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Art.Nr.: HJA-PLUS-L175

Firing with wood


The hotter the oven, the fresher the ingredients stay on the pizza. With wood, 380 degrees is no problem.


Food from the wood-fired oven has a very special aroma. Eat with all your senses.


Fire is magic. People have been gathering around the fire since time immemorial. It is primal and sociable.


As a renewable raw material, a wood-burning oven does not burden your ecological footprint.

Product information Josper oven grill HJA PLUS

Josper HJA PLUS for upscale gastronomy

The HJA PLUS is a professional appliance and is used in high-end restaurants, as well as in traditional tapas bars and wherever perfect grilling results are required. Josper manufactures high-quality combinations of grill and oven for the HORECA sector. In combination with the unique Josper grill charcoal, the Josper grills achieve excellent results. The HJA PLUS in combination with the specially developed Josper grill charcoal gives the food a unique taste due to the aromatic precious wood smoke. The special preparation in the closed grill system guarantees tenderness and incomparable taste in all foods. Prepare meat, fish and vegetables in previously unimagined quality.

Performance details:

  • Ignition time: approximately 40 minutes
  • Daily coal consumption Josper: 16 to 20 kg. (average)
  • Roasting temperature: 250 ºC to 350 ºC
  • Power: 6 KW
  • Extraction capacity: 3200 m³/hour
  • Maximum smoke quantity:14 g/second


  • faster preparation: 35% faster than an open grill
  • this model has a self-closing door
  • there are ventilation inlets on the sides, so the maximum temperature on the side panels is only 30°C warm
  • there is an ash box for easy cleaning
  • for better mobility there is an undercarriage

    Try it out!

    You have the possibility to test the stove in our showroom. We have installed a model and will be happy to provide you with the oven for a few hours for test grilling, cooking and baking after making a personal appointment at +49 6051 67777. Do not hesitate to call us. The quality of the Josper Grill will convince you. You are welcome to read about our Josper demo in our blog or register directly through our registration form.


    Term from 24 to 48 months possible.


    • 1 Diffuser
    • 1 Flame protection cover
    • 1 Tong
    • 1 Brush
    • 2 Grill Grates (for L175 and M120)
    • 1 Grill Grate (for S80)
    • 1 Poker


    Daily charcoal consumption (in kg): 16 - 20
    Grill rack capacity (in GN trays): 2x GN 1/1
    Length x Width grill grate (in cm): 76 x 76
    Nominal heat output (kW): 9,6
    Outer dimension height (in cm): 116,8
    Outer dimension length (in cm): 135,3
    Outer dimension width (in cm): 104
    Oven grill heating time (in minutes): 40
    Performance duration (in hrs): 9
    Recommended for (number of guests) ±: 175
    Temperature during grilling (°C): 250 - 350
    Weight (in kg): 310

    Videos about Josper oven grill HJA PLUS

    Manufacturer "Josper Grill"

    The Josper Grill: Perfection for high demands

    The Josper Grill is a modern new development made of high-quality materials that combines the elements of a grill with those of an oven. Thanks to the sophisticated and intelligent technology and the high-quality materials, the appliance can be used in a wide variety of kitchens in the catering segment, where its ease of use and high working efficiency are impressive.

    The Josper Grill and its development

    The Josper grill oven is a successful combination of grill and traditional oven, which offers the user the possibility to work with different grill levels. The Josper Grill is aimed at the professional target group and is used in a variety of ways, for example, in steakhouses, tapas bars and bistro cafés as well as in restaurants in the basic and upmarket categories. In the process, the developers of the Josper Grill have managed to create an oven that not only meets the high demands of a modern kitchen, but even complements and extends them through traditional preparation on the Josper Grill. Thanks to the intelligent system components, the Josper Grill can be used in an enormously versatile way to optimally prepare the most diverse dishes.

    Tradition and modernity in perfect harmony

    The Josper Grill was developed as a combination of tradition and modernity and, with the slogan "Yesterday's grill with today's speed", shows very precisely in which direction it should go. Thanks to the innovative design and the well thought-out and intelligent temperature distribution, the appliance can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes. In addition, the company uses only state-of-the-art steel alloys and high-quality components from the immediate region to meet the high demands of the restaurant and hotel industry. Thanks to the direct and controlled production in Spain and thanks to the Spanish suppliers, the ovens can be subjected to a comprehensive and correspondingly strict quality control. In this way, all Josper barbecue ovens meet the high requirements and safety regulations of the various countries, thus ensuring maximum satisfaction for users and end customers.

