Valoriani isolation set for FVR & TOP |

Insulation set for walled ovens up to 110cm (build your own pizza oven/wood oven)

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Isolation (variant)


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Art.Nr.: IsoSet-110UM


Valoriani insulation set

We offer to the private ovens a perfectly matched set of insulating materials to guarantee a long life of the stone ovens. These sets are available for the FVR and TOP series in sizes from 80cm to 160cm.

The insulation sets contain, depending on the size of the oven:
  1. Appropriate quantities of special mortar "VAREX" for the outer grouting of the dome elements or for the independent gluing of the base plates.
  2. Sufficient quantity of high quality ceramic fiber on rolls (7,3m/0,6m) in 64 density and 25mm thickness which is laid directly on the dome in double layer as the first insulation layer. Heat resistant up to 1300 degrees.
  3. Coordinated quantities of high quality vermiculite fill in 100l bags, which is poured directly into the cavity between the walls and onto the dome after the square walling, ensuring perfect insulation and breathability of the furnace. The filling is very light to avoid pressure on the dome.


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