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Gi-Metal Pizza Shovel Napoletana

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  • designed for the Neapolitan style
  • made of anodized aluminum
  • stable and robust
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Art.Nr.: AN-32RF


The Neapolitan style pizza shovel

The product line, consisting of a shovel and a small shovel, has been designed to meet the needs of pizza makers who bake pizza in the Neapolitan style, that is, in traditional Neapolitan wood-fired ovens that get up to 500° hot and deliver a high number of pizzas.

The disc of dough is usually applied to the paddle with both hands and then widened and smoothed to the ends of the paddle with great skill. The holes in the blade of the paddle are significant at this moment: the arrangement, the circular shape and the quantity of the holes allow the ideal delivery of the flour with the special working movements of the Neapolitan tradition.


about 150 cm weight about 1kg.


  • Completely made of anodized aluminum
  • Reinforced shovel blade for perfect resistance to the most intense heat
  • Lightweight handle of the Azzurra series
  • 3 rivets to ensure stability and robustness
  • holes with circular shape to release the flour

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