Izzo Scugnizzo Napoletano: Electric Pizza Oven SCN 6

Gastro electric pizza oven, Neapolitan pizza, AVPN certified: Izzo Forni Napoletano for 6 pizzas

4-6 pizzas gastronomy best suited for:
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  • AVPN certified pizza oven
  • Electric pizza oven
  • professional pizza oven for gastronomy
  • hot up to 450 degrees
  • Pizza Neapolitana
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Izzo Forni

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5 out of 5 stars






Antonio Cirillo

Der beste ofen für Pizza napoletana.....485 Grad dauerhaft sind kein Problem .,...

Wir backen jeden Tag 200 Pizza in dem Ofen und diese sind sehr gut....solide verarbeitet, das original aus Neapel !

Izzo Forni Napoletano: electric Neapolitan pizza oven for the catering trade

The Izzo Forni Napoletano from the manufacturer Izzo Forni is a professional electric oven, which was developed and approved for the gastronomy. The heart of the oven is the microprocessor control for perfect results. Offer your guests real pizza quality and an even and traditional browning of the pizza without having to work with an open fire and the associated constraints.

The Izzo Forni Napoletano and its possibilities, approved by the AVPN as the first electric oven in the world!

The Izzo Forni Napoletano is a real eye-catcher and therefore also ideally suited for open kitchen concepts. The front made of antique-looking and handcrafted copper is a real eye-catcher and yet absolutely functionally designed. The steam collection bonnet on the top also gives the pizza oven its characteristic shape. This also contributes to the optimal heat distribution, as the heating elements of the oven are laid by hand and optimally aligned. Thus, each area of the baking chamber receives the optimal temperature for pizza and many other dishes.

The heart of this beautiful oven is formed by the refractory bricks, which have a thickness of four centimetres on both the bottom and the top of the oven. This means that they not only retain heat for a long time, but also insulate the oven optimally from the outside. The heat losses are thus at absolute minimum values. In the lower part of the stove, genuine "Bicotto di Sorrento" are used, which have their typical colouring and are traditionally produced at the original production sites.

Izzo Forni Napoletano: Approved for original Pizza Napoletana

The Izzo Forni Napoletano is approved for the original Pizza Napoletana and is capable of delivering the desired performance quickly and safely. At the same time, the cooking time is around 60 seconds, so that the electric pizza oven for gastronomy does not differ from a traditional wood-fired oven. At temperatures between 450 and 470 °C, the oven produces the typical "leopard colouring" on the edge of the pizza, which tells connoisseurs about the quality of the preparation. The refractory Biscotto di Sorrento on the base of the pizza oven also ensures even and constant heat distribution over the entire base area. This makes for a traditional pizza with character and its own taste.

Easy-to-integrate electric pizza oven for the catering trade

Gastronomes are particularly pleased with the easy operation of the appliance. Mounted on a trolley with wheels, the electric pizza oven for the catering trade can be flexibly moved around the kitchen and thus also placed to the side when needed. Thanks to the digital display and simple controls, no long training period is necessary. Timer, automatic switch-on functions and temperature regulation are very easy to operate and monitor. The oven can be used in traditional Italian catering establishments as well as in those with a flexible orientation. The high flexibility and easy operation make this model a perfect pizza oven for the catering industry. So you can offer your customers wood-fired oven quality with the Izzo Forni Napoletano in fully electric operation.

The Izzo Forni Napoletano for your catering business

The Izzo Forni Napoletano is a Napoletan pizza oven for gastronomy, which was manufactured by the traditional company Izzo Forni. The production process of the oven remains as before, the quality too. Izzo Forni has founded a subsidiary with the new brand Scugnizzonapoletano to give this special oven a fitting stage. Izzo Forni has been manufacturing premium quality Italian products since 1951 and is one of the most popular manufacturers in the country. If you are also considering such an oven or would like to take a look at the electric pizza oven for gastronomy yourself, simply contact us. We will be happy to arrange for you to see the oven in action and familiarise yourself with the various functions. Approved for the original Pizza Napoletana, this oven offers you a wide range of gastronomic possibilities. We will be happy to advise you comprehensively about the various possibilities from our range and about the advantages of this pizza oven for you. Simply contact us - we look forward to your enquiry!


Average operating absorption: 8,5 kWh
Firing: Electric
Inner dimension length (in cm): 75
Inner dimension width (in cm): 113
Max. power: 13,3 kW
Outer dimension height (in cm): 176
Outer dimension length (in cm): 135
Outer dimension width (in cm): 110
Weight (in kg): 580

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