Dough Divider/Dough Spatula, Polymer, Gi-Metal, 10cm | AC-STF10

Dough Divider/Dough Spatula, Polymer, Gi-Metal, 10cm

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Art.Nr.: AC-STF10


Flexible Heat-Resistant Polymer Spatula

The flexible spatula made of heat-resistant polymer is an essential tool in your kitchen. Its high resistance to heat, shocks, and scratches makes it ideal for intensive use.

Perfect Separation and Lifting of Dough

Thanks to the flexibility of the material, the spatula allows for easy insertion under dough balls to separate and lift them. You can effortlessly release the dough from work surfaces and transfer it to baking sheets or pizza stones.

Gentle Handling without Damaging

The flexible spatula preserves the integrity of your baked goods and does not damage dough storage containers. With this tool, you can work with precision and care, without the risk of causing cracks or deformations in the dough.

Compact Size for Versatile Use

With a size of 10 cm, the flexible spatula is compact and easy to handle. It is perfect for various applications, including preparing pizzas, pastries, pasta, and other dough-based recipes.

Durability and Hygienic Cleaning

The heat-resistant polymer spatula is durable and easy to clean. Simply rinse it with warm water and mild soap or wash it in the dishwasher. It maintains its quality and performance over a long period of time.

An Indispensable Tool in Your Kitchen

The flexible heat-resistant spatula allows you to effortlessly separate and lift dough without causing any damage. Enhance your baking skills with this versatile tool and simplify your dough-related tasks in the kitchen.

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