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Fontana Bundle: Pizza Desk and Dome Oven
Fontana Bundle: Pizza Desk and Dome Oven
2-3 pizzas berginners best suited for:
4.5 of 5 stars immediately available
Fontana Bundle: Fontana Bundle Margherita | Firing: Wood
Fontana Bundle The innovation of the year! Fontana Forni presents the novelty 2021: the Pizza Desk. A mobile pizza table for the outdoor kitchen with everything the hobby chef could wish for: Multifunctional cooking station made of stainless steel. base for us compatibility with all Fontana ovens also baking houses, dome ovens and stone ovens various possibilities to position an original Fontana Forni pizza oven (right, left, centre) Handles and holders for the necessary accessories such as pizza shovels etc. Storage compartment for wood and consumables Generous work surface directly at the oven Mobility thanks to four castors, two of which are steerable, and side handles for movement With the Pizza Desk, the dream of a real outdoor kitchen comes true in no time at all. And so that the search for the right oven doesn't get too complicated, we offer two of our best ovens for home use here directly in a bundle with the Pizza Desk. Margherita Bundle Pizza Desk (180cm x 90cmx90cm) + Pizza oven Fontana Linea Red, Margherita (60cm x 60cm) The small version if you mainly cook for your family and have guests from time to time. The oven can hold 2 - 3 pizzas, the work surface is ideal for cooking together in small groups. The ideal OFen for beginners. Bundle Mangiafouco Pizza Desk (180cm x 90cmx90cm) + Pizza Oven Fontana Linea Red, Mangiafouco (60cm x 80cm) The Mangiafouco can hold 3-4 pizzas, so that you can also celebrate in a larger group. If you also want to dare the one or other cooking experiment or would like to prepare a large piece of meat in your oven, the Mangiafouco is a good choice. The right oven for the ambitious amateur chef and his enthusiastic companions. The ovens of the Linea Red series The two ovens from Fontana Forni are absolutely high-quality pizza ovens made in Italy, which can be operated with wood or gas. They are characterised by their modern timeless design in stainless steel. This makes them equally weatherproof and durable. They are resistant and, thanks to their patented construction, unmatched by various imitation products from other European countries or even from China. Once you have experienced the quality of Fontana stoves, you will remain loyal to them. Fontana Forni is run as a manufactory in the fourth generation. The special treatment and processing of the steel in special laser cutting machines and bending tools enables Fontana Forni to build this custom-made product. Quality down to the smallest detail The body is made of the best anti-magnetic stainless steel (V2A steel) and is absolutely corrosion-free. The bottom of the stove is made of a particularly resistant chrome-nickel steel and insulates perfectly. The chimney is also made of 316 steel (V4A steel) for extra weather resistance The dome in the baking chamber is double-clad over the fireplace with a material thickness of 2.55mm and provides perfect heat storage. At the same time, the dome always remains only hand-warm from the outside. The bottom of the baking chamber is made of 3cm thick food-safe fireclay stone for perfect heat storage The thermometer facilitates the precise preparation of food When purchasing gas-fired pizza ovens, please always refer to the operating instructions. You can also find tips and tricks on using gas pizza ovens in our magazine. Colour selection and dimensions The stainless steel ovens from Fontana are available in three colours: red, anthracite and stainless steel (surcharge) Mobility due to the low weight of the dome ovens: 105 - 160kg depending on the oven model Extras in the bundle:     Pizza shovel from Gi.Metal in 60 cm length (item no. AE-29R60)     matching protective cover for the oven If we have aroused your interest in a bundle, please contact us, send us an e-mail or give us a call. We will be happy to advise you on the various options for combining the Pizza Desk with your desired oven.

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Fontana Outdoorküche mit Gas-Pizzaofen Fontana Maestro, 40cm Backfläche, 1,8m Tischbreite, rollbar
1-2 pizzas berginners best suited for:
4.4 of 5 stars
Maestro: Maestro 40
Fontana Bundle: Maestro and Pizzetta Desk A great bundle to get you started in the world of dome ovens and pizza baking. The Fontana Maestro, our latest dome oven with gas operation, and the Pizzetta Desk: All-rounders with little space requirement and full performance.  And as the icing on the cake, the Fontana Maestro was awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2022. The jury's statement: "The Maestro outdoor pizza oven owes its high level of user comfort to its well thought-out functionality. In addition, the elegant design language is inspiring." (Source: www.red-dot.org) The Maestro - compact and powerful The Maestro is a compact gas pizza oven, the latest and most compact model of the traditional Italian company Fontana Forni. Its cooking surface is 40cm x 40 cm. The gas burner is placed at the back of the oven, not on the side as in cheap Far East products, which results in perfect air circulation and heat distribution. The removable, wide oven door makes the oven super easy to use and the pizza can be positioned comfortably. Two pizzas fit in at the same time. The Maestro can reach temperatures of 400 degrees and has a fireclay plate made in Italy. Thanks to its unique composition and a thickness of 20 mm, it retains the heat and ensures the perfect pizza base. The oven keeps the temperature for several hours with the door closed, so that nothing stands in the way of cosy evenings on the terrace with several cooking sessions or with a warm dessert. Like all dome ovens and baking houses from Fontana, the Maestro is made of the highest quality stainless steel and insulated in a unique way. Several layers of stainless steel and material thicknesses make up the secret of this powerful oven. Also integrated is a thermometer for perfect tuning. Operating the Maestro is child's play: attach the gas bottle, press the ignition button, adjust the gas flame continuously and off you go, cooking and pizza fun on the Fontana Maestro all-round dome oven. Its weight has just been designed to make it portable. The first gas pizza oven to take along for picnics, camping or simply to the place you choose. The Maestro also looks good. It is elegantly and modernly made of stainless steel with straight and curved lines that enhance its appearance. The thermometer provides a view of temperatures beyond 400 degrees. At the same time, the outer surface remains safe at 60 degrees. Its smoke tube is crowned by an attractive smoke hat. The Maestro is a top modern, chic and mobile pizza oven with gas firing Made in Italy. The perfect model for beginners in pizza making or for the outdoor kitchen. The Pizzetta Desk Our new trolley especially for the ovens of the Maestro series. The Pizzetta-Desk is 75cm wide and 60cm deep. The Maestro ovens therefore fit perfectly on this petite and manoeuvrable under-desk, whether you choose the Maestro with a width of 60cm or with a width of 40cm. It is made of stainless steel and partially painted black. It has a large side handle for pushing and positioning the oven, and a side holder for shovels and brooms. The storage area under the stove is ideal for the gas bottle, so the Maestro on this trolley is always mobile and portable on the terrace and in the garden. Cook wherever you like.

