1. Scope of the warranty
    1. La Bottega Toscana guarantees the materials and functional components (dome, oven and mechanical parts) supplied with the ovens for one year from the date of delivery of the goods.

    2. Thus, we guarantee that a product purchased from La Bottega Toscana will retain the agreed, presumed or usual condition under proper use for a period of one year from the date of purchase (durability guarantee). A warranty case exists if a claim based on the statutory warranty rights on the merits against us as a seller would be given.

    3. A deterioration of the purchased product, which is due to incorrect conditions or non-observance of operating instructions, overload or lack of maintenance and care or is caused by improper use or use, is not covered by the Pizza Oven Shop- warranty. Also excluded are defects caused by improper cleaning with detergents, chemicals or water. The Pizza Oven Shop warranty also does not apply if the maintenance or cleaning cycles have not been adhered to (e.g. in the case of gas fan burners) or if the original condition of the oven has been altered, modified or converted.

    4. Whether the respective use or the respective use is improper, is determined in particular by the intended use of the purchased products according to the relevant advertising of the manufacturer of the product, its sellers or its assistants.

    5. Also not covered by the Pizza Oven Shop warranty are defects in purchased products caused by the use of accessories, supplements or spare parts that are not original parts and products on which changes or additions have been made, as well as minor deviations from the target condition, which are insignificant for the value and usability of the product.

    6. A warranty on accessories is not given.

    7. A transfer of warranty claims in the event of resale or transfer of the product concerned to third parties is excluded. This does not apply to your statutory warranty claims and separate manufacturer warranties.

    8. Guarantor is the company La Bottega Toscana, Jens Hofacker e.K., Gewerbepark Birkenhain 2, 63589 Linsengericht.

    9. The warranty protection applies geographically for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The warranty period begins with the corresponding purchase date of the product.

    10. The statutory warranty claims and separate manufacturer warranties are not limited by these warranty conditions. For details regarding a possibly existing manufacturer's warranty, please refer to the separate warranty conditions of the respective manufacturer of the product.

  2. Processing in the event of a warranty claim
    1. To claim the Pizza Oven Shop warranty in a warranty case, you must notify us of the defect (e.g. by email to, providing the original purchase receipt and the product serial number or the exact product name, and include an accurate description of the defect with photos. We will then contact you and agree with you which measures are necessary to repair the affected product. In many cases, only the replacement of individual parts is required.

    2. If a warranty case exists, we will send you the necessary spare parts at our expense. If in individual cases a return shipment of the product is necessary, we will arrange for a pickup of the product by freight forwarder from you. We will bear the costs for this as well as for the return shipment of the repaired or replaced product to you if the pickup was arranged by us. Shipping costs for unsolicited returned products can not be reimbursed under the Pizza Oven Shop warranty.

    3. The choice of the type of defect removal is ours alone. Further rights to purchase price reduction, rescission of the purchase contract, damages, etc. due to the Pizza Oven Shop warranty do not exist.

    4. If, after our inspection, there is no warranty case, the necessary fees for cost estimates, repairs, return and similar costs incurred by you are to be reimbursed if you still want a repair of the defective product. Otherwise, we will return the defective product to your address at your expense. This does not apply if you prove that you could not tell from the circumstances that the warranty claim did not exist.


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