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Josper charcoal made of white quebracho wood for even and long-lasting heat, calorific value 8000 kcal/kg, approx. 9.5-10kg/bag.

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5 out of 5 stars






Frank Bechtold

Beste Holzkohle überhaupt

Hat sich bei mir schon tausendfach bewährt, habe schon super oft andere Kohle ausprobiert, doch gegen fiese QBE Kohle Kommunismus jetzt keine an!

Chris Hermann

Perfect and stable temperature for nearly 6 hours in my Josper Grilloven....Thanks a lot...

A premium charcoal for grilling and Barbecue exspecially for Josper Ovens...

Carlos tevez

Holzkohle Premium ....fast 5 Std. temperature...perfekt...

Perfekte Holzkohle ….

Original Josper charcoal -Ideal for an optimal cooking process on the grill.

Josper vegetable charcoal has a high calorific value (8000 kcal/kg) and a long glowing time. The better performance not only reduces cooking times, but also significantly reduces energy consumption.

Types of coal:

QBE -Quebracho blanco (white Quebracho wood) QA certified 1st quality and original from Josper.

  • 60 bags per pallet (1 bag = 27,5l with ca.9,5-10 kg) = 600 kg per pallet.
  • Pallet dimensions approx. 120 cm x 100 cm x 185 cm (optional half pallets = 30 bags available)
  • calorific value 8000 kcal/kg
  • volatile solids 18%
  • residual moisture 4%
  • solid carbons 80%
  • pieces size 80-160mm
  • Madera de Quebracho Blanco from Paraguay/Argentina
  • density = 280kg/m3
  • from controlled cultivation
  • packed in very stable and tearproof fabric bags


JOSPER Charcoal / JOSPER Carbon Vegetal

  • Ideal for an optimal cooking process on the grill and perfectly matched to
  • Your charcoal grill for perfect, even and long-term temperatures!
  • In part 50% less consumption than standard charcoal due to the extremely high calorific value
  • far less contamination of your chimney or exhaust air systems.
  • The vegetable coal from JOSPER is characterized by the high calorific value and a long burning time. Their greater performance not only reduces cooking times, but also significantly reduces energy consumption.
  • In part, up to 8 hours cooking times 350degrees with one filling at your Josper


Practical packaging:

Concept, design and weight (approx.9.5kg, 27.5l) of packaging ensure easy handling and storage, no lugging heavy 15-20kg bags.

Delivery time:

2-5 days from order confirmation, available all year round, standing orders are available.


Weight (in kg): 10


Test Josper HJA with us!

Test Josper HJA with us!

New in our show kitchen: Josper HJA. The professional grill for the upscale gastronomy with us live in use.
NEW: Services for our Josper customers

NEW: Services for our Josper customers

Attention Josper customers! From now on we offer a new service. Find out more here.

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