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Content: 9.5 (€2.11* / 1 Kilogramm)
Josper charcoal
Content: 9.5 (€2.11* / 1 Kilogramm)

Firing with wood


The hotter the oven, the fresher the ingredients stay on the pizza. With wood, 380 degrees is no problem.


Food from the wood-fired oven has a very special aroma. Eat with all your senses.


Fire is magic. People have been gathering around the fire since time immemorial. It is primal and sociable.


As a renewable raw material, a wood-burning oven does not burden your ecological footprint.

Product information Josper Ovengrill

Oven Grill Josper - exquisite indoor grill and oven in one unit.

In the catering industry, equipment with high-quality appliances is particularly important. The Josper oven grill convinces all along the line and is an excellently thought-out combination of oven and grill - perfect for the demanding HORECA sector. This versatile device is ideal for a variety of uses such as traditional restaurants, steak houses, grill restaurants and elite haute cuisine restaurants. Also in cafes, bistros or tapas bars this device is perfect.

Oven grill with convincing advantages

With the versatile grill you give the dishes for your guests an inimitably delicate aroma and at the same time ensure that the food used such as fish, meat or vegetables remain tender and juicy. Thanks to the unique way of preparing the food, the special charcoal smoke also gives it a characteristic flavor that will delight your guests. Due to the unique combination of oven and grill in one device, the food can be cooked optimally at high temperatures. As the food is grilled and smoked at the same time, the unique taste is reliably sealed. The Josper oven grill is a unique piece of equipment and the results convince all along the line.

Josper oven grill: high standards & excellent product quality

The secret of the excellent product quality lies in the use of selected and advanced steel alloys, which are explicitly produced for the production of this device. In full operation, this robust and high-quality processed device reaches very high temperatures, so the daily use makes high demands on the material. The use of exclusive steel alloys is therefore absolutely necessary, so that the usual quality of work of the oven grill is still fully available even after several years. These high-quality materials guarantee a reliable working method, which is guaranteed even with continuous average temperatures of 300 ° C to 350 ° C. Compliance with very high quality standards and strict environmental, hygiene and safety regulations is demonstrated by the allocation of important approval marks such as CE, ETL, GOST and TR. Especially for the German market, the Josper products are additionally tested according to DIN EN12815.

Oven grill: special features at a glance

The high-quality oven grill by Josper was designed as a sophisticated system with robust front door made of fireproof cast steel. This sophisticated door system isolates and ensures that the heat stays reliably inside the oven. In addition to the unique design and high-quality workmanship for many years of reliability, the closed grill system in particular is a decisive factor that speaks in favor of this product. In addition, it has different grill levels and offers a pleasingly easy to use. Due to the robust design and the high-quality workmanship, this exclusive high-tech device scores with many years of durability and reliability. The temperature is controlled by a pull system and the roasting temperature range is 250 ºC to 350 ºC. Ignition time, power, average daily coal consumption, average hourly output and other characteristics may vary depending on the model chosen.

All-round talent with unique selling points: the oven grill by Josper

The most convincing argument for a Josper model is the excellent quality of the prepared food. For all foods optimal results are achieved due to the high working temperature. The food is grilled and fried, but not cooked through. Delicacy, juiciness and aroma are optimally preserved. All dishes delight with incomparable taste, which gets a very special note by the aromatic fine wood smoke. This excellent grill quality can not be achieved with a conventional kitchen grill. Compared to an open grill, the versatile oven grill scores with around 35 percent faster preparation. This is a thoroughly convincing argument in the catering industry, because every second counts in the professional sector

Oven grill with practical dual function & best work quality

The oven grill combines the functions of oven and grill. Thanks to this unique dual function you save space, because you only need one device. Another advantage is the pleasingly low coal consumption. Unlike an open grill, you can save more than 40 percent coal, so use of the unit will reduce operating costs continuously. The Josper oven grill also gets by with less flames, therefore, the food does not dry out and you do not have to worry about burning. The cook will be pleased, because thanks to the well-thought-out function he is not permanently exposed to the heat on the grill. The resulting ash collects in a practical container, which is located in the closed cabinet. This can be emptied easily, so optimal hygiene is guaranteed at all times. Naturally, a better quality of work also requires simple cleaning of the device, which is easily possible thanks to the sophisticated concept.

