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Firestick for pizza and wood-fired oven, small, Gi.Metal

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  • High quality fire stand
  • Suitable for direct fired pizza ovens for private use
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The Fire Rack Made of Untreated Steel: An Essential Tool for Efficient Firewood Stacking and Airflow


The fire rack made of untreated steel is an incredibly practical and useful tool for stacking firewood and optimizing airflow when starting a fire. With its sturdy construction and high-quality materials, the fire rack is designed to ensure safe and efficient combustion.

Untreated Steel: Durability and Safety

The fire rack is made of untreated steel, which not only gives it an appealing look but also ensures durability. By avoiding coatings or paints, which could release harmful fumes when burned, the use of untreated steel mitigates any health risks.

Secure Stacking: Sturdy Design for Firewood

The design of the fire rack allows for the secure stacking of firewood of various sizes and shapes. The sturdy legs provide a stable base, while the horizontal struts hold the wood securely in place, preventing it from rolling off. This minimizes the risk of collapsing woodpiles, enhancing both safety and efficient wood burning.

Optimal Airflow: Efficient Combustion

Another important feature of the fire rack made of untreated steel is the optimal airflow it enables. The open design allows air to circulate freely around the wood, leading to more efficient combustion. Sufficient airflow is crucial for igniting a strong and long-lasting fire. The fire rack helps nourish the flames by ensuring a consistent supply of oxygen, resulting in even wood burning.

User-Friendly and Easy to Maintain

Furthermore, the fire rack is easy to use and maintain. It can be easily assembled and disassembled, making it ideal for outdoor use. After each use, the fire rack can be easily cleaned and stored in a dry place when necessary.


Overall, the fire rack made of untreated steel is an essential tool for anyone who enjoys creating a cozy outdoor fire. Its robust construction, optimal airflow, and user-friendly design make it a practical companion for camping trips, garden parties, or relaxing evenings by the bonfire. With the fire rack, you can rest assured that your wood will be stacked properly, and your fire will be kindled optimally.

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