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Valoriani baby 75cm wood, black
5 of 5 stars
Valoriani Baby 75 cm: compact pizza oven for gastronomy and leisure. The Valoriani Baby is the latest oven from the production of the traditional manufacturer Valoriani and already convinced at its first presentation with the unique and modern design and high functionality. If you are looking for a wood-burning stove for smaller gastronomy or a gas stove of a special class, you will make the right choice with the Valoriani Baby! The large front opening of 36 cm x 21 cm offers good handling possibilities. Valoriani Baby: a professional in real brand quality With the Valoriani Baby you can choose a pizza oven of the absolute top class, which can be operated with wood as well as with gas. You can use the optionally available gas burner both manually and automatically and thus benefit from an extremely flexible use of the practical oven in the different areas of application. Thanks to the compact size and the very easy usability of the oven, it can convince both in indoor areas as well as in the outdoor kitchen all along the line. The excellent and very even heat distribution as well as the high proportion of fireclay allow to conjure up crispy, thin and wonderfully aromatic pizzas as well as other baked products from this oven. The tightly closing door ensures high temperature stability, so that the wood-fired oven can be used in the catering industry for various types of dishes. With the Valoriani Baby, we offer you a high-performance and, above all, high-quality solution that smaller catering businesses can easily incorporate into their kitchen planning. High quality wood oven for catering This wood-fired oven is ideal for small catering businesses and can also be used for food festivals or other presentations. Due to its high flexibility, the oven can be easily operated both outdoors with wood and indoors with gas. In addition, the oven also offers very high flexibility in other respects, as it can be used both as a mobile version on its own trolley, but also permanently installed as a tabletop solution. In addition, this model is a real eye-catcher, as the striking color scheme is available in Toscana red, as well as in white or black. So you will stand out with this noble pizza oven at any event to the visitors as well as in everyday catering with your customers. Whether private or gastronomy: gas oven for highest requirements Due to its compact design and excellent performance, this outdoor oven is also extremely popular with ambitious hobby chefs. This is because the gas oven clearly differs from the often poor competition in terms of its quality and usability. Thus, both the material of the dome and the bottom of the stove convinces with the high proportion of fireclay, which allows an enormous heat storage. In addition, the stainless steel arch of the Valoriani Baby is decoupled from the actual dome, so that thermal stresses cannot occur. Thus, warping of the stove is impossible, which ensures a long service life. Regardless of whether you want to use the wood-burning stove in the catering industry or in a private environment: It is designed for a long period of operation. Moreover, thanks to the powder-coated dome, high-quality paint and sturdy substructure, the stove can be stored outdoors in wind and weather, even without a separate cover. The Baby is constructed for the +450 degree high temperature range, guaranteeing fast baking times. Looking for more information about the Valoriani Baby? We are happy to help Just contact us if you want more information about the practical outdoor oven. We will convince you of the advantages that the Baby offers you as a hobby cook or restaurateur.In our exhibition you have the opportunity to look at the Baby at your leisure. So you can check the workmanship and material quality directly and get information from our staff about the different offers. We are looking forward to your inquiry! External dimensions : 96cm, weight about 250kg, power as gas variant 20KWIncluded with us 100cm stainless steel tube for wood variant and 50cm for gas variant and stainless steel cover, in the accessories are optional rollers and an extension of the front available under: Accessories Baby The gas variant contains DE screw connection, pressure reducer and gas hose (1m incl.), the already mounted burner at least 1th part of the base. In some cases, the Baby is already prepared in a free packaging in a wooden box for safe transport. These extra services are included with us without surcharge. Keep this in mind when making your decision. The undercarriage is usually also already attached to the device, so no lifting device is necessary. It is imperative to ensure that the stove is properly lit and allowed to dry out, especially with gas, protection against wind is required and attention must be paid to the correct setting parameters such as the length of the minimum and maximum flame, depending on the type of gas and quality of the gases, this must be observed during commissioning! More pictures:
