefits of the Fontana Gusto. Thanks to the existing test by TÜV Süd, this model is certified and ideally suited for every application. We are happy to provide further information on request. Just contact us! FONTANA - The original from Italy     Model     100 x 65 80 x 65 100 80 x 54 80 57 depht INT (in cm)   100 x 65 80 x 65 100 x 54 80 x 54 80 x 45 57 x 45 Max. height INT   45 45 45 45 42 42 ext. Dimensions (in cm)   138 x 115 x 176 118 x 115 x 176 138 x 105 x 168 118 x 105 x 168 118 x 102 x 161 95 x 102 x 161 wight (in kg)   490 450 470 420 330 280 Power (kW)   9,5 8,3 9,5 8,3 8 6 wooduse (kg/Std bei 300°C) 4 3,6 4 3,6 3,4 2

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In our shop you can find traditional and modern wood-burning ovens, baking houses, indirect wood-burning ovens, ovens with direct firing in stainless steel or stone look. If you like it traditional, want to take your time and calmness for the preparation of your food, you are well advised with a wood-burning oven. The wood as a renewable raw material protects the environment. Stoke the fire in the oven, enjoy the flair and cook and bake in a completely original way. A wood-burning oven is always a place of conviviality and good conversation. A time-out from the daily hustle and bustle.

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We carry a wide selection of gas pizza ovens for terrace, balcony or garden. Whether in classic dome oven design, stainless steel look or in combination with wood firing, gas pizza ovens are multi-talents. Just like in the wood-fired oven, you can prepare almost any food in it: Antipasti, pizza, meat dishes, casseroles, vegetables or dessert. With a gas pizza oven, the fire is lit at the touch of a button and the oven heats up. You can devote yourself to the ingredients and preparation in comfort. Automatic burners maintain the set temperature, manual burners are controlled by hand.


Quick and easy: order, set up and fire up. We carry many pizza oven models that can be ordered pre-assembled from the factory or pre-assembled to customer specifications in our workshop. These ovens arrive at your door ready for use as much as possible. They can be ordered with a base or come as a tabletop model to be integrated into an existing outdoor kitchen. These stoves are also available with wood and gas firing in traditional or modern looks with stainless steel, plastered or mosaic clad. From time to time there are special models in limited edition.


We offer various pizza oven kits for directly and indirectly fired ovens to talented hobby chefs. A classic and bestseller is the Valoriani indirect. It is available as a kit and fully assembled. Like all pizza ovens that we offer as a kit, it is also a multi-talent. In our store you will find the necessary assembly material matched to the kits and you can order the complete package. On Youtube we show you various assembly variants and assembly instructions in video. This is how the self-built pizza oven for home succeeds.

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Our mobile ovens are all on rolling bases, some with or without a work surface. With them you are flexible on the terrace or in the garden. They can be moved by one person on two casters on handles provided for this purpose. In use, they perform just as well as their fixed counterparts in the outdoor kitchen. With gas or wood firing, great dishes can also be conjured up in these ovens. Do you like to bake bread? Then we recommend the Fontana baking houses, they are very popular mobile ovens with indirect firing and circulating air of your choice.

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You want to integrate an original Italian wood-burning oven into your kitchen? We carry built-in wood-burning ovens from the Italian manufacturer Fontana Forni. They are handmade in Italy and meet the highest standards. The design is traditional, but the use of stainless steel gives the ovens a modern and timeless look, so they can be easily integrated into modern fitted kitchens. They are available in various sizes and equipment options. We will be happy to advise you. Please feel free to make an appointment for a consultation.


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