Recipe: Coniglio in Porchetta

Roasted rabbit - how about this dish for the upcoming Easter celebration?

Coniglio in Porchetta


1 boneless rabbit
2 cloves of garlic
400 g of the contents of a salsiccia without skin
100 g pitted black olives
5 rolled slices of bacon
50 g wild fennel
15 g rosemary
15 g sage
pinch of grated orange peel
100 g lard
75 g extra virgin olive oil
1 glass of white wine
pinch of fine salt and black pepper


Wash the rabbit very well with cold water. Dry it with a linen cloth. Cut the rabbit lengthwise, salt and pepper both sides. Place the bacon slices and the contents of a salsiccia without skin in the middle. To this, place a row of pitted black olives and season the stuffing with minced garlic, fennel, rosemary and sage. Rub some orange zest on the meat to perfume it. Now roll up the meat, making sure the stuffing doesn't come out. Tie the meat with a string and cover with clarified butter and extra virgin olive oil. Place in a baking dish and cook at 300-330°C for about 20 minutes. Turn the rabbit, add white wine and cook for about 30 minutes more. Let cool, cut into medallions and serve with excellent roast potatoes. 

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