Roaster Grill from Josper - for the catering business

Josper rotisserie with drawers and base cabinet, 24 pieces/hour

  • 6 spinning skewers
  • multi-talented
  • owns a hot cooking cabinet
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Firing with wood


The hotter the oven, the fresher the ingredients stay on the pizza. With wood, 380 degrees is no problem.


Food from the wood-fired oven has a very special aroma. Eat with all your senses.


Fire is magic. People have been gathering around the fire since time immemorial. It is primal and sociable.


As a renewable raw material, a wood-burning oven does not burden your ecological footprint.

Josper Roaster for big challenges

The Josper Roaster is a versatile grill for large quantities of meat. Different types of meat can be prepared on its rotating skewers.

The function:

The innovative roaster can roast 48 to 55 chickens at once over charcoal. But it can also be used to cook rabbit, lamb and piglet. The food can be grilled on six skewers that can be rotated in two functions. The skewers rotate together or individually and can also be loaded with food all at once or only partially. The position of the skewers can also be determined individually. The skewers are rotated electrically by a drum. The Roaster is therefore a real all-rounder in its function and allows cooking in a variety of ways, thus optimally meeting the customer's wishes. To prepare 48 chickens, you need to estimate about 1.15 hours and 20 kg of coal.

The roaster has a hot cooking cabinet with 4 trays GN1 / 1 under the drum. Here you can prepare potatoes, onions or other side dishes. Furthermore, the roaster has a hot cabinet that keeps the food warm.

  • 6 skewers
  • 4 GN containers
  • 1 shovel
  • 1 grill tongs
  • 1 poker rake
  • 1 air regulation
  • 1 fat pan
  • special design skewers for rabbit, pig, etc.

Other versions:

  • Roaster 63 with 6 spits à 630mm for 24 chickens, weight 560kg, outer dimensions 120cm / 120cm, consumption 10-12kg per run
  • Roaster 130 with 6 skewers à 1300mm for 48 chickens, weight 850kg, outer dimensions 190cm / 120cm, consumption 20-22kg per pass.

Try it out!

Are you interested in a Josper grill and would like to try cooking with it? Call us at +496051 67777 and we will be happy to make an appointment with you. We have installed a Josper in our show kitchen, which you are welcome to put through its paces during a test cooking. If you are interested in a Josper demo, check our blog for the current date or send us a registration form.

Leasing: Term from 24 to 48 months possible.


  • 6 skewers
  • 4 GN containers
  • 1 ash shovel
  • 1 barbecue tongs
  • 1 poker
  • 1 air regulator
  • 1 grease tray


Internal dimensions cooking surface/grill surface (in mm): 630
Number of skewers: 6
Outer dimension height (in cm): 208
Outer dimension length (in cm): 97
Outer dimension width (in cm): 105
Weight (in kg): 560

Videos about Josper rotisserie with drawers and base cabinet, 24 pieces/hour


Bayreuth is richer by one Josper Grill

Bayreuth is richer by one Josper Grill

In May we have delivered a great absolutely newly designed Josper Grill to Bayreuth in the EILA Tasting Center. So go there, it's worth it in any case!
NEW: Services for our Josper customers

NEW: Services for our Josper customers

Attention Josper customers! From now on we offer a new service. Find out more here.

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