Wood- gaspizzaoven Valoriani Igloo
5 of 5 stars
Technology in the service of the taste, the Valoriani Igloo More than 100 years of experience, a lot of technical know-how and a passionate ingenuity can be found in the design of the model Igloo, the first and only breathable oven with special evaporation.The main insulation vault of the furnace is lined with Valtex, an innovative, breathable mortar. It consists of a mixture of macroporous silicates, which are able to release the moisture produced during baking to the outside. As a result, the heat generated by the fuel is fully used for heating the furnace interior and ensures a constant temperature, especially of the soil for hours.Like all Valoriani ovens, the Igloo is equipped with a baking surface made of fireproof bricks, made of the best Italian and foreign chamottes and tested in a food-safe way. Its high heat output, the breathability of the material and its excellent properties as a heat storage allow a perfect and uniform baking from all sides. The advantages at a glance: Economic use of fuel, higher power, more constant temperature and last but not least its special technology ensure unique culinary delights. Also available with gas firing and 10-flame blower gas burner DVGW approved. The data:     Running costs approx. 1 Euro / hour with gas and about 2 square meters of wood per month (about 200 euros with 250 hours of operation)     Baking times approx. 90 seconds at 500 degrees and 180 seconds at 320 degrees     Tested and approved according to DIN 13229 resp. Gas Appliance Directive     This wood oven is suitable for the gastronomic endurance brand.     According to Directive 84/500 / EEC approved by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.     Furnace is supplied assembled, ground-level door is required for installation, optional installation in the local is possible. Measurements: Internal dimensions 100 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm, 140 x 160 cm, 140 x 180 cm Firing: wood and gas.With gas firing, the professional Milberg Spitfire gas burner provides a connected load according to the diameter of the oven: 100cm - 120cm: 25kW; 120cm - 160cm: 29 kW; from 160cm: 34kW Assembly and delivery: The delivery of the pre-assembled furnace is made by freight carrier. An assembly by our experts is possible on request (assembly time about 1 to 2 days). Test the Vesuvio Igloo: You have the opportunity to test the stove in our exhibition. We have installed a model and will be happy to provide you with the stove by personal appointment on +49 6051 67777 for a few hours with wood or gas firing for sample cooking and baking. Do not hesitate to call us. The quality of the Igloo will convince you! Hire purchase / lease: on request .  
Izzo Forni Napoletano
5 of 5 stars
Izzo Forni Napoletano: electric Neapolitan pizza oven for the catering trade The Izzo Forni Napoletano from the manufacturer Izzo Forni is a professional electric oven, which was developed and approved for the gastronomy. The heart of the oven is the microprocessor control for perfect results. Offer your guests real pizza quality and an even and traditional browning of the pizza without having to work with an open fire and the associated constraints. The Izzo Forni Napoletano and its possibilities, approved by the AVPN as the first electric oven in the world! The Izzo Forni Napoletano is a real eye-catcher and therefore also ideally suited for open kitchen concepts. The front made of antique-looking and handcrafted copper is a real eye-catcher and yet absolutely functionally designed. The steam collection bonnet on the top also gives the pizza oven its characteristic shape. This also contributes to the optimal heat distribution, as the heating elements of the oven are laid by hand and optimally aligned. Thus, each area of the baking chamber receives the optimal temperature for pizza and many other dishes. The heart of this beautiful oven is formed by the refractory bricks, which have a thickness of four centimetres on both the bottom and the top of the oven. This means that they not only retain heat for a long time, but also insulate the oven optimally from the outside. The heat losses are thus at absolute minimum values. In the lower part of the stove, genuine "Bicotto di Sorrento" are used, which have their typical colouring and are traditionally produced at the original production sites. Izzo Forni Napoletano: Approved for original Pizza Napoletana The Izzo Forni Napoletano is approved for the original Pizza Napoletana and is capable of delivering the desired performance quickly and safely. At the same time, the cooking time is around 60 seconds, so that the electric pizza oven for gastronomy does not differ from a traditional wood-fired oven. At temperatures between 450 and 470 °C, the oven produces the typical "leopard colouring" on the edge of the pizza, which tells connoisseurs about the quality of the preparation. The refractory Biscotto di Sorrento on the base of the pizza oven also ensures even and constant heat distribution over the entire base area. This