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Dough mixer Bernardi Pizzaiola for pizza dough, 48kg, infinitely adjustable kneading speed, 1500 watts.

gastronomy best suited for:
  • Speed levels
  • like human kneading movement
  • very suitable for all dough shapes

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Professional kneading machine for Pizza Napoletana

Stepless Bernardi kneading machines are professional kneading machines for use in bakeries and pizzerias. The Bernardi Pizzaiolo has infinitely variable speeds between 35 - 65 beats per minute and is therefore able to knead any dough. The patented dipping arm technology imitates the human kneading movement almost perfectly, so that the dough can be kneaded constantly over a long period of time at different intensities, which you can adjust continuously. This benefits the consistency of the dough in particular. The specially shaped dough hooks minimise friction during the kneading process and the dough does not heat up during kneading. This protects the yeast and the dough is of optimal quality.

The steplessness of the kneading machine is the great advantage of the Bernardi Pizzaiola and the difference to all other gastronomic dough kneaders, which are equipped with five kneading stages. 

All dough shapes can be kneaded effortlessly, light doughs for pizza and breads, medium-heavy doughs such as shortcrust pastry and also heavy doughs with high hydration such as panettone and/or with large amounts of yeast. The kneading utensils are very easy to remove and clean. The control panel has a touch system. An emergency shut-off system with double channel is also integrated and ensures safety. The Bernardi's high dead weight gives it stability and the high-performance induction motor ensures consistently powerful kneading results. 

The design of the immersion arm mixers from Bernardi is timelessly modern and straightforward. They blend effortlessly into any environment and do not have to hide. The space requirement of the Bernardi immersion arm kneading machine is limited to a minimum, it finds a place in every professional kitchen or bakery. The powerful induction motor ensures high torque and quiet operation. The kneading machines in the series only require a 230 volt.  

Details at a glance: 

  • Infinitely variable speed settings (35 to 65 beats per minute) 
  • kneading capacity 48 kg 
  • Kneads all doughs, even with high hydration or large amounts of yeast 
  • Kneading utensils can be removed for cleaning 
  • Induction motor 230 volts only  
  • Emergency stop system with double channel ("Safety Torque Off") 
  • Touch control panel 

The Bernardi Company Quality and tradition have been at the forefront of the Bernardi company for 35 years. As a young boy, company founder Elvio Bernardi observed the advantages of immersion arm kneaders for yeast doughs and, as a young man, made his own model, which was very soon reproduced. Today, Bernardi is run by the second generation and is dedicated to the perfection and aesthetics of its dough kneading machines. Bernardi is the absolute leader in the field of gastronomic dough mixers and is now venturing into the field of control by means of "smart technology". 

Bernardi Bakery Lab At the company headquarters in Cuneo/Italy, Bernardi has set up a bakery lab. Here, restaurateurs and chefs can deepen their knowledge of dough production and familiarise themselves with the professional dough kneading machines.   

Perfectly suited for gluten-free doughs

Bernardi experimented with gluten-free doughs in its Bakery Lab in Italy. The results were excellent. The dipping arm technique is just as suitable for gluten-free doughs as for conventional doughs. Of course, as always when working with doughs, it depends on the experience in, handling doughs. Professionals around Bernardi have achieved up to 100% hydration.

Materials used 

The inside of the machine is made of different materials, the housing is made of iron for the PRO and PRO XL models or AISI 304 for the stainless steel version. The shafts and the main rotating parts are made of C45 or stainless steel, there are aluminium castings, brass parts and plastic parts. 

The MISS BAKER has a motor for the movement of the arms and a gear motor that drives the movement of the bowl. There are 2 gear wheels in the gears (both the large machines and the Miss). The large machines have a gear wheel and a worm for the movement of the bowl, to which the movement is transmitted by a V-belt. Miss Bakers have an additional cogwheel and a poly V-belt that transfers the movement from the motor to the gearbox. The motor driver (inverter) is mainly made of plastic, but inside there are various materials (electronic boards, cables, copper windings ...).  

All professional mixers are driven by motor inverters, i.e. high-efficiency asynchronous motors controlled by electronic drivers with frequency vector control. This technology not only makes it possible to vary the mixing speed depending on the recipe, but also to achieve high energy efficiency. 


  • fixed mixing bowl
  • Removable dough hook for easy cleaning
  • microfibre cloth
  • power cable
  • instruction manual 


Bernardi Pizzaiola: automatic, infinitely variable kneading speed , especially for pizza dough
Dough amount Bernardi: 48 kg
Kneading speed Bernardi: 35 to 65 strokes/min
Leistung in Watt: 1500 Watt

Videos about Dough mixer Bernardi Pizzaiola for pizza dough, 48kg, infinitely adjustable kneading speed, 1500 watts.


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