Pizzakurse: Kochen und Backen im Holzbackofen

Private courses

Real Italian pizza from the wood-fired oven, that is our passion - and that of our customers. We have been selling the perfect original Italian wood-fired ovens for a long time. Now we also want to give our customers the opportunity to take home a few tricks and tips for baking pizza. In our bread and pizza courses, Chef Frank makes hearts beat faster: crispy pizza, fragrant bread and delicious cakes. The cooking and baking wishes of the participants are taken into account and at the end everyone is richer by many ideas. Because there are a few generally applicable tips and tricks for preparing dough and turning it into pizza or bread. In our pizza and baking courses, participants cook and bake various dishes together, from pizza to cake to bread and rolls. Our chefs guide and actively share their knowledge in our baking courses. 

"It is impressive to me what an armoatic taste the pizza develops when it is baked in a real wood-fired oven. A great result," says Ralf, who built a kit from Valoriani in his garden the following summer. "I've been baking a lot of cakes for years, but I didn't realise that the yeast only has such a small temperature window to go optimally," says Carola after a baking course. Time and again, participants experience such wow effects in our courses, which then lead to changes in the kitchen at home and enable great results. 

But apart from the knowledge transfer and the entertainment factor that our baking courses undoubtedly offer, the ovens in which we bake are a highlight. We bake here in original Italian ovens that are made from the best materials and therefore ensure optimal baking temperatures. These include a directly fired wood-fired oven from the company Valoriani Forni, an indirectly fired wood-fired oven from the company Fontana Forni, which has a classic bakehouse design, and a gas pizza oven. The participants can thus get an idea of the different ovens and test which one appeals to them. 

Our wood-burning oven range is large. It ranges from pizza oven kits for the home garden, pre-assembled pizza ovens that can be fired up immediately, to professional pizza ovens for bakeries or very large restaurants. In our baking courses, we want to show participants and customers the possibilities that these high-quality ovens offer. If we have aroused your interest, we look forward to your registration


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