The new Fontana Vulcano Incasso: » multi-talent

Vulcan Fontana

4-6 pizzas gastronomy best suited for:
  • short heating phase
  • good insulation materials
  • Reduction of wood consumption by 60%
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Firing with wood


The hotter the oven, the fresher the ingredients stay on the pizza. With wood, 380 degrees is no problem.


Food from the wood-fired oven has a very special aroma. Eat with all your senses.


Fire is magic. People have been gathering around the fire since time immemorial. It is primal and sociable.


As a renewable raw material, a wood-burning oven does not burden your ecological footprint.

Italian professional oven. Ready for immediate use.

The new Vulcano is a pre-assembled professional oven made by Fontana. It is easy to transport and install. The short heat-up phase and the good insulation materials reduce wood consumption by 60% compared to other wood-burning ovens.

The special advantages of this oven are its efficiency. The oven is quick on temperature and reduces waiting times. He is a real all-rounder. You can cook almost any dish with the Vulcano. Above all, he is also suitable for "show cooking". The Vulcano can be placed anywhere in the restaurant, so guests can be up close and personal with the preparation of the food and experience the true Italian cuisine up close. So much public paired with this world-class wood burner certainly enhances the creativity of the chef.

This oven is particularly suitable for bars, restaurants and catering companies where quality, speed and entertainment are important. Fontana uses only the highest quality materials to make its stoves.

Advantages for the customer:

  •     All materials are food safe and certified for restaurant operation.
  •     Best insulation: a double floor slab of chamotte, about 8 cm thick.
  •     The interior of the oven is made of stainless steel and easy to clean.
  •     Weather resistance: The outer parts are made of electro-galvanized steel and powder-coated.
  •     The Vulcano is the little brother of Fontana Prometeo.


Diameter chimney pipe (in mm): 200
Firing: Wood
Inner dimension height (in cm): 40
Inner dimension length (in cm): 70
Inner dimension width (in cm): 100
Outer dimension height (in cm): 158
Outer dimension length (in cm): 99,5
Outer dimension width (in cm): 121,8
Weight (in kg): 350
Wood consumption (kg/ per hr): 4


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