    The special features of the Josper barbecue ovens

    The Josper barbecue ovens have been able to establish themselves on the market due to many different factors. Firstly, there is the significantly better quality of work. This is because the cooks at the Josper Grill are not constantly exposed to the heat and flames, as would be the case with a traditional grill. In addition, the Josper Grill is 35 percent faster than an open grill, which again significantly speeds up working times in the kitchen and thus offers good potential for optimisation. But that is not all. Due to its closed design, the Josper grill oven uses almost 40 percent less charcoal than a traditional grill and dries out the food significantly less due to the lower amount of flame. The Josper grill oven also offers clear advantages in terms of hygiene, as the ash collects in a closed container in the base cabinet and can therefore be removed more easily.
    But the main advantage lies above all in the quality of the cooking. The enormously high working temperature of the Josper grill oven allows food to be grilled or roasted with pinpoint accuracy without drying out or overcooking. In addition, the food can be flavoured with smoke through the use of various precious woods, thus enhancing the taste. It is not for nothing that many Josper grill ovens can be found in the kitchens of upscale restaurants.

    Impressive quality as a trademark

    Quality is an important feature of every Josper barbecue oven. Thus, the manufacturer uses only modern steel alloys for the production of its own grill ovens, which allow the grill to work at a continuous average temperature of 300º C to 350º C. Thanks to comprehensive stress tests during production and strict quality control, the Josper barbecue ovens can also convince in long-term and regular use. This is confirmed and attested to, among other things, by the assigned approval marks such as CE, ETL, GOST and T and also by the test seal according to DIN EN12815. In this way, the Josper Grill fulfils the strict safety, hygiene and environmental regulations that are required of modern and professional catering equipment in the most diverse countries of the world.

    What makes the Josper Grill stand out

    The Josper Grill is characterised by its well thought-out design and simple operation. The temperature can be easily and effectively controlled and adjusted to the respective requirements via a pull system. Thanks to different grill levels, the intensity of the cooking can also be precisely controlled. The well thought-out system with the robust front door allows quick and easy access to the food without lowering the temperature in the cooking chamber too much. This means that even different foods can be prepared optimally and to the point in one cooking cycle in the Josper Grill.

    Try and experience: the Josper Grill in our showroom

    Of course, you would like to convince yourself of the quality and workmanship of the Josper Grill ovens and, if possible, try them out for yourself. For this reason, you are welcome to visit us in our showroom and try out a fully assembled and ready-to-use appliance directly and without much effort. Experience for yourself how easily and efficiently the Josper Grill can be controlled and regulated, how well thought-out the various operating elements have been fitted and, above all, how easy the Josper Grill oven is to clean. The Josper Grill will convince you too. Simply use the opportunity to make an individual appointment for a visit by telephone. In addition, we organise regular events with professional chefs from Josper, which are aimed at restaurateurs and hoteliers. During these events, the experts cook various dishes with the Josper Grill and show tips and tricks on the effective use of the Josper Grill Oven in the professional kitchen. On request, a DEMO of the appliances can also be made in the Barcelona factory.

    Contact us for comprehensive advice

    Of course, it is not an easy decision to equip your own kitchen with a Josper grill oven. After all, many questions often remain unanswered if you don't manage to get to our showroom or to our events. For this reason, our experts will be very happy to answer all relevant questions about the Josper grill, its price as well as its areas of application and possible uses. We will be happy to show you how you can integrate the Josper grill oven into your kitchen and your work processes and what possibilities it offers you. Feel free to use our contact form to ask initial questions or to request a callback. Our experienced experts will be happy to provide you with advice and support and thus offer you direct and effective access to all relevant information. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with comprehensive advice!

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    Otto Müller

    Der Josper Ofengrill HJA PLUS - Ein Grill für alle Fälle!

    Ich bin vollkommen begeistert vom Josper Ofengrill HJA PLUS. Der Grill ist ein echter Alleskönner. Er hat eine sehr starke Heizleistung, die es mir ermöglicht, köstliche Steaks, Fisch, Gemüse und andere Speisen zuzubereiten. Der Josper Ofengrill HJA PLUS ist ein wirklich hervorragendes Produkt und eine wirklich gute Investition. Ich kann ihn nur weiterempfehlen!