Important facts about installing your oven grill

For the optimal installation of the oven grill under a fume hood the following three points are decisive:

  • Size and design of the hood
  • Diameter of the exhaust pipe
  • flow

The size and design of the hood should be strictly proportional to the chosen model. This is necessary so that an optimal extractor hood remains guaranteed even when the oven door is open. For example, for the model HJX50L a hood with a depth of 155 cm makes sense. For all models, the diameter of the flue pipe must be at least 300 mm. The recommended volume flow in m³ / h depends on the selected Josper oven grill.

Professional barbecue for many guests

The high quality oven grills by Josper are available in different models. When choosing, you should consider other factors in addition to the local conditions at the future stand. An important point is, for example, the average number of guests. Each model variant was designed explicitly for a certain amount of food per hour. How many guests are served on average is therefore a crucial point in choosing the right model. In full operation, this robust and high-quality processed grilling grille reaches very high temperatures, so the daily use makes high demands on the material used. Each model is characterized by different ignition times. The roasting temperatures in full operation are usually several hundred degrees Celsius, therefore, a corresponding amount of smoke per second.

If you have questions about our product range or need advice on choosing the right oven grill, we are of course with great expertise to the side. On request, you can make an appointment for a personal consultation. Contact our service staff by phone or e-mail - we are happy to help!





ModelModel MModel M*BCModel LModel L*BCModel L*ACXP
2564 x 60 x 12964 x 60 x 13064 x 60 x 18564 x 60 x 18278 x 62 x 205
4593 x 60 x 13893 x 60 x 13893 x 60 x 19093 x 60 x19093 x 61 x 205
5093 x 86 x 13893 x 86 x 13893 x 86 x 19093 x 86 x 190106 x 87 x 205


Inner dimension length (in cm): 76
Inner dimension width (in cm): 75
Outer dimension height (in cm): 135
Outer dimension length (in cm): 95
Outer dimension width (in cm): 92
Weight (in kg): 315

Videos about Josper Ovengrill

Manufacturer "Josper Grill"

The Josper Grill: Perfection for high demands

The Josper Grill is a modern new development made of high-quality materials that combines the elements of a grill with those of an oven. Thanks to the sophisticated and intelligent technology and the high-quality materials, the appliance can be used in a wide variety of kitchens in the catering segment, where its ease of use and high working efficiency are impressive.

The Josper Grill and its development

The Josper grill oven is a successful combination of grill and traditional oven, which offers the user the possibility to work with different grill levels. The Josper Grill is aimed at the professional target group and is used in a variety of ways, for example, in steakhouses, tapas bars and bistro cafés as well as in restaurants in the basic and upmarket categories. In the process, the developers of the Josper Grill have managed to create an oven that not only meets the high demands of a modern kitchen, but even complements and extends them through traditional preparation on the Josper Grill. Thanks to the intelligent system components, the Josper Grill can be used in an enormously versatile way to optimally prepare the most diverse dishes.

Tradition and modernity in perfect harmony

The Josper Grill was developed as a combination of tradition and modernity and, with the slogan "Yesterday's grill with today's speed", shows very precisely in which direction it should go. Thanks to the innovative design and the well thought-out and intelligent temperature distribution, the appliance can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes. In addition, the company uses only state-of-the-art steel alloys and high-quality components from the immediate region to meet the high demands of the restaurant and hotel industry. Thanks to the direct and controlled production in Spain and thanks to the Spanish suppliers, the ovens can be subjected to a comprehensive and correspondingly strict quality control. In this way, all Josper barbecue ovens meet the high requirements and safety regulations of the various countries, thus ensuring maximum satisfaction for users and end customers.

