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Professional electric pizza oven Izzo Slice extra wide with 2 baking chambers 103x110cm

6-9 pizzas gastronomy best suited for:
  • Monostructure oven
  • automatic control panel
  • for large diameter pizza
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Izzo Forni Slice

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Art.Nr.: IzzoSLICE8


Izzo Slice for high capacity

Professional pizza ovens of the IZZO SLICE series (monostructure ovens) are designed for baking large-diameter pizzas. They are pre-assembled with 2 or 3 baking chambers, each chamber can be activated individually. The models have double doors for each baking chamber and are mounted on a steel trolley/open base cabinet (for storage) with wheels.

Pizza can be baked on trays or on the fireclay base. The unique ovens are equipped with 4cm fireproof refractory bricks on the floor and in the upper area. These allow temperatures of 450°C, ensure perfect thermal insulation and distribution and guarantee constant temperatures in full operation with simultaneous energy savings. Due to the high temperatures, the ovens are also ideal for traditional Neapolitan pizza.

The models with 2 baking chambers are already equipped with a warming cabinet for heating or keeping food warm. On the models with 3 baking chambers, the control panel is located in the lower part and the warming cabinet can be ordered as an option. 

The IZZO CUCCIOLO range (single structure ovens) is equipped with a baking chamber and is mounted on a steel trolley/open base cabinet (as shelf) with wheels.

The unique ovens are fully equipped with 4cm firebricks in the interior. This makes the kiln very durable at very high temperatures up to 450°C. The excellent thermal insulation of the Cucciolo keeps the temperature constantly high for a very long time, so that a large number of dishes can be cooked for many hours without waiting. This makes work easier and saves energy.

In addition, all professional ovens have an effective residual heat on the next day, which also ensures a considerable economic benefit for the operator.

Special designs:

The following special versions can be ordered at a surcharge:

Fireproof firebricks from "Biscotto de Sorrento"
  • The special stone made of special clay ensures the optimal balance of air and moisture between the fireclay base and the dough and is ideal for baking Neapolitan pizzas at 450°C.
  • For example, an oven with 2 baking chambers can be used for pizza on baking trays and also for the traditional Neapolitan pizza.
Automatic electronic control panel

This digital control panel is easy to use and maximizes energy savings with the following features:

  • Cooking timer
  • Oven can be switched on and off automatically
  • Temperature control for upper and lower temperature separately possible
  • Power control with ten levels of resistance adjustment
  • Dual display enables simultaneous display of the set temperature and the current operating temperature in the baking chamber



  • 4cm solid fireclay bricks
  • two or three baking chambers
  • mounted on steel trolleys


Firing: Electric
Inner dimension length (in cm): 103
Inner dimension width (in cm): 110
Outer dimension height (in cm): 185
Outer dimension length (in cm): 146
Outer dimension width (in cm): 139

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Gastro electric pizza oven, Neapolitan pizza, AVPN certified: Izzo Forni Napoletano for 6 pizzas
4-6 pizzas gastronomy best suited for:
5 of 5 stars
Izzo Pizza Oven Cucciolo
2-3 pizzas gastronomy best suited for:


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