Ratgeber 12-05-2022

A tip for going out in the Black Forest: Pizzeria Meckerlini

Every now and then we deliver great ovens to holiday regions and let you know here so that you don't have to miss out on good pizza anywhere.
Rezepte 11-29-2022

In the cold season: sweets from the Fontana bakery

Have you ever baked biscuits, waffles, sweets or cakes in your Fontana Backhaus? We have tips for an optimal baking day.
Ratgeber 11-21-2022

Attention baking clubs

A bakehouse in the village like in the old days. We show how this wish can be fulfilled for every association.
Ratgeber 11-07-2022

Cooking temperatures in the wood-burning oven

Would you like to use the energy in your wood-burning oven from 400 to 0 degrees? We show you how it works.
Ratgeber 11-02-2022

Professional dough kneading machines for bakers, bakeries and restaurants

Find the best dough machine for bar, café, restaurant, hotel or bakery.


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