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Josper Robatagrill

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  • in Robatayaki style
  • holds very high temperatures for a long time
  • adaptable Josper device
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Art.Nr.: MGJ132Mangal


Robata Grill - after Japanese model

The Josper Robata Grill is the new charcoal grill for cooking and grilling in the Robatayaki style. The Robatayaki technique comes from the Japanese culture. Fishermen once took small boxes of smoldering coal on the sea and grilled their catch directly on the boat. Then they passed the fish from boat to boat with the help of their paddles.

With the Robata Grill by Josper, this Japanese food culture has found its way into the grill scene and is traded as Aston Martin under the grill methods. The secret is the special coal, which burns almost smoke-free and keeps very high temperatures for a long time.

Small portions are grilled on skewers over hot charcoal. The Robatayaki technique is particularly suitable for the preparation of meat and fish. With this unique method, the ingredients retain their original taste.

Robata Grill for unusual dishes

The ancient Japanese grill method is very adaptable and can be easily integrated into European cuisine. Josper supports this kind of preparation with his Robata Grill. The Robata offers several levels for grilling and plenty of accessories for working directly above the charcoal. The result is excellent kebabs, grills, teppanyaki and much more.

With the Robata Grill you can create wonderful live events. Your guests will get an insight into the work of the chef on the grill and will be amazed by variety and taste ... a real culinary show.

Try out!

You are restaurateur or chef and you are interested in a Josper Grill? We offer you the opportunity to cook in our show kitchen with the Josper. Talk to us, we will make an appointment under 06051 67777. Find out in our blog about the next Josper demo or register directly with our registration form.

Leasing: possible from 24 to 48 months.

Robatagrill by Josper from JOSPER Official Site on Vimeo.


Inner dimension length (in cm): 123,5
Inner dimension width (in cm): 49
Number of cooking surface/grill surface: 4
Outer dimension height (in cm): 150
Outer dimension length (in cm): 145
Outer dimension width (in cm): 102
Weight (in kg): 360

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Test Josper HJA with us!

Test Josper HJA with us!

New in our show kitchen: Josper HJA. The professional grill for the upscale gastronomy with us live in use.
Bayreuth is richer by one Josper Grill

Bayreuth is richer by one Josper Grill

In May we have delivered a great absolutely newly designed Josper Grill to Bayreuth in the EILA Tasting Center. So go there, it's worth it in any case!
NEW: Services for our Josper customers

NEW: Services for our Josper customers

Attention Josper customers! From now on we offer a new service. Find out more here.


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