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    Josper HJX Pro
    Josper HJX Pro
    Configuration: WT - with warmer and table | Size: M120
    The new HJX Pro from Josper - exquisite indoor grill and oven in one unit In the catering industry, high-quality equipment is particularly important. The Josper HJX Pro convinces all along the line and is a sophisticated combination of oven and grill - perfect for the demanding HORECA department. This versatile unit is ideal for a variety of applications including traditional restaurants, steakhouses, grills and elite fine dining restaurants. It is also well suited for use in cafes, bistros or snack bars. HJX Pro with compelling benefits With the versatile grill, you can offer your guests an incomparable and refined aroma while ensuring that the food you use, such as fish, meat or vegetables, remains tender and juicy. Due to the unique method of preparation, the food you use will get a unique flavor from the special charcoal smoke, which will cause great enthusiasm among your guests. Thanks to the unique combination of oven and grill in one device, dishes can be optimally prepared at high temperatures. Since the food is roasted and smoked at the same time, the unique flavors are reliably sealed. Josper oven grill is a unique device whose results are always convincing. Josper HJX Pro: high standards and excellent product quality The secret of excellent product quality lies in the use of selected and state-of-the-art steel alloys, specially made for the production of this device. In full operation, this rugged and high-quality device reaches very high temperatures, so everyday use places high demands on the material. Therefore, the use of only alloy steel is mandatory, so that the usual quality of work of the oven grill can be used without restrictions even after several years. These high-quality materials guarantee reliable operation even at constant average temperatures of 300 °C to 350 °C. The award of important test marks such as CE, ETL, GOST and TR indicates compliance with very high quality standards and strict environmental, health and safety regulations. Especially for the German market, Josper products are also tested according to DIN EN12815. Oven grill: special features at a glance The high-quality oven grill from Josper was designed as a sophisticated system with a robust front door made of fireproof cast steel. This sophisticated door system insulates and ensures that the heat remains reliably inside the oven. In addition to the unique design and high-quality workmanship for many years of reliability, the enclosed grill system in particular is a decisive factor that speaks in favor of this product. In addition, it has different grill levels and offers a pleasantly simple handling. Due to the robust design and high-quality workmanship, this exclusive high-tech device scores with many years of durability and reliability. Temperature control is by pull system and the roasting temperature power range is 250 ºC to 350 ºC. Ignition time, power, average coal consumption per day, average production volume per hour and other features may well differ depending on the selected model. A versatile talent with unique selling points - Josper's grill oven The most convincing argument for a Josper's model is the excellent quality of the prepared food. Optimal results are achieved with all foods due to the high working temperature. The respective foods are grilled and fried, but not cooked through. This ensures that tenderness, juiciness and aroma are optimally preserved. All dishes delight with incomparable taste, which is given a very special touch by the aromatic precious wood smoke. This excellent grill quality can in no way be achieved with a conventional kitchen grill. Compared to an open grill, the versatile oven grill scores with a preparation time that is around 35 percent faster. This is quite a convincing argument in the catering industry, because in the professional sector every second counts. Competent barbecue for many visitors The high-quality oven grills from Josper are available in different model variants. When choosing, you should consider other factors in addition to the local conditions at the future location. An important point, for example, is the average number of guests. Each model variant was explicitly designed for a certain amount of grilled food per hour. How many guests are served on average is therefore a decisive point in the selection of the right model. In full operation, this sturdy and high-quality processed oven grill reaches very high temperatures, so daily use places high demands on the material used. Each model is characterized by different ignition times. The roasting temperatures in full operation are usually several hundred degrees Celsius, therefore a corresponding amount of smoke is produced per second. The individual components at a glance Ventilation grille: Helps to dissipate the hot air. Cooled smoke outlet. Safety filter and diffuser: Prevents the passage of sparks and fine dust. GN tray holder: Uses residual heat to keep food warm. Insulating layers in the upper and lower sections. Air supply control with 8 air inlets and ash extraction: combustion intensity control and safety interlock. Cooling air supply. Removable system of the door pull. GN tray as ash collector. Ash chamber: prevents ash from entering the draught system. The new PRO mounted smoke outlet - easy to clean and maximum safety Exhaust fan: Drains and cools the hot gases produced during combustion. Firewall floor: Collects the solid particulate matter. Firewall filter: Acts like a labyrinth and separates out the glowing particles. Upper vent control. New, more ergonomic knob. Lower ventilation More openings for air intake New geometry allows air to enter from the side and bottom, reducing lighting time with the door closed. 