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Stoneoven Fontana Forni Cucina doppio
1-2 pizzas hobby best suited for:
5 of 5 stars
All culinary traditions in the world in one device The all-rounder from Fontana Would you like to upgrade your garden with an outdoor kitchen? Pizza & Cucina Doppio by Fontana is the right choice for you. This small but fine combination of pizza oven and charcoal grill opens up completely new culinary possibilities for you. The Cucina is versatile to use as a pizza oven, grill, smoker and to woke up. The cast iron cooking surface can be used as a plancha.   The dome oven: pizza oven, barbecue and grill The dome of the pizza oven can be opened, the interior is versatile. Equipped with chamotte plates and direct firing through wood, high temperatures are created for the perfect pizza. Cast iron grids included in the scope of delivery can also be inserted. They have two sides, one with recesses that hold the frying fat, and one for quick-fried foods with a round rack for quick roasting and easy cleaning. Meat can be fried briefly over a fire or braised slowly for hours. Then just close the dome. Grill on an open flame or at a low temperature under the closed hood. As in all Fontana stoves, the heat distribution is constant and high thanks to the perfect and patented insulation. The cast-iron cooking surface: plancha and wok The fire compartment with ash box is hidden under the high-quality cast iron cooking surface for easy cleaning. It can be fired with wood or charcoal. A large plancha is available as an area. Vegetables, fish or meat are given a special look when cooked on the hot cast iron plate. A round disc is worked into the surface, it can be removed to create a recess for a wok. Fire below, wok pan above and the cast iron plate to keep warm. Perfect for all culinary adventures!As you can see, the Pizza Cucina Doppio is the absolute all-rounder. Culinary traditions of all kinds can be lived out with the Doppio: Asian, Latin American, Italian, American and also classic German. From pizza to pane and from rib eye to ratatouille, everything is possible. The perfect self-contained outdoor kitchen, in a fixed place as a kitchen in the garden or as a mobile pizza oven. Sociability and togetherness Invite friends over for a plancha meal with strong flavors and bake a fresh baguette that is still warm and crispy on the table. Or start off casually with warm antipasti from the wood-fired oven, then serve a grilled chop to finish off with a warm cream caramel from the oven. Your imagination is the limit. Quality facts: Fontana Forni is a traditional family business in Italy. In the third generation, classic baking houses and dome ovens are manufactured here using tried and tested methods. The quality of Fontana devices is known worldwide, Fontana is the world market leader. A Fontana stove will bring joy to its owner for many years. The grill of the Pizza & Cucina Doppio is made of galvanized steel including powder coating and stainless steel. The cooking surface with a size of 45cm x 110 cm is ideal for about 15 dishes. The car is equipped with wheels. So it can be repositioned again and again in no time. The ignition is extremely simple. Thanks to the combustion chamber, which was specially created to facilitate this process and ensure a constant and even heat distribution in every dish. The temperature can be kept constant for hours. The doors and the dome are very well insulated and uniform and, above all, constant temperatures can be achieved. Pizza & Cucina is equipped with primary and secondary supply air which adjusts the intensity of the flame and distributes the heat perfectly. The most valuable contribution to optimal heat distribution is made by the round dome and the channels it contains, which ensure optimal heat distribution. Accessories and advantages Grill grate, can be used on both sides for fried food or for grilling and smokers with drip protection Stainless steel smoke tube and smoke tube hat Fire bowl and fireclay plate for pizza Door to lock the baking chamber thermometer The accessories can be completely and carefully stored in the Cucina Cast iron hob as a plancha and with a recess for a wok Dome of the oven can be opened and closed Mobile outdoor kitchen Storage compartment for the firewood directly in the car Hook to organize tools and poker Brackets for grill grates and chamotte plate Retractable handles for moving the oven Delivery and installation: The Cucina is delivered completely pre-assembled by Fontana. Only the dome of the furnace needs to be installed. Cooking pleasure can start immediately.  


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