Smoki Rauchgaswäscher


Smoki flue gas scrubber - a clean thing

Clean air is the trend - in all areas of life. Restaurateurs are increasingly faced with the challenge of installing exhaust air purification for their pizza ovens and grills. The Company Smoki is a world leader in the field of flue gas cleaning. With their patented wet filter system, the flue gas scrubbers convince both restaurateurs in inner-city locations and commercial operators with large volumes.

Patented technology for clean air

The technology is as simple as it is effective. The exhaust air from the pizza oven is fed into the Smoki flue gas scrubber, where it is cleaned by means of atomized water, which is supplied and discharged directly via a connection to the water and wastewater networks. The heavy soot particles are bound by the water vapor and fall to the ground, where they are collected in a water tank and automatically disposed of as wastewater. The water vapor acts as a smoke, grease, and soot particle filter for wood-fired bread and pizza ovens, coal, wood-burning grates, and biomass boilers. The purified air leaves the Smoki again and is at least 90 percent cleaner.

Incidentally, the Smoki also acts as a flue gas cooler, as the water vapor cools the smoke to 80 to 100 degrees. The Smoki flue gas scrubbers not only remove the soot particles from the exhaust air, but also at least 50 percent of the odor particles and particles that give the smoke its dark color. So with the Smoki, a very good result can be achieved in terms of flue gas cleaning, both for the environment and for the neighborhood. And for the special requirements of grills that need to filter grease from their exhaust air in addition to smoke, there is the Smoki Maxi Grill with built-in stainless steel filters. They are virtually maintenance-free and reliably clean the exhaust air without chemicals. The unit can be equipped with a draught activator, which can be switched on and off separately. The system itself always has a natural draft, as there is no throttling inside.

The requirements for exhaust air purification are also increasing in the commercial sector. Smoki keeps up and offers with its Smoki Maxi and Maxi Grill flue gas washer for large volumes up to 7500 m³ of air. Just like their little brother Smoki Junior (up to 300 m³ air), they function as soot particle filters, but are larger in size. In the case of the Smoki Maxi, the exhaust air cleaning system can also be supplemented with stainless steel filters for grease reduction. The Smoki Maxi is also suitable for operating several wood-burning ovens in large bakeries or kitchens. Several wood-burning ovens can be connected.

Smoki is a traditional Italian company that has been on the market for 25 years and is successful worldwide. The patented system is unrivaled. We will be happy to advise you personally and comprehensively in our showroom or by telephone. We are looking forward to your request.


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