Fontana Pizza&Cucina Doppio

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  • Combination of pizza oven and charcoal grill
  • direct firing
  • top quality from Fontana
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Fontana protective cover for pizza ovens
Protective cover: Pizza&Cucina Doppio
Fontana protective cover for pizza ovens
Protective cover: Pizza&Cucina Doppio

Art.Nr.: DoppioCucina

Firing with wood


The hotter the oven, the fresher the ingredients stay on the pizza. With wood, 380 degrees is no problem.


Food from the wood-fired oven has a very special aroma. Eat with all your senses.


Fire is magic. People have been gathering around the fire since time immemorial. It is primal and sociable.


As a renewable raw material, a wood-burning oven does not burden your ecological footprint.

All infos to Fontana Pizza&Cucina Doppio

All culinary traditions in the world in one device

The all-rounder from Fontana

Would you like to upgrade your garden with an outdoor kitchen? Pizza & Cucina Doppio by Fontana is the right choice for you. This small but fine combination of pizza oven and charcoal grill opens up completely new culinary possibilities for you. The Cucina is versatile to use as a pizza oven, grill, smoker and to woke up. The cast iron cooking surface can be used as a plancha.


The dome oven: pizza oven, barbecue and grill

The dome of the pizza oven can be opened, the interior is versatile. Equipped with chamotte plates and direct firing through wood, high temperatures are created for the perfect pizza. Cast iron grids included in the scope of delivery can also be inserted. They have two sides, one with recesses that hold the frying fat, and one for quick-fried foods with a round rack for quick roasting and easy cleaning. Meat can be fried briefly over a fire or braised slowly for hours. Then just close the dome. Grill on an open flame or at a low temperature under the closed hood. As in all Fontana stoves, the heat distribution is constant and high thanks to the perfect and patented insulation.

The cast-iron cooking surface: plancha and wok

The fire compartment with ash box is hidden under the high-quality cast iron cooking surface for easy cleaning. It can be fired with wood or charcoal. A large plancha is available as an area. Vegetables, fish or meat are given a special look when cooked on the hot cast iron plate. A round disc is worked into the surface, it can be removed to create a recess for a wok. Fire below, wok pan above and the cast iron plate to keep warm. Perfect for all culinary adventures!
As you can see, the Pizza Cucina Doppio is the absolute all-rounder. Culinary traditions of all kinds can be lived out with the Doppio: Asian, Latin American, Italian, American and also classic German. From pizza to pane and from rib eye to ratatouille, everything is possible. The perfect self-contained outdoor kitchen, in a fixed place as a kitchen in the garden or as a mobile pizza oven.

Sociability and togetherness

Invite friends over for a plancha meal with strong flavors and bake a fresh baguette that is still warm and crispy on the table. Or start off casually with warm antipasti from the wood-fired oven, then serve a grilled chop to finish off with a warm cream caramel from the oven. Your imagination is the limit.

Quality facts:

  • Fontana Forni is a traditional family business in Italy. In the third generation, classic baking houses and dome ovens are manufactured here using tried and tested methods. The quality of Fontana devices is known worldwide, Fontana is the world market leader. A Fontana stove will bring joy to its owner for many years.
  • The grill of the Pizza & Cucina Doppio is made of galvanized steel including powder coating and stainless steel.
  • The cooking surface with a size of 45cm x 110 cm is ideal for about 15 dishes.
  • The car is equipped with wheels. So it can be repositioned again and again in no time.
  • The ignition is extremely simple. Thanks to the combustion chamber, which was specially created to facilitate this process and ensure a constant and even heat distribution in every dish. The temperature can be kept constant for hours.
  • The doors and the dome are very well insulated and uniform and, above all, constant temperatures can be achieved.
  • Pizza & Cucina is equipped with primary and secondary supply air which adjusts the intensity of the flame and distributes the heat perfectly. The most valuable contribution to optimal heat distribution is made by the round dome and the channels it contains, which ensure optimal heat distribution.

Accessories and advantages

  • Grill grate, can be used on both sides for fried food or for grilling and smokers with drip protection
  • Stainless steel smoke tube and smoke tube hat
  • Fire bowl and fireclay plate for pizza
  • Door to lock the baking chamber
  • thermometer
  • The accessories can be completely and carefully stored in the Cucina
  • Cast iron hob as a plancha and with a recess for a wok
  • Dome of the oven can be opened and closed
  • Mobile outdoor kitchen
  • Storage compartment for the firewood directly in the car
  • Hook to organize tools and poker
  • Brackets for grill grates and chamotte plate
  • Retractable handles for moving the oven

Delivery and installation:

The Cucina is delivered completely pre-assembled by Fontana. Only the dome of the furnace needs to be installed. Cooking pleasure can start immediately.



  • Grill grate, can be used on both sides for short fry or grilling and smocking with drip guard
  • Stainless steel smoke tube and smoke tube hat
  • Fire pan and fireclay plate for pizza
  • Door to close the baking chamber
  • Thermometer
  • Accessories can be completely and thoughtfully stored in the cucina
  • Cast iron hob as a plancha and with recess for a wok
  • Dome of the oven can be opened and closed
  • Mobile outdoor kitchen
  • Storage compartment for firewood directly in the cart
  • Hooks for organizing tools and poker
  • Holders for grill grates and fireclay plate
  • Retractable handles for moving the stove


Firing: Wood
Inner dimension length (in cm): 45
Inner dimension width (in cm): 153
Outer dimension height (in cm): 118,8
Outer dimension length (in cm): 59,7
Outer dimension width (in cm): 62
Pizza capacity (pizzas per hob): 1
Weight (in kg): 100

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Martin Tepel

Bin begeistert

Ein wirklich massives Gerät, dass muss man schon sagen. Der Doppio macht einen sehr guten Eindruck und ist gut verarbeitet. Nach nur einem Fehlversuch ist uns schon ein anständiges Brot gelungen, Pizza und Pizzabrötchen gelingen ebenfalls ganz leicht. Einzige Abweichung zu den Produktbildern und ein längeres Rauchrohr für die rechte Geräteseite. Das ist aber gut so, weil der Rauch ja dann über Kopfhöhe abzieht.

Simone Waurig

Bin sehr zufrieden mit Grill uind Pizzaofen in Kombination, ideal für meinen kleinen Garten

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