Fontana Marinara Basis

Fontana Pizza Oven Undercarriage 80x80cm

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Pizzaofen Fontana Marinara Gas


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Pizza oven trolley for 80x80cm 

See here the suitable trolley as base for the pizza ovens of the company Fontana Forni Marinara and Peppe. You buy the pizza ovens as a tabletop for which we offer you the matching base here. Together with this substructure, the Fontana Marinara and Fontana Peppe pizza ovens form a unit. 
The substructure trolleys are supplied with two castors and extendable handles, making your pizza oven mobile in this way. It can then be moved by an adult on the terrace or in the garden. 
The undercart by Fontana Forni serves as a pizza oven base that can also be integrated into the outdoor kitchen next to the barbecue. It is made of high-quality and shapely stainless steel. 

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