The special features of the Josper barbecue ovens

The Josper barbecue ovens have been able to establish themselves on the market due to many different factors. Firstly, there is the significantly better quality of work. This is because the cooks at the Josper Grill are not constantly exposed to the heat and flames, as would be the case with a traditional grill. In addition, the Josper Grill is 35 percent faster than an open grill, which again significantly speeds up working times in the kitchen and thus offers good potential for optimisation. But that is not all. Due to its closed design, the Josper grill oven uses almost 40 percent less charcoal than a traditional grill and dries out the food significantly less due to the lower amount of flame. The Josper grill oven also offers clear advantages in terms of hygiene, as the ash collects in a closed container in the base cabinet and can therefore be removed more easily.
But the main advantage lies above all in the quality of the cooking. The enormously high working temperature of the Josper grill oven allows food to be grilled or roasted with pinpoint accuracy without drying out or overcooking. In addition, the food can be flavoured with smoke through the use of various precious woods, thus enhancing the taste. It is not for nothing that many Josper grill ovens can be found in the kitchens of upscale restaurants.

Impressive quality as a trademark

Quality is an important feature of every Josper barbecue oven. Thus, the manufacturer uses only modern steel alloys for the production of its own grill ovens, which allow the grill to work at a continuous average temperature of 300º C to 350º C. Thanks to comprehensive stress tests during production and strict quality control, the Josper barbecue ovens can also convince in long-term and regular use. This is confirmed and attested to, among other things, by the assigned approval marks such as CE, ETL, GOST and T and also by the test seal according to DIN EN12815. In this way, the Josper Grill fulfils the strict safety, hygiene and environmental regulations that are required of modern and professional catering equipment in the most diverse countries of the world.

What makes the Josper Grill stand out

The Josper Grill is characterised by its well thought-out design and simple operation. The temperature can be easily and effectively controlled and adjusted to the respective requirements via a pull system. Thanks to different grill levels, the intensity of the cooking can also be precisely controlled. The well thought-out system with the robust front door allows quick and easy access to the food without lowering the temperature in the cooking chamber too much. This means that even different foods can be prepared optimally and to the point in one cooking cycle in the Josper Grill.

Try and experience: the Josper Grill in our showroom

Of course, you would like to convince yourself of the quality and workmanship of the Josper Grill ovens and, if possible, try them out for yourself. For this reason, you are welcome to visit us in our showroom and try out a fully assembled and ready-to-use appliance directly and without much effort. Experience for yourself how easily and efficiently the Josper Grill can be controlled and regulated, how well thought-out the various operating elements have been fitted and, above all, how easy the Josper Grill oven is to clean. The Josper Grill will convince you too. Simply use the opportunity to make an individual appointment for a visit by telephone. In addition, we organise regular events with professional chefs from Josper, which are aimed at restaurateurs and hoteliers. During these events, the experts cook various dishes with the Josper Grill and show tips and tricks on the effective use of the Josper Grill Oven in the professional kitchen. On request, a DEMO of the appliances can also be made in the Barcelona factory.

Contact us for comprehensive advice

Of course, it is not an easy decision to equip your own kitchen with a Josper grill oven. After all, many questions often remain unanswered if you don't manage to get to our showroom or to our events. For this reason, our experts will be very happy to answer all relevant questions about the Josper grill, its price as well as its areas of application and possible uses. We will be happy to show you how you can integrate the Josper grill oven into your kitchen and your work processes and what possibilities it offers you. Feel free to use our contact form to ask initial questions or to request a callback. Our experienced experts will be happy to provide you with advice and support and thus offer you direct and effective access to all relevant information. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with comprehensive advice!

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Emilio Salva


Der beste Grill den ich bis jetzt hatte....50kg Fleisch pro Stunde kein Problem....

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