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Holzpizzaofen Valoriani Verace Napoletano: Gastro-Pizzaofen mit AVPN-Zertifikat, 140cm Durchmesser

4-6 pizzas professional best suited for:
  • AVPN tested
  • chic design
  • high quality
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Internal diameter

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Art.Nr.: VeraceNapo140H


Gas firing


Gas burners heat up the stove in a short time and retain the heat permanently.


At the push of a button, the fire is on and burns and burns and burns.


Gas burners with and without automation. Constant heat supply

Focus on food

Focus on the cooking, not the fire.

The new Verace Napoletano

The Valoriani Forni novelty: a real Neapolitan pizza oven, the Valoriani Verace Napoletano! Inside it resembles the well-known Valoriani Verace wood-burning oven, but on the outside it sets new accents. The Verace Napoletano is reminiscent of the traditional pizza ovens of Naples with its coloured and higher dome from which the smoke pipe rises in the middle and is decorated with a pretty smoke cap. The interior remains as usual of the highest quality. Valoriani is thus following the trend towards original Neapolitan pizza, which is experiencing an upswing with the designation of Pizza Napoletana as a World Heritage Site.

And the best thing about the new Verace Napoletano: the Valoriani Verace is AVPN tested and approved for Neapolitan pizza. This means that the oven has already received the highest award. It can be placed in a restaurant or in an open kitchen to attract the attention of the public, thus accentuating its special dome.  The Verace can be operated with both wood and gas. This makes it flexible, fast and powerful.

What makes the Verace so special:

  • Gas firing: The Valoriani Verace Napoletano and its brother Verace are the only two pizza ovens with gas firing approved by AVPN for baking the original Napoletan pizza. A professional Spitfire gas burner from Milberg (DVGW tested) is installed inside the oven to maintain a consistently high temperature of 480 degrees.
  • The special insulation, developed by the Valoriani Manufacture itself, has guaranteed the company's success for decades. It is unsurpassed in terms of thermal conductivity and insulation properties. No classical insulation material can compete with it. The ingredients are very simple: sand and salt. The two major advantages are the low weight and simple installation. The bottom of the baking chamber consists of open-pored full chamotte similar to biscotto sorent, which is classically used for Neapolitan pizza.
  • The patented "Recycling Heating System" (RHS) uses the smoke emitted at approx. 300° to 350°C and forwards it to colder parts of the baking surface via a suction device. In this way, the fireclay base maintains its constantly high temperature.
  • The RH system thus offers optimum utilisation of the energy input and thus increases energy efficiency. Valoriani promises 30 percent energy savings compared to conventional pizza ovens for its Verace and Verace Napoletano models.
  • There is no need to install expensive additional burners to keep the temperature constantly high. Thanks to the special materials mentioned above and the RHS, the temperature of the baking surface remains constant even after 100 pizzas. As a result, the quality of the baking results increases. Short baking times of 70 to 90 seconds are possible.
  • A side effect of the RHS is the purified smoke leaving the oven. The escaping smoke is 20 - 30 percent cleaner than the smoke from conventional pizza ovens. The air quality is greatly improved. If this is not enough, because the restaurant is located in a city centre with high requirements, we recommend Smoki flue gas scrubbers, which we are happy to offer in a package with the oven. The smoke from the gas-fired model can alternatively be disposed of via ventilation systems and extractor hoods if there is no chimney.

Dimensions: The Verace model is available with internal dimensions of 120 cm and 140 cm.

Fueling: Wood or gas. With gas firing, you get a connected load according to the stove diameter with the professional Milberg Spitfire gas burner: 100cm - 120cm: 25kW; 120cm - 160cm: 29 kW; from 160cm: 34kW

Assembly and delivery: If there are appropriate delivery options, the stove can be delivered pre-assembled by us and completed at your premises. Optionally, it is also possible to assemble the stove directly on your premises (assembly time 1 to 2 days).

Test the Verace with us!

Our service for you: Make an appointment at +49 6051 67777 for a test bake in our show kitchen near Frankfurt am Main. You bring your ingredients and dough with you and test how the oven behaves. Meanwhile, we are at your disposal for questions and advice, but we also give you enough time to cook in peace.

 Friends of Vera Pizza


  • Gasbrenner Milberg Spitfire (DVGW geprüft)
  • Patentiertes „Recycling Heating System“ (RHS)
  • Rauchanschluss
  • Ofentür 


Firing: Gas, Wood
Flue pipe: 197
Inner dimension height (in cm): 46
Inner dimension length (in cm): 140
Inner dimension width (in cm): 140
Outer dimension height (in cm): 201
Outer dimension length (in cm): 211,7
Outer dimension width (in cm): 179,5
Weight (in kg): 1900

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