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Fontana Forni Everyday Piero

1-2 pizzas berginners best suited for:
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  • compact furnace
  • high flexibility
  • direct and indirect firing up to 400°C
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Gas firing


Gas burners heat up the stove in a short time and retain the heat permanently.


At the push of a button, the fire is on and burns and burns and burns.


Gas burners with and without automation. Constant heat supply

Focus on food

Focus on the cooking, not the fire.

Fontana Everyday - PIERO

Fontana's new oven for every day: the Everyday - PIERO impresses with its compact dimensions and modern design. This timeless stove offers great flexibility in the outdoor kitchen. By firing wood and gas, directly and indirectly, pizza, casseroles, cakes, meat dishes and bread can be prepared.

What is new is above all the operation with either wood or gas as desired without having to convert anything. Firing with wood takes a little more time, but uses the typical wood stove fragrance and Italian flair, while gas firing saves a considerable amount of time.

The advantages of the Piero at a glance:

  • Wood and gas firing
  • Cooking space of 60 x 40 cm
  • Opening space of 13cm high and 42cm wide
  • Weight: 70 kg as table-top, 85 kg with a trolley 
  • Glass door for better visibility
  • food-safe firebricks for optimal heat, 2cm thick
  • conduction and storageas
  • a table-top version (table pizza oven) or with a trolley
  • mobile and pre-assembledeasy cleaning and maintenance
  • weatherproof

Compact and extremely hot

The Piero is a compact oven with a 60 x 40 cm baking chamber, but can keep up with the large Fontana ovens when it comes to temperature. The high quality of the food-safe firebricks, the patented processing and the patented air circulation system guarantee temperatures of up to over 400 degrees - perfect for original Italian pizza. The operation of the Piero is absolutely simple and safe. Through its glass door, the view inside is always clear.

Unique processing of materials

Fontana Forni can look back on 70 years of experience in the construction of absolutely high-quality pizza ovens. During this time, the founding family has succeeded in developing a patented combustion and circulating air system that guarantees perfect heat distribution. The processed steel is of the highest quality and is processed in 2 mm thickness for the dome and 3 mm thickness for the baking chamber. This makes Fontana ovens extremely durable and durable. The chamotte stones are food-safe and extra thick for temperatures up to 400 degrees inside the oven. The materials used also ensure low wood consumption and thus energy savings.

The "Take-Me-with-Oven"

The Piero can be ordered pre-assembled on a cart design or without the cart as a tabletop device for the outdoor kitchen for installation on a prepared table or base. The Piero can also be taken as a table version without a trolley and used at any time on a stable surface. This makes the Fonatana Everyday Piero the first pizza oven from Fontana that is completely mobile and portable.See here the new Fontana catalog 2022all details about the Fontana Everyday - PIERO.


Outer dimension height (in cm): 192
Outer dimension length (in cm): 81,5
Outer dimension width (in cm): 58,5
Weight (in kg): 105

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