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Live: Pizza course from a professional

Exclusive live pizza course with Filippo Licciardo, member of the German national pizza team

Would you like to bake a real pizza? From flour to yeast to the finished dough. Learn all about the ingredients, the optimal preparation and the product information. And get lots of professional tips, for example on how the Pizzaioli always get the pizza dough almost round, and without rolling pin, just like that. Different kneading techniques and dough types are also discussed. And of course you will get to know our kneading machine Bernardi Miss Baker.

Our cook Filippo Licciardo is a master in his field. He is part of the German Pizza National Team. He has already run restaurants, has delivery service experience and is also an entertaining entertainer.

Look forward to an entertaining and informative live course. If you like, get the ingredients from our ingredients list and join in live. Make the dough together with Filippo, ask live into the round and listen to tips from the professional.

The live pizza course takes about 2 hours from 11 am till 1 pm. Up to 5 people can participate. The prerequisite is a mobile device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) on which Zoom is installed.

The list of ingredients or recipes can be found as pdf below this text.



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