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The insulation for the pizza oven: vermiculite.

Only high-quality materials are used for the pizza ovens in our range. However, you can strengthen the performance and energy efficiency of many pizza ovens with a suitable insulation. To do this, the round domes of the pizza ovens are walled square and then filled with the appropriate insulation material. Insulation for the pizza oven is made of vermiculite, a particularly light and efficient insulating material.

The advantages of insulation for the pizza oven

A good and comprehensively executed insulation of the pizza oven by means of vermiculite not only looks good and can change the whole appearance of the oven. Because there are several other advantages that the insulation brings. The pizza oven works more efficiently, and the risk of injury is also reduced. In addition, thanks to the insulation, the oven can be used indoors.

Grain size 4 (0-8 mm), bulk density approx. 75-85 kg/m³
Dimension and proportion
8,0 - 5,6 mm %
5,6 - 3,15 mm %
3,15 - 2,0 mm %
2,0 - 1,0 mm %
< 1,0 mm %

Greater efficiency through higher energy storage thanks to vermiculite

Another advantage of effective insulation using bulk material is the very effective energy storage of the insulation material. This means that the heat remains in the interior of the kiln and cannot escape further to the outside. This ensures higher efficiency, as the furnace needs to be loaded with less heating material. This factor may sound like a minimal difference at first, but with regular use, this reduction in heating materials can have a significant financial impact. Sooner or later, the cost of insulating the pizza oven will definitely pay for itself.

Minimize the risk of injury through insulation for the pizza oven

Especially in the catering industry, but also in many normal households, the pizza ovens are used without protective insulation. However, when the pizza ovens burn continuously and have corresponding temperatures inside, part of these temperatures very quickly reach the outside of the oven. A careless movement or an inconsiderate touch later, painful burns occur in the worst case. Especially families with children and professional catering, for these reasons, we always advise a comprehensive insulation for the pizza oven. If it is to be operated indoors, this insulation for the pizza oven is usually mandatory anyway in order to comply with fire safety regulations.

How to build an optimal insulation for the pizza oven

The basis for optimal insulation for a pizza oven is the structure. As a rule, the round top of the oven is provided with a square wall. It is important to size this correctly so that you do not have to use too much insulation material. Basically, a good 7 cm of space should be left between the furnace top and the wall on the sides of the brick surround. This leaves enough space for the ceramic fiber and the fill layer. Above the copings, you should allow enough space for 10 to 20 cm of insulation layer. The first step in the insulation process is to lay the ceramic fiber tightly around the furnace tops. Here, make sure that the dome is well and comprehensively covered. Now you can put the vermiculite as insulation for the pizza oven between the domes and the brickwork. Make sure that the material is well compacted without exerting too much pressure on the dome. It often helps to just lightly jiggle the material so that it can trickle into the existing gaps. Once the layer has been applied, the walling can be completed.

This is why vents must be kept clear

Even a modern and efficient insulation for the pizza oven, as offered by us, must follow certain guidelines. For this reason, it is especially important that the insulation is not completely airtight. It may certainly look attractive to plaster the oven or the entire wall afterwards, but you should leave at least two ventilation openings in the wall. Through these, the moisture that accumulates in the insulation material can disperse, so that the stove ventilates effectively on a permanent basis. This not only ensures better results, but also immensely increases the life of the pizza oven.

Vermiculite instead of your own tools

Again and again one hears from owners of pizza ovens that they do without the "expensive" insulating material and prefer to use sand or gravel from their own garden. What sounds at first like private individuals, unfortunately also occurs in the catering trade again and again. However, the pizza ovens are built in such a way that they have a certain load limit due to the dome shape. Although the ovens are stable and therefore ideally suited for normal operation, if the maximum load is exceeded, problems quickly arise. And anyone who piles up a layer of about 10 to 20 cm of sand on the dome will exceed this load limit extremely quickly. Thus, permanent damage to the oven will occur, just because the rather low price for a good insulation for the pizza oven should not be paid.

The advantage of our insulation for the pizza oven

When choosing the right insulation material, you need to pay attention to many different factors. Firstly, the weight of the material plays a not insignificant role. If the weight of the insulation is too heavy, the vault of the pizza oven can not compensate for the pressure, so the curvature may collapse. In such a case, the oven would be completely damaged and no longer usable in this form. In addition, the material used must have very good insulating properties.
Finally, it is necessary to reduce the temperature transfer to a minimum. The last aspect is also important. Because a good insulation must be able to absorb the ambient moisture. Thus, excessive moisture formation inside the furnace can be prevented. We have chosen a combination of two different materials. First, a ceramic fiber is used, which serves as the first insulation layer. In order to increase its efficiency, the bulk material is now introduced, which has the above-mentioned properties and thus provides perfect insulation for the pizza oven.

We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive and personal advice

Of course, it is difficult to choose between the various offers in our range. It is important that you get both the right pizza oven and the right insulation material for your requirements and wishes. After all, it is a clear difference whether you want to operate the pizza oven for your family or gastronomically. For this reason, our experts will be happy to assist you by phone and provide you with comprehensive advice. So you can not only find the right insulation for the pizza oven, but with our help and experience, you can also order the appropriate quantities of insulation material. This makes it even easier to provide the optimal insulation and to sustainably increase the efficiency of your pizza oven. Contact us simply and straightforwardly via our contact form or by e-mail and arrange a callback by us with pleasure. We will ensure your satisfaction with comprehensive and professional advice! We are already looking forward to your contact!!!


Weight (in kg): 9 kg pro 100 l


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