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Valoriani Indirect preassembled, mosaic


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The assembled pizza oven 

We have the classic wood-burning oven Valoriani Indirect already assembled and delivered to your home ready for use: unpack it, put it in place and bake your pizza!

The model Valoriani Indirect is already assembled on a 8mm metal plate including bottom insulation
and 3-layer ceramic fiber insulation of the dome including breathable insulation plaster, which lets the moisture out and keeps the heat in the oven.

This model convinces by its compact size and individual application possibilities, on the baking surface can be baked directly, it is about 60/40cm and can be used for pizza, tarte flambée and bread depending on the temperature. Alternatively, cooking and baking with casserole dishes or trays is also possible in this oven.
Ideally, it should be protected from the weather or provided with a roof.

The plaster can also be covered with natural stones, tiles or mosaic and gives off a maximum temperature of 45 degrees to the outside.

Gladly available in other colors on request.

Innovation in beautiful detail, the stone baking oven Valoriani Indirect:

With its indirect heating of the baking surface, the Valoriani oven is unparalleled. The patented process allows particularly gentle and uniform baking through radiant heat. The fire in the combustion chamber heats the fireclay bricks of the baking surface and is fed from behind, where it surrounds the entire baking chamber. It takes about 30 minutes to heat up to 300 degrees. Two pizzas can be baked simultaneously in a few minutes.

The exhaust gases are led to the front to the adjustable smoke outlet. The advantages of the innovative technology: the entire baking surface can be used and continuous baking is possible. The Valoriani oven can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Installation indoors and outdoors:

Indoors, the Valoriani Indirect can be integrated into the elements of a kitchen to complement the stove, as well as installed next to the fireplace or in the party room.
Outside, it finds its place next to the barbecue, on the terrace or in the garden. But then it must be
protected from the weather.

As a pre-assembled stove

The pre-assembled stove is screwed and protected from the weather with a triple ceramic fiber insulation (8 cm) and a 2 mm thick metal cladding. This is powder-coated or painted in a Tuscany red-brown heat-resistant by master craftsmen and ensures a long life even outdoors.

The stove is located on a 5 mm thick metal plate with 4 metal feet, each 5 cm high. Thus, this stove can be moved or transported at any time. The lower firebricks of the firing chamber are additionally provided with a metal bracing to ensure a perfect fire distribution and to guarantee a stability of the bottom plates.

The pre-assembled model is equipped with thermometer, ash box, smoke connection and hardwood handles.

Ideal for your private party

The model is perfectly sized even for larger families and small parties. With a baking time of 3 - 4 minutes per pizza depending on temperature, toppings and firing, all guests can be satisfied.

For bread baking, the lower firing chamber can also be swept out in the 2nd baking cycle and used for baking. The oven retains heat long enough to have double capacity at the end of pizza baking.

The details for home use:

  • Important for customers is the compact size of the model: after cladding and insulation, they get about external dimensions of 70-80 by 80cm deep.
  • The flue through the baking chamber provides the traditional taste. The baking chamber is less contaminated with soot particles or ash in relation to a directly fired model. The compact dimensions make the Valoriani Indirect ideal for terraces, balconies or even small gardens.
  • Pizza they can bake directly on the fireclay and alternatively on trays, the important thing is to get a feel for the oven.
  • The floor temperatures are always slightly higher than dome ovens, this should be taken into account to achieve the best results for your taste. If the bottom temperature is too high, we recommend to position the embers in the back of the ember chamber about 20 minutes before cooking the pizza.
  • Delicious is also cooking and simmering vegetables, pasta or meat in this wood-fired oven. This is possible in standard casserole dishes at any time and they get crispy and juicy food.

We wish you good appetite

A small baking instruction model "Valoriani I"

It is ideal to heat the oven for at least 1 to 1.5 hours to about 280-300 degrees. If you want to bake directly on the fireclay, ideally after lighting the embers should be pushed back to the last third, so that the bottom temperature is not too hot. If you bake on trays, this is not necessary, because they reduce the temperature slightly.

You should add 1 - 2 small pieces of wood every 15-20 minutes so that the oven settles at a minimum of 250 degrees. Once the pizza is inserted, the oven cavity should be closed again to keep the heat in the oven. Thin pizzas and not too many toppings are ideal. Then you will achieve a delicious and crispy pizza directly on the bottom in about 3-5 minutes of baking.

If they want to bake bread in the second pass, remove the embers completely and leave the oven open for 10 minutes so that some heat escapes. Then put the bread in and close the oven for 30-40 minutes. It is also ideal to close the smoke control.

We wish good apetite!



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