makes for a traditional pizza with character and its own taste. Easy-to-integrate electric pizza oven for the catering trade Gastronomes are particularly pleased with the easy operation of the appliance. Mounted on a trolley with wheels, the electric pizza oven for the catering trade can be flexibly moved around the kitchen and thus also placed to the side when needed. Thanks to the digital display and simple controls, no long training period is necessary. Timer, automatic switch-on functions and temperature regulation are very easy to operate and monitor. The oven can be used in traditional Italian catering establishments as well as in those with a flexible orientation. The high flexibility and easy operation make this model a perfect pizza oven for the catering industry. So you can offer your customers wood-fired oven quality with the Izzo Forni Napoletano in fully electric operation. The Izzo Forni Napoletano for your catering business The Izzo Forni Napoletano is a Napoletan pizza oven for gastronomy, which was manufactured by the traditional company Izzo Forni. The production process of the oven remains as before, the quality too. Izzo Forni has founded a subsidiary with the new brand Scugnizzonapoletano to give this special oven a fitting stage. Izzo Forni has been manufacturing premium quality Italian products since 1951 and is one of the most popular manufacturers in the country. If you are also considering such an oven or would like to take a look at the electric pizza oven for gastronomy yourself, simply contact us. We will be happy to arrange for you to see the oven in action and familiarise yourself with the various functions. Approved for the original Pizza Napoletana, this oven offers you a wide range of gastronomic possibilities. We will be happy to advise you comprehensively about the various possibilities from our range and about the advantages of this pizza oven for you. Simply contact us - we look forward to your enquiry!
Teigkneter Bernardi Pizzaiola für Pizzateig, 48kg, stufenlos einstellbare Knetgeschwindigkeit, 1500 Watt
Professional kneading machine for Pizza NapoletanaStepless Bernardi kneading machines are professional kneading machines for use in bakeries and pizzerias. The Bernardi Pizzaiolo has infinitely variable speeds between 35 - 65 beats per minute and is therefore able to knead any dough. The patented dipping arm technology imitates the human kneading movement almost perfectly, so that the dough can be kneaded constantly over a long period of time at different intensities, which you can adjust continuously. This benefits the consistency of the dough in particular. The specially shaped dough hooks minimise friction during the kneading process and the dough does not heat up during kneading. This protects the yeast and the dough is of optimal quality.The steplessness of the kneading machine is the great advantage of the Bernardi Pizzaiola and the difference to all other gastronomic dough kneaders, which are equipped with five kneading stages. All dough shapes can be kneaded effortlessly, light doughs for pizza and breads, medium-heavy doughs such as shortcrust pastry and also heavy doughs with high hydration such as panettone and/or with large amounts of yeast. The kneading utensils are very easy to remove and clean. The control panel has a touch system. An emergency shut-off system with double channel is also integrated and ensures safety. The Bernardi's high dead weight gives it stability and the high-performance induction motor ensures consistently powerful kneading results. The design of the immersion arm mixers from Bernardi is timelessly modern and straightforward. They blend effortlessly into any environment and do not have to hide. The space requirement of the Bernardi immersion arm kneading machine is limited to a minimum, it finds a place in every professional kitchen or bakery. The powerful induction motor ensures high torque and quiet operation. The kneading machines in the series only require a 230 volt.  Details at a glance: Infinitely variable speed settings (35 to 65 beats per minute) kneading capacity 48 kg Kneads all doughs, even with high hydration or large amounts of yeast Kneading utensils can be removed for cleaning Induction motor 230 volts only  Emergency stop system with double channel ("Safety Torque Off") Touch control panel The Bernardi Company Quality and tradition have been at the forefront of the Bernardi company for 35 years. As a young boy, company founder Elvio Bernardi observed the advantages of immersion arm kneaders for yeast doughs and, as a young man, made his own model, which was very soon reproduced. Today, Bernardi is run by the second generation and is dedicated to the perfection and aesthetics of its dough kneading machines. Bernardi is the absolute leader in the field of gastronomic dough mixers and is now venturing into the field of control by means of "smart technology". Bernardi Bakery Lab At the company headquarters in Cuneo/Italy, Bernardi has set up a bakery lab. Here, restaurateurs and chefs can deepen their knowledge of dough production and familiarise themselves with the professional dough kneading machines.   Perfectly suited for gluten-free doughsBernardi experimented with gluten-free doughs in its Bakery Lab in Italy. The results were excellent. The dipping arm technique is just as suitable for gluten-free doughs as for conventional doughs. Of course, as always when working with doughs, it depends on the experience in, handling doughs. Professionals around Bernardi have achieved up to 100% hydration.g Translated with (free version)
