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Firing with wood


The hotter the oven, the fresher the ingredients stay on the pizza. With wood, 380 degrees is no problem.


Food from the wood-fired oven has a very special aroma. Eat with all your senses.


Fire is magic. People have been gathering around the fire since time immemorial. It is primal and sociable.


As a renewable raw material, a wood-burning oven does not burden your ecological footprint.

Wooden grill from Italy by Fontana - for the perfect aroma

The same applies to grilling with a wooden grill: not only the ingredients and the skills are important, but also the tools. The Fontana charcoal grill in its proven manufacturing tradition brings these requirements to perfection. High quality, a long lifespan and a typical Italian appealing design are ideally combined here.

Wooden grill from the heart of Italy

For over 70 years, the creators of the Italian company Fontana have proven that they can ideally combine old handicraft tradition and the requirements of a contemporary kitchen. In central Italy, the Marche, the third generation is now continuing this art. The manufacturer Fontana not only brings its commitment to wood-fired ovens, which are essential for authentic pizza, but also uses its knowledge in the development and manufacture of charcoal and wood barbecues. Constant expansion of knowledge about materials and cooking methods, practical exchange of experience and own interests in the topic of barbecuing are a matter of course for those responsible in the central Italian company.With a Fontana wooden grill, you too can benefit from the grill tradition of the Mediterranean countries. Wood fire spices the food with its smoke and gives it an incomparable aroma. What is fascinating about Mediterranean grill dishes on holiday can now be achieved for yourself, your guests and your customers at home. Traditional charcoal grills are operated with charcoal or directly with a wood fire, which ensures good success in the rear fire compartment. When the charcoal - either bought or made with wood itself - has reached the ideal temperature, it is distributed individually on the grill surface using the glow slider provided, depending on the food to be grilled. This option allows different dishes to be cooked at the same time.

Perfect grilling with the Fontana charcoal grill

For many of its models, the Italian brand manufacturer relies on the technology to be variably matched to the respective dishes. Height-adjustable gratings on the wooden grill offer the possibility of reaching different cooking points. The Fontana grill series is lined with firebricks on the sides, bottom and rear in order to allow the resulting heat to act evenly and efficiently on the food. This ensures uniform radiant heat, especially when cooking at low temperature with the hood closed. Every Fontana grill is delivered fully assembled. Thanks to the smooth-running, stable castors, it can be moved to any desired location without effort. Last but not least, this wooden grill owes its robust usability and its good grilling properties to its above-average material thickness. A further plus point is also achieved here: The resulting high dead weight means that the various versions of the Fontana grill series are secure and firm.

Every Fontana wood grill is classy and versatile

Not only the adjustable grill grates and the variable possibility of heating the wooden grill from below or from the back contribute to the popularity and success of this Italian grill series. You have the choice whether you want to use your grill with hood or hood. Solid processing of both versions with durable stainless steel is a matter of course. We would be happy to advise you on the advantages of these two variants. We are also available at any time for questions about the special features of the different models Mediterraneo and Egeo as well as Ionio and Scirocco!

Fontana wooden grill Mediterraneo

The Mediterraneo wood grill scores with its reinforced brazier. Like all barbecues from the brand manufacturer Fontana, lining with firebricks ensures efficient and even heat radiation. Your grilled food is almost effortless, even delicate dishes retain their tenderness and juiciness. The Grill Mediterraneo is available with a cooking surface of 80 x 40 cm. Different dishes can be cooked at the same time, even for a larger number of people. The structure of the grill is made of stainless steel. Two foldable worktops provide comfort: Here, grilled food can be prepared, the indispensable ingredients and spices are ready and the finished grill dish can be used until it is accepted. The Latin American Churrasco grilling can also be staged perfectly on the Mediterraneo thanks to the adjustable grids and the wood fire and thus gain new grilling experience.

Egeo - wooden grill with choice

Here you have the choice, because two different sized grill areas are available with this Fontana wooden grill. The design with the grill area of ​​80 x 40 cm is spacious with little space requirement. If you always want to cater to a larger group of guests or like to use the advantages of this grill professionally, the grill area of ​​110 x 40 cm is a good choice. The Egeo model also features two foldable stainless steel work surfaces. The four-wheeled trolley with smooth-running wheels ensures mobility.

Wood grill Ionio - extractor and chimney

The smoke hood and stainless steel in the Ionio model ensure that odors are dissipated and that there is good air circulation. Two versions of the grill surface are available for this functional and visually appealing model: the area of ​​80 x 40 cm achieves favorable dimensions of the grill, on the large grill area of ​​110 x 40 cm it is easy to prepare a variety of grill dishes at the same time. The side worktops made of easy-care and robust stainless steel can be folded away to save space when not in use. Like every Fontana wooden grill, the Ionio model is equipped with a stable trolley.

Scirocco - wooden grill for high demands

The open grill alone makes a lot of sense with its look. Thick steel, stainless steel and the proven firebricks make it a high-quality grill. But that's not all: With this wooden grill, you can work directly on the grill surface or cook the food vertically on a skewer. Specialties like Churrasco can be grilled to the point. The carefully designed brazier ensures that continuous wood burning takes place reliably. This prevents temperature fluctuations and the resulting interruptions in cooking. The grilled food remains juicy and aromatic.

Wooden grill for your grill success

No matter whether you want to afford a high-quality wooden grill for your garden in a private setting or want to use it professionally: With a Fontana charcoal grill you are on the safe side. The knowledge of dishes and their cooking temperatures, the know-how about materials and their cooking properties, about heat conduction and heat storage as well as the desire to become familiar with the latest technology and innovative materials again and again make the Fontana grill series something special. We answer general questions under FAQ. Would you like to know more about the properties of this series or are you interested in the advantages and delivery times of a particular item? Call us or send us an email! We are happy to take your time for your advice and look forward to your inquiry.Please ask us about the delivery times for the wooden grill Fontana as it is a seasonal item!




Grillexternal dimensions                        (d X w X h)BBQ Area                    (d X w X h)weight
EGEO 8072cm x 157cm x 115cm45cm x 80cm110kg
EGEO 11072cm x 187cm x 115cm45cm x 110cm150kg
IONIO 8072cm x 157cm x 185cm45cm x 80cm180kg
IONIO 11080cm x 178xm x 185xm45cm x 110cm245kg
Mediterraneo72cm x 157xm x 139cm45cm x 80cm125kg
Scirocco81cm x 89cm x 110cm45cm x 80cm90kg


Inner dimension length (in cm): 45
Inner dimension width (in cm): 80
Outer dimension height (in cm): 139
Outer dimension length (in cm): 72
Outer dimension width (in cm): 157
Weight (in kg): 125

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