Gi-Metal Pizza Shovel I-20

Gi-Metal Pizza Shovel I-20

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Art.Nr.: I-20/120


Gi-Metal Pizza Shovel I-20

Robust lightness

All models in the Azzurra series have a limited weight compared to the classic models, but feature extreme robustness and handles made of oval tubing, to increase stability.


Lightweight and flexible aluminum heads allow a trowel effect with special ribs that ensure strength. Neutral anodizing process that makes the surface uniform and protects it from oxidation. Light and regular milling that facilitates the lifting of the pizza.

AZZURRA is our super professional line; the brightest, flexible, durable scoops: for the true artists of the pizza.

Small pizza shovels. For turning and bringing out. Stainless steel head. Slide and handle in light blue plastic. Dismountable and replaceable.


Ø 20


942 g

handle length:

120 cm, 150 cm


Diameter (in cm): 20
Outer dimension length (in cm): 141
Weight (in kg): 0,73

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