Vitella Dough Round Cutter Automatic
Rounding dividers automatic Vitella dough dividers are available in three versions: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. They facilitate the portioning of large quantities of dough. You just weigh the dough, put it in the machine, start it manually by muscle power or automatically by pressing a button and after 60-90 seconds you have perfectly shaped dough balls. The machines are suitable for doughs of different hydration. Even pizza doughs with a hydration of approx. 70% are processed perfectly. Numerous customers confirm to process Neapolitan dough (60%-70% hydration) with the Vitella machines and are very satisfied with the results. The result always depends individually on the type of flour and the dough production process. The production method of the dough can be adapted to the appliance. New: Vitella round cookers are certified by the AVPN for original Neapolitan pizza. Machine with hydraulic drive, with 2 cylinders for pressing, one cylinder for splitting and one for rounding. On the control panel, the pressing and rounding time as well as the opening time of the forming chamber can be adjusted. Push-button for cleaning the knives. It can save up to 9 different programs. Care of the machine To ensure smooth operation and, above all, a long service life of the machine, we recommend that you clean it regularly both inside and outside (see operating instructions). The stainless steel, lacquered panels, PE500 polyethylene and PETG panels can be easily cleaned with soap and water or neutral detergent, then rinsed thoroughly and dried with a soft cloth. Used materials Painted welded steel frame Painted or stainless steel cladding Tubs and heads in anodized aluminum Anticorodal MG5 Knives and grids in stainless steel 304 Inner surface of lid and presser made of food grade polyethylene PE500 Plates made of food grade polyethylene PETG Aluminum ring with electroless nickel plating All machines are supplied with a standard connection: three-phase 400 volt 50 Hz. Other voltages are available on request.All machines comply with EC directives and are manufactured in Italy. Divisions weight min in gr.  weight max in gr. capacityt in kg head diameter in mm  11 180  500  5,5  400  15  150  360  5,5  400  18  120  280  5  400  22  60  220  5  400  30  40  135  4  400  36  34  110  4  400  30s  25  90  2,7  340  52  12  40  2  340
In showroom
Josper HJX Pro
Josper HJX Pro
The new HJX Pro from Josper - exquisite indoor grill and oven in one unit In the catering industry, high-quality equipment is particularly important. The Josper HJX Pro convinces all along the line and is a sophisticated combination of oven and grill - perfect for the demanding HORECA department. This versatile unit is ideal for a variety of applications including traditional restaurants, steakhouses, grills and elite fine dining restaurants. It is also well suited for use in cafes, bistros or snack bars. HJX Pro with compelling benefits With the versatile grill, you can offer your guests an incomparable and refined aroma while ensuring that the food you use, such as fish, meat or vegetables, remains tender and juicy. Due to the unique method of preparation, the food you use will get a unique flavor from the special charcoal smoke, which will cause great enthusiasm among your guests. Thanks to the unique combination of oven and grill in one device, dishes can be optimally prepared at high temperatures. Since the food is roasted and smoked at the same time, the unique flavors are reliably sealed. Josper oven grill is a unique device whose results are always convincing. Josper HJX Pro: high standards and excellent product quality The secret of excellent product quality lies in the use of selected and state-of-the-art steel alloys, specially made for the production of this device. In full operation, this rugged and high-quality device reaches very high temperatures, so everyday use places high demands on the material. Therefore, the use of only alloy steel is mandatory, so that the usual quality of work of the oven grill can be used without restrictions even after several years. These high-quality materials guarantee reliable operation even at constant average temperatures of 300 °C to 350 °C. The award of important test marks such as CE, ETL, GOST and TR indicates compliance with very high quality standards and strict environmental, health and safety regulations. Especially for the German market, Josper products are also tested according to DIN EN12815. Oven grill: special features at a glance The high-quality