Vitella Teigteiler professionell

Vitella dough divider and round roller

Vitella Teigteiler

Art.Nr.: VTT-R


Vitella dough divider for bakeries

With a single machine, we offer the baker of today the possibility of making bread and rolls of the most varied shapes in a reliable and productive way. The dough divider is a fast and reliable machine that allows a dough to be divided into several pieces of the desired weight without compromising product quality.
For our dough dividers or automatic presses for butter, the control panels are available in two versions. The semi-automatic version is suitable for those who want to work traditionally with a completely electromechanical handling. The automatic version is suitable for those who want a constant result in the work cycles and ease of use. With the same machine characteristics, it is possible to combine 3 different shape and subdivision types. 
Finding the ideal machine for your work has never been easier. We have studied your work in depth to support you with simple and practical solutions. That's why we have designed every millimetre of the machine, inside and out, to be perfect for you: perfect in terms of ease of use, assembly, choice of materials, safety and cleaning speed.
Materials used 
  • Painted welded steel frame Panels in lacquered or stainless steel
  • Trays and heads in anodised aluminium Anticorodal MG5
  • Knives and grids in 304 stainless steel
  • Lid interior and presser in food-grade polyethylene PE500
  • Plates in food-grade polyethylene PETG 
  • Ring in aluminium with electroless nickel plating
Electrical connection 
All machines are supplied with a standard connection: Three-phase current 400 volts 50 Hz. Other voltages are available on request. 
Care of the machine 
To ensure smooth operation and, above all, a long service life of the machine, we recommend that it be cleaned regularly, both inside and out (see operating instructions). The stainless steel, the painted claddings, the PE500 polyethylene and the PETG panels can be easily cleaned with soap and water or neutral detergent and then rinsed thoroughly and dried with a soft cloth.
 Manual, semi-automatic and automatic versions available.

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