Bernardi dough mixers


Dough kneader

The best for your dough

Bernardi is a traditional Italian company that has been producing dough kneaders for more than 30 years and is oriented towards the highest requirements. Gastronomes appreciate the reliable machines that knead the dough optimally using various techniques. But also for ambitious cooks at home, the purchase of these excellent kneading machines is worthwhile.

Bernardi - Teigkneter von höchster Qualität

A Bernardi kneads as if by hand

The current products in the Miss Baker series are the result of decades of experience in development and cooperation with the best chefs. The Miss Baker has a patented kneading system, the so-called immersion arm kneaders. They imitate the human kneading of the dough in detail. Depending on the type of dough and its weight, parameters such as kneading time and frequency can be adjusted so that every dough gets the kneading intensity it needs. A yeast dough for pizza, for example, is kneaded absolutely evenly for around 40 minutes, giving it the airy structure it needs to develop. This perfection and uniformity cannot be achieved by the cook's kneading.

Finished with careful handwork

The Bernardi immersion arm mixers are built in Italy for worldwide export. A lot of manual work is necessary to produce the dough mixers in perfect quality. The mechanics inside the machine are finely tuned so that in the end an excellent dough is produced.


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