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Bread and pizza course for amateur cooks.

You would like to bake bread, pastries and pizza in a wood fired oven? You are interested in the handling of pizza ovens? And a few tricks would be nice too? Then you are exactly right with us. Our chef Frank is very experienced and has entertainer qualities that make the course unique in every way.

Bread and pizza are the hurdles of our course, but it is of course also on the wishes of the guests received. Will not the yeast dough succeed or what secret is behind the crispy dough bubbles on the pizza? Frank brings a lot of experience from the bakery and the gastronomy. His courses always create a unique event that is oriented towards the participants.

Welcome are all hobby cooks who are interested in cooking and baking in a wood oven. There are always more ovens fueled so that different recipes can be prepared. During cooking and baking, the atmosphere remains casual and informal, exchange and questions come first. Included are of course soft drinks, coffee, tea and of course the resulting delicacies.

The data:

Event time: Every first saturday of the month from 10am to 2pm.

Venue: La Bottega Toscana Gewerbepark Birkenhain 2 63589 Linsengericht

Other courses: We also offer a course about pizza baking.

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Werner Spiller

Wir haben viel Spass gehabt...

Der Holzofen Kurs war sehr toll gemacht, viel Lob an den Koch und sein Team....

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Time for a pizza oven in the garden

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Spring is here and with it the dream of a relaxing time in the garden with dear friends and good food.
Find stove exhibition near you

Find stove exhibition near you

You are interested in one of our pizza ovens and want to see it before you order it? No problem, we have a good network of partners all over Germany. We will gladly put you in touch with them.

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Fontana LINEA Antracide - Bellagio & Riviera The Linea Antracide is based on the classic Linea Red. The successful dome furnace with the distinctive metal dome is therefore a design object in the Linea Antracide. The already aesthetic dome is emphasized by subtle anthracite and upgraded by an innovative storage system. A glass door allows a look inside the oven. This is particularly advantageous when preparing dishes that have a long cooking time, such as bread. The characteristics of the Linea Antracide: Direct wood firing food-safe chamotte bottom patented stainless steel dome with perfect insulation modern design, simple and elegant Storage system for wood and oven door glass door patented ventilation system large cooking space offers flexibility as a mobile oven or as a table-top version (table pizza oven) for outdoor kitchens There are two different oven sizes in the Linea Antracide series. Both with generous dimensions of 80x60 cm (Riviera) or 80x80 cm (Bellagio). In this size, the stoves are almost on a professional level. Lovers of Italian cuisine will get their money's worth. Up to 4 pizzas or up to 5 kg of bread can be baked in it at the same time. These stoves are dedicated to cozy evenings with friends and family. The preparation options are as varied as the chefs' imaginations. In these spacious ovens, amateur cooks can start with antipasti, stewed vegetables, baked pasta dishes such as lasagna, and of course the popular pizza, meat dishes and desserts, as well as cakes and bread. Whether cooking evening together or a meal in a cozy atmosphere with the warming wood fire and the distinctive wood stove aromas, the Linea Antracide is perfect for the demanding cook and connoisseur in the home garden. Of course, the Linea Antracide also has a mobile trolley with two rollers, so that the stoves can change their position as desired. They are also available as a table-top version (table pizza oven) for the outdoor kitchen. For this, the customer prepares his outdoor kitchen accordingly with a stable and fireproof surface and then installs the oven on it. For this case, Fontana also offers high-quality barbecues with charcoal and / or gas firing in various sizes and equipment for the outdoor kitchen. Of course, the Linea Antracide also combines the patented techniques of the traditional Fontana Forni house: the patented ventilation system, the patented food-safe chamotte panels and the unique stainless steel vault, which is the absolute company secret. These properties make the Linea Antracide like all Fontana stoves absolutely high-quality stoves, which store the heat in a short time and can hold for a very long time. The chamotte floors inside the cooking space ensure the perfect temperature and, above all, the perfect floor for pizza. The massive insulation made of ceramic fibers and natural rock wool ensure perfect warmth in the oven. In the tradition of Italian wood-burning ovens, Fontana Forni has been cultivating its craft for decades, giving each individual customer an oven that is almost unique and brings joy to the home.

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