oven grill from Josper was designed as a sophisticated system with a robust front door made of fireproof cast steel. This sophisticated door system insulates and ensures that the heat remains reliably inside the oven. In addition to the unique design and high-quality workmanship for many years of reliability, the enclosed grill system in particular is a decisive factor that speaks in favor of this product. In addition, it has different grill levels and offers a pleasantly simple handling. Due to the robust design and high-quality workmanship, this exclusive high-tech device scores with many years of durability and reliability. Temperature control is by pull system and the roasting temperature power range is 250 ºC to 350 ºC. Ignition time, power, average coal consumption per day, average production volume per hour and other features may well differ depending on the selected model. A versatile talent with unique selling points - Josper's grill oven The most convincing argument for a Josper's model is the excellent quality of the prepared food. Optimal results are achieved with all foods due to the high working temperature. The respective foods are grilled and fried, but not cooked through. This ensures that tenderness, juiciness and aroma are optimally preserved. All dishes delight with incomparable taste, which is given a very special touch by the aromatic precious wood smoke. This excellent grill quality can in no way be achieved with a conventional kitchen grill. Compared to an open grill, the versatile oven grill scores with a preparation time that is around 35 percent faster. This is quite a convincing argument in the catering industry, because in the professional sector every second counts. Competent barbecue for many visitors The high-quality oven grills from Josper are available in different model variants. When choosing, you should consider other factors in addition to the local conditions at the future location. An important point, for example, is the average number of guests. Each model variant was explicitly designed for a certain amount of grilled food per hour. How many guests are served on average is therefore a decisive point in the selection of the right model. In full operation, this sturdy and high-quality processed oven grill reaches very high temperatures, so daily use places high demands on the material used. Each model is characterized by different ignition times. The roasting temperatures in full operation are usually several hundred degrees Celsius, therefore a corresponding amount of smoke is produced per second. The individual components at a glance Ventilation grille: Helps to dissipate the hot air. Cooled smoke outlet. Safety filter and diffuser: Prevents the passage of sparks and fine dust. GN tray holder: Uses residual heat to keep food warm. Insulating layers in the upper and lower sections. Air supply control with 8 air inlets and ash extraction: combustion intensity control and safety interlock. Cooling air supply. Removable system of the door pull. GN tray as ash collector. Ash chamber: prevents ash from entering the draught system. The new PRO mounted smoke outlet - easy to clean and maximum safety Exhaust fan: Drains and cools the hot gases produced during combustion. Firewall floor: Collects the solid particulate matter. Firewall filter: Acts like a labyrinth and separates out the glowing particles. Upper vent control. New, more ergonomic knob. Lower ventilation More openings for air intake New geometry allows air to enter from the side and bottom, reducing lighting time with the door closed. 8 air inlets that allow for faster and more even generation of embers. They allow to enliven the embers during operation by diverting the oxygen supply. Cleaning of the ash New scoop system that ensures that ash does not impede the flow of air into the cavity. Ash drawer Airtight and independent of the air supply and easy to handle. Housing Top cover Without perforations to prevent liquids from entering the interior of the furnace. Sanitary radius for easy cleaning. Recesses for reinforcement. Serve as support for cookware when the upper trays are not in use. Double insulation system. Reduction of heat emissions in the kitchen thanks to the insulation system and rear ventilation. Rear housing part With ventilation grille that helps to evacuate the hot air transmitted through the cavity. Door opening system - easy to maintain or change New reinforced chain with anti-corrosion treatment. Spring tension adjustment via a threaded tensioner accessible from the front. Configuration You can configure the new HJX Pro individually. For example, with storage area, warmer, warmer and storage area, storage area and drawer or full equipment. Moreover, in addition to configuration, we also offer you different door colors: Stainless steel Burgundy red Brown Black White Blue Green Of course we are at your disposal with great professional competence. If you wish, you can make an appointment for a personal consultation. Contact our service staff by phone or e-mail - we will of course be happy to help you!

