Wood fired ovens for gastronomy

Wood fired oven

Wood fired ovens for professionals

Valoriani is the best manufacturer when it comes to wood ovens for gastronomy. The ovens are carefully made in the Italian manufactory from the best materials and are specially designed for use in the catering industry. They keep the heat constant for a particularly long time, allowing a high number of strokes. In a professional Valoriani oven, a pizza bakes for two minutes, obtaining the typical wood-fired oven aroma and the crispy base that comes from the high-quality fireclay plates. Call us or visit our showroom, we will be happy to advise you which oven is suitable for your restaurant.
Valoriani Maxi GR, oven for bakeries
4-6 pizzas professional best suited for:
Wood- Gaspizzaoven Valoriani Vesuvio OT
3-4 pizzas professional best suited for:
Valoriani baby 75cm wood, black
5 of 5 stars
Valoriani Baby: pizza oven on trailer with wood firing for gastro
2-3 pizzas hobby best suited for:
In showroom
True Values
Gaspizzaoven Valoriani Verace
3-4 pizzas professional best suited for:
Breadoven Valoriani Maxi GR
gastronomy best suited for:
Valoriani Verace Napoletano
3-4 pizzas professional best suited for:
3-4 pizzas professional best suited for:
5 of 5 stars
gastronomy stone oven Valoriani rotativo
3-4 pizzas gastronomy best suited for:
4.5 of 5 stars


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