Toscano Mario Pizzaofen

Entry level pizza oven Toscano Mario, dome oven with wood firing, anthracite with undercarriage

1-2 pizzas berginners best suited for:
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  • For hobby cooks who want more
  • Top-Price-Performance
  • For Pizza, Meat and Bread
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Firing with wood


The hotter the oven, the fresher the ingredients stay on the pizza. With wood, 380 degrees is no problem.


Food from the wood-fired oven has a very special aroma. Eat with all your senses.


Fire is magic. People have been gathering around the fire since time immemorial. It is primal and sociable.


As a renewable raw material, a wood-burning oven does not burden your ecological footprint.

Toscano Mario: mobile pizza oven  

Elegant and casual, the Mario. Pizza oven from Toscano Forni. High quality in the entry-level segment for garden, balcony or terrace. Unpack, set up and start cooking. The Mario delivers the best baking results from the stone oven.  Wooden oven for the outdoor kitchen  The Mario is an elegant multifunctional wood oven for the outdoor kitchen, garden or terrace. It is available as a tabletop version to place it on an existing base. Alternatively, there is a matching base with wheels so that the oven can be mobile. He then changes with you the location in the garden or on the terrace or can be conveniently stored .  
 Weatherproof and easy to clean  
The Toscano stoves are produced in Italy, not like cheaper competitor products in China, so they have a high quality. The stoves are weather resistant and can be left outside all year round. The stainless steel dome is easy to care for and can be cleaned of dust and pollen on the outside with a damp cloth. The interior of the stove should only be swept with a suitable broom, no water should get on the firebrick inside. Pyrolysis during use burns food residues, so the oven is always clean inside. 
Different sizes for the dome oven 
Toscano offers three models in different sizes - depending on how many diners should be satisfied. So you can always choose the right oven according to individual needs and the area of application.   The sizes to choose from are:  
  • Mario for baking two pizzas at the same time  
  • Luigi for baking four pizzas at the same time  
  • Peppe for baking six pizzas at the same time  
Each of the ovens comes with a sturdy door and is equipped with a smoke outlet that leads over a smoke pipe. Cooking what you love The Mario is a high-quality wood-fired oven that is suitable for pizza, but also all your other favorite dishes, in addition to baking bread, rolls and cakes. The Mario gives wings to the ideas of the amateur cook. You will be delighted with the quality of the oven and the results on your plate.


  • Oven door
  • Thermometer
  • Flue pipe


Firing: Wood
Inner dimension height (in cm): 34
Inner dimension length (in cm): 60
Inner dimension width (in cm): 60
Outer dimension height (in cm): 196
Outer dimension length (in cm): 85
Outer dimension width (in cm): 78
Weight (in kg): 105
Wood consumption (kg/ per hr): 3,8

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