GI Metal Pizza Shovel Set

Shovel Set 3 Pizza

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  • Complete kit for home use
  • available in two versions
  • practical and high quality
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Art.Nr.: AC-S3P150


3pcs pizza shovel set by Gi-Metal

Complete kit for home use to prepare pizza consisting of: Shovel, small shovel, brush and a practical self-supporting base to keep all tools organized. The kit is part of the Amica line and is available in two different sizes to meet all needs:


  • SET3P/90: total height of the instruments 90 cm
  • SET3P/120: total height of the instruments 120 cm

The four products are packaged and shipped in a convenient box.

100% Made in Italy


  • Stainless steel and aluminum shovel, head 30 cm or 33 cm, depending on the selected kit
  • Small stainless steel shovel, head 20 cm
  • Aluminum brush, brass bristles, swivel head
  • Self-supporting aluminum and stainless steel tool holder base 40x40x16 cm

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