8 air inlets that allow for faster and more even generation of embers. They allow to enliven the embers during operation by diverting the oxygen supply. Cleaning of the ash New scoop system that ensures that ash does not impede the flow of air into the cavity. Ash drawer Airtight and independent of the air supply and easy to handle. Housing Top cover Without perforations to prevent liquids from entering the interior of the furnace. Sanitary radius for easy cleaning. Recesses for reinforcement. Serve as support for cookware when the upper trays are not in use. Double insulation system. Reduction of heat emissions in the kitchen thanks to the insulation system and rear ventilation. Rear housing part With ventilation grille that helps to evacuate the hot air transmitted through the cavity. Door opening system - easy to maintain or change New reinforced chain with anti-corrosion treatment. Spring tension adjustment via a threaded tensioner accessible from the front. Configuration You can configure the new HJX Pro individually. For example, with storage area, warmer, warmer and storage area, storage area and drawer or full equipment. Moreover, in addition to configuration, we also offer you different door colors: Stainless steel Burgundy red Brown Black White Blue Green Of course we are at your disposal with great professional competence. If you wish, you can make an appointment for a personal consultation. Contact our service staff by phone or e-mail - we will of course be happy to help you!
    Josper Basque grills
    Model: PVJ-50-1-1-CT
    Basque Grill - more power and better taste. The newest grill from Josper. The Josper Basque Grill combines the experience of the traditional Spanish company Josper and is manufactured to the highest standards of the HORECA sector. The Basque grill is made of full stainless steel. The grill, which is used to cook over open charcoal and grilled, is height adjustable and thus flexible.Josper has been producing combinations of grill and oven for catering needs for over 45 years. These extremely high-quality products for very demanding professional chefs achieve the very best results in combination with the special Josper coal.The Basque grill can be set up in multiple rows to handle even large capacities. You can also install a Josper worktop coal oven in the same setup. Furthermore, the Basque grill can be combined with the HJX Grill. For application examples and expert advice, please contact us at +49 6051-67777. Modular design: The right product for every kitchen. 2 sizes of grill surfaces: 500 x 600 mm and 760 x 600 mm 2 formats: CT - counter and MB - monoblock Counter or Single PVJ-50-1-1-CT consists of a grate with a grilling surface of 500 x 600 mm PVJ-76-1-1-CT consists of a grate with a grilling surface of 760 x 600 mm Double counter PVJ-50-2-1-CT consists of two grates with a grilling surface of 500 x 600 mm PVJ-76-2-1-CT consists of two grates with a grilling surface of 760 x 600 mm Single monoblock PVJ-50-1-1-MB consists of a grate with a grilling surface of 500 x 600 mm PVJ-76-1-1-MB consists of a grate with a grilling surface of 760 x 600 mm Double monoblock PVJ-50-2-1-MB consists of two grates with grilling surface 500 x 600 mm PVJ-76-2-2-MB consists of two grates with a grilling surface of 760 x 600 mm Other possible configuration PVJ-76-3-3-MB consists of three grates with a grilling surface of 760 x 600 mm Try out! You have the opportunity to test the stove in our exhibition. We have ovens installed and will gladly provide you with the oven for personal rehearsal on +49 6051 67777 for a few hours for rehearsal cooking and baking. Do not hesitate to call us. The quality of the Josper Grill will convince you! Information about our Josper demo can be found in our blog. You can also register directly via our registration form for the next appointment. Leasing: Duration of 24 to 48 months possible on request.
    Profi-Grillsystem Josper Combo: 2 baskische Grills, 1 Grillofen, für 120 Gäste
    Size: CVJ-50-2-1-PRO-M
    Josper Combo - individual grills according to your needs The products of the traditional Spanish brand Josper are gastronomic products of the highest quality. Therefore, it is very important to be able to combine the different grills and grill ovens with each other, in order to be able to integrate the optimal grilling and cooking station in the large kitchens. Configuration of the Basque Grill with the HJX PRO Several Basque grills can be combined side by side to form a perfect whole. The HJX PRO grill ovens also fit perfectly into such a combination. In this way, large capacities can be managed. Each individual module from Josper is made entirely of high-quality stainless steel, so that together they create a harmonious image, which is quite suitable for a show kitchen. Equipment and advantages The many small but nice conveniences that Josper offers you in the equipment of its grills and ovens will delight you. Here are a few examples: self-closing doors, easy-running grates, easily accessible ash pans, perfect air circulation systems and smoke outlets, etc. Upon request, we will be happy to offer you a