Vitella Rundwirker Schnecke

Vitella round knitter with worm

professional best suited for:
  • Rundwirker für runde Teigportionen
  • mit Schnecke
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Vitella Rundwirker automatisch

Art.Nr.: VRS


Vitella round kneader: All-rounder for round dough portions

The round kneader with auger is the practical all-rounder for preparing round portions of dough. With this round kneader, there is great flexibility in the preparation of round doughs. The Vitella machine has an inverter-controlled motor. With this system, the speed setting is regulated and the cycle can be adapted to different types of dough, even with high hydration.
Dough portion grammage: min. 50g, max. 1000g
Can be used with all Vitella dough dividers.


Vitella Rundwirker: Der Test

Vitella Rundwirker: Der Test

Vitella in the test: How is the perfect pizza ball made? We show you.


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