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Josper Cookware

The combination of craftsmanship and the most advanced manufacturing technologies results in JOSPER kitchen accessories: hand-cast aluminum pots and trays according to gastronorm standards. The high thermal conductivity of the material ensures fast and even heat distribution, guaranteeing perfect cooking results. The bottom of the accessories has been straightened with a diamond to ensure maximum heat distribution. A healthy, fast and affordable way to cook. The accessories are coated with high quality Teflon, guaranteeing a long service life and optimal results. Its high quality gives the grill oven JOSPER a new dimension: this model can be used not only as a closed grill, but is suitable for cooking and cooking a wide range of foods in pots and in containers according to gastronorm. The dishes prepared in the grill oven acquire the aroma of noble wood.

Pots / pans

Available in diameter 16cm, 20cm, 24cm or 28cm

  • CAZUELA 16 CM Ø Ideal for eggs, seafood, shrimp in small portions.
  • CAZUELA 20, 24, 28 CM Ø portions of fish, rice dishes, side dishes, vegetables, etc. Ideal size for serving food directly at the table, conveniently placing the pot on the basalt trivet.

The 28 cm diameter pot is perfect for placing in the center of the table so that everyone can serve themselves from it. Meals can be served comfortably at the table, as the temperature of the food in the pot is maintained for a longer time.

Basalt coaster

Available in 27cm x 27cm, 37cm x 27cm, 53cm x 22cm or 53cm x 37cm

Iroko wood frame and slate top. Works great as a trivet to set Josper pots Josper down for serving or to spread grilled meat, fish or vegetables on plates.

Gastronorm containers

  • Tray 1/6 [GN 1/6 x 2 cm high] 16xm x 17,5cm Perfect for preparing vacuum-packed products and small portions.
  • Tray 1/3 [GN 1/3 x 2 cm high] 32,5cm x 17,5cm Perfect for preparing vacuum packed products, fish and seafood.
  • Tray 1/2 [GN 1/2 x 6 cm high] 32,5cm x 26,5cm For fried potatoes, artichokes, sautéed onions or rice dishes.
  • Tray 1/1 [GN 1/1 x 2 cm high] 52,5cm x 32,5cm Ideal for vegetables, fish or appetizers.
  • Tray 1/1 [GN 1/1 x 6 cm high] 52,6cm x 32,3cm For fried potatoes, artichokes, sautéed onions or rice dishes.

Grill holding tongs with silicone

Grill tongs with silicone tips for holding pots and trays.

Grill turning tongs

Every single tong is made by hand. Grill tongs Josper is the basic utensil to move the grates in the oven Josper, turn the food on the grates and trays.

Scratching brush

The width of the brush allows perfect cleaning of the grill grates. With handle to avoid burns.


Inner dimension height (in cm): 7,5
Internal diameter: 28

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