Vitella Teigteil- und Wirkmaschinen


Dough divider and round kneader

Dough pieces in no time

Dhe Italian company Vitella SRL manufactures excellent dough dividers and circular kneaders for the catering industry. Gastronomes in 40 countries appreciate the reliable machines. Especially for shaping pizza balls, there is a manual, a semi-automatic and an automatic dough divider. It's child's play: weigh the dough and push it into the machine, press the button or lever and take out the dough pieces in the finished portions.

Perfect dough pieces in 60 seconds

Vitella round kneaders portion up to 5.5 kg of pizza dough in less than a minute into individually adjustable dough balls of the same size. In this way, 1300 - 1800 dough balls for pizza can be produced per hour.

The machines operate hydraulically with cylinders that do the pressing, dividing and rounding. They have nine individually programmable programmes and operate automatically, semi-automatically or manually. Vitella dough portioners are low maintenance and easy to clean. Properly dimensioned, they save money and time.

Vitella is the market leader in the professional segment with its dough portioners, dough dividers and round workers and is represented in 120 countries worldwide. The countless imitation products have never reached the quality, reliability and safety of the original Vitella Srl products. The dough dividers have been manufactured in Italy since 2009 and are now in the third generation of production.

In Germany, you can try out the Vitella round dough dividers in our show kitchen at La Bottega Toscana in Linsengericht by appointment. We will be happy to advise you individually and work with you to size the machine you need for your application.


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