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Josper Combo

  • consists of full stainless steel
  • height adjustable grill grate
  • high-quality professional device
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Josper Combo - individual grills according to your needs

The products of the traditional Spanish brand Josper are gastronomic products of the highest quality. Therefore, it is very important to be able to combine the different grills and grill ovens with each other, in order to be able to integrate the optimal grilling and cooking station in the large kitchens.

Configuration of the Basque Grill with the HJX PRO

Several Basque grills can be combined side by side to form a perfect whole. The HJX PRO grill ovens also fit perfectly into such a combination. In this way, large capacities can be managed. Each individual module from Josper is made entirely of high-quality stainless steel, so that together they create a harmonious image, which is quite suitable for a show kitchen.

Equipment and advantages

The many small but nice conveniences that Josper offers you in the equipment of its grills and ovens will delight you. Here are a few examples: self-closing doors, easy-running grates, easily accessible ash pans, perfect air circulation systems and smoke outlets, etc.

Upon request, we will be happy to offer you a test cooking and regular professional maintenance services as well as professional instruction of your kitchen team on the equipment with Josper certified chefs. We will be happy to provide you with reference projects throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland upon request and help you plan your perfect Josper Combo.

Josper is a traditional company from Spain. Josper has been manufacturing grill and oven combinations for catering needs for over 45 years. These extremely high-quality products for very demanding professional chefs achieve the very best results in combination with the special Josper charcoal.

Modular design: The right product for every kitchen.

CVJ-50-2-1 consists of two grates with a grilling surface of 500 x 600 mm

  • CVJ-50-2-1-PRO-S: Combination with HJX PRO S80. Baking surface: 510 x 500 mm
  • CVJ-50-2-1-PRO-M: Combination with HJX PRO M120. Baking surface: 510 x 760 mm
  • CVJ-50-2-1-PRO-L: Combination with HJX PRO L175. Baking surface: 760 x 760 mm

CVJ-76-1-1 consists of one grill with baking surface of 760 x 600 mm
  • CVJ-76-1-1-PRO-S: Combination with HJX PRO S80. Baking surface: 510 x 500 mm
  • CVJ-76-1-1-PRO-M: Combination with HJX PRO M120. Baking surface: 510 x 760 mm
  • CVJ-76-1-1-PRO-L: Combination with HJX PRO L175. Baking surface: 760 x 760 mm

Try it out!

You have the opportunity to test the oven in our showroom. We have installed ovens and will be happy to provide you with the oven for a few hours of test cooking and baking after making a personal appointment at 0049 6051 67777. Do not hesitate to call us.

Leasing/hire purchase:

Term from 24 to 48 months possible on request


  • 2 Josper tongs
  • 1 Metallic brush
  • 1 Poker


Heating time basque grill (in minutes): 20
Inner dimension length (in cm): 76
Inner dimension width (in cm): 76
Length x Width grill grate (in cm): 60 x 76
Outer dimension height (in cm): 162,5
Outer dimension length (in cm): 110
Outer dimension width (in cm): 216,5
Oven grill heating time (in minutes): 40
Weight (in kg): 617

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Back again! Josper Grill Demo

Back again! Josper Grill Demo

Finally back: Our Josper Grill Demo! New date on 28 June. Request participation now.


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