test cooking and regular professional maintenance services as well as professional instruction of your kitchen team on the equipment with Josper certified chefs. We will be happy to provide you with reference projects throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland upon request and help you plan your perfect Josper Combo. Josper is a traditional company from Spain. Josper has been manufacturing grill and oven combinations for catering needs for over 45 years. These extremely high-quality products for very demanding professional chefs achieve the very best results in combination with the special Josper charcoal. Modular design: The right product for every kitchen. CVJ-50-2-1 consists of two grates with a grilling surface of 500 x 600 mm CVJ-50-2-1-PRO-S: Combination with HJX PRO S80. Baking surface: 510 x 500 mm CVJ-50-2-1-PRO-M: Combination with HJX PRO M120. Baking surface: 510 x 760 mm CVJ-50-2-1-PRO-L: Combination with HJX PRO L175. Baking surface: 760 x 760 mm CVJ-76-1-1 consists of one grill with baking surface of 760 x 600 mm CVJ-76-1-1-PRO-S: Combination with HJX PRO S80. Baking surface: 510 x 500 mm CVJ-76-1-1-PRO-M: Combination with HJX PRO M120. Baking surface: 510 x 760 mm CVJ-76-1-1-PRO-L: Combination with HJX PRO L175. Baking surface: 760 x 760 mm Try it out! You have the opportunity to test the oven in our showroom. We have installed ovens and will be happy to provide you with the oven for a few hours of test cooking and baking after making a personal appointment at 0049 6051 67777. Do not hesitate to call us. Leasing/hire purchase: Term from 24 to 48 months possible on request
    Josper Robatagrill
    5 of 5 stars
    Größe: RGJ-100
    Robata Grill - after Japanese model The Josper Robata Grill is the new charcoal grill for cooking and grilling in the Robatayaki style. The Robatayaki technique comes from the Japanese culture. Fishermen once took small boxes of smoldering coal on the sea and grilled their catch directly on the boat. Then they passed the fish from boat to boat with the help of their paddles.With the Robata Grill by Josper, this Japanese food culture has found its way into the grill scene and is traded as Aston Martin under the grill methods. The secret is the special coal, which burns almost smoke-free and keeps very high temperatures for a long time.Small portions are grilled on skewers over hot charcoal. The Robatayaki technique is particularly suitable for the preparation of meat and fish. With this unique method, the ingredients retain their original taste. Robata Grill for unusual dishes The ancient Japanese grill method is very adaptable and can be easily integrated into European cuisine. Josper supports this kind of preparation with his Robata Grill. The Robata offers several levels for grilling and plenty of accessories for working directly above the charcoal. The result is excellent kebabs, grills, teppanyaki and much more.With the Robata Grill you can create wonderful live events. Your guests will get an insight into the work of the chef on the grill and will be amazed by variety and taste ... a real culinary show. Try out! You are restaurateur or chef and you are interested in a Josper Grill? We offer you the opportunity to cook in our show kitchen with the Josper. Talk to us, we will make an appointment under 06051 67777. Find out in our blog about the next Josper demo or register directly with our registration form.Leasing: possible from 24 to 48 months. Robatagrill by Josper from JOSPER Official Site on Vimeo.
    Josper Rotisserie
    Size: ASJ-063
    Josper Roaster for big challenges The Josper Roaster is a versatile grill for large quantities of meat. Different types of meat can be prepared on its rotating skewers. The function: The innovative roaster can roast 48 to 55 chickens at once over charcoal. But it can also be used to cook rabbit, lamb and piglet. The food can be grilled on six skewers that can be rotated in two functions. The skewers rotate together or individually and can also be loaded with food all at once or only partially. The position of the skewers can also be determined individually. The skewers are rotated electrically by a drum. The Roaster is therefore a real all-rounder in its function and allows cooking in a variety of ways, thus optimally meeting the customer's wishes. To prepare 48 chickens, you need to estimate about 1.15 hours and 20 kg of coal. The roaster has a hot cooking cabinet with 4 trays GN1 / 1 under the drum. Here you can prepare potatoes, onions or other side dishes. Furthermore, the roaster has a hot cabinet that keeps the food warm. Accessories: 6 skewers 4 GN containers 1 shovel 1 grill tongs 1 poker rake 1 air regulation 1 fat pan special design skewers for rabbit, pig, etc. Other versions: Roaster 63 with 6 spits à 630mm for 24 chickens, weight 560kg, outer dimensions 120cm / 120cm, consumption 10-12kg per run Roaster 130 with 6 skewers à 1300mm for 48 chickens, weight 850kg, outer dimensions 190cm / 120cm, consumption 20-22kg per pass. Try it out! Are you interested in a Josper grill and would like to try cooking with it? Call us at +496051 67777 and we will be happy to make an appointment with you. We have installed a Josper in our show kitchen, which you are welcome to put through its paces during a test cooking. If you are interested in a Josper demo, check our blog for the current date or send us a registration form. Leasing: Term from 24 to 48 months possible.


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