Made in Italy

Our products come from Italian manufactories and are mostly handmade.

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Short delivery routes from Italy to Germany and a trusting relationship ensure short delivery times.


On 400m² area we show you private and gastronomic oven models. In our show kitchen you can book pizza courses.

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Immersion arm mixers - the advantages

Immersion arm mixers offer many advantages, also for home use.

Wood fired oven

Original Italian pizza ovens are classically fired with wood. This is the tradition. If you want to go this way, you will find a wide range of wood-fired ovens from Valoriani Forni. In our showroom you will find numerous gastronomic wood pizza ovens in different sizes, suitable for continuous gastronomic firing. With diameters up to 180cm, even large bakeries will find what they are looking for. To keep the air clean and minimize odors, we recommend Smoki flue gas scrubbers, which can be effortlessly integrated.

Gas pizza oven

Gas-fired pizza ovens are suitable for restaurants with large numbers of visitors. In our ovens, we install Milberg forced-air gas burners, which are available in fully automatic versions for gastronomic use. This allows the chef to concentrate on the dishes he is cooking, and the burner regulates the temperature. Other advantages include optimized, usually low gas consumption compared to manual control, and even heat in the oven. The taste is brought by the firebricks.

Electric pizza oven

We carry electric pizza ovens from the manufacturer Izzo Forni. Their assortment ranges from multi-level pizza ovens to electric pizza ovens like the Pass, which can be worked on from two sides, to the Scugnizzo Napoletano, the only electric pizza oven that has an approval for Original Neapolitan Pizza from the AVPN. The SCN, as we affectionately call it, is the only electric pizza oven that can do 485 degrees and bake a perfect Pizza Napoli in 60-90 seconds. The hand-laid copper cables inside the oven are one of the SCN's well-kept secrets to success.


Around gastronomic pizza ovens there is a range of special accessories. We carry high-quality original Italian products such as immersion arm kneaders from Bernardi, dough dividing and kneading machines from Vitella, flue gas scrubbers from Smoki, cooling counters from Coldline and pizza shovels from Gi.Metal. For every challenge, be it downtown exhaust, dough production or dough portioning, there is the right product. Also for the delivery service in the city we carry the Redbox by Gi.Metal, a heatable bos with recirculation system to transport the food.

Show kitchen and showroom

In our large pizza oven exhibition near Frankfurt am Main you have the opportunity to view some of our gastronomic pizza ovens by appointment. We offer the possibility to test ovens by appointment. You bring your dough and ingredients and bake in one or two ovens for comparison sample. We have a show kitchen set up specifically for this purpose. After all, we want you to know which oven is best for you before making this investment. Feel free to contact us.

Assembly service and customization

For our gastro customers we offer a chargeable assembly service. If a pre-assembled oven does not fit through your door, or for some other reason requires assembly by our professional staff, we will be happy to provide you with a quote. There is also the option to customize your new furnace. Check out the references section of the blog. A personal mosaic with the name of the restaurant, for example, is possible, a stove in special colors, whether black or in the colors of the Tricolore. Contact us.


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