Valoriani base for pizza oven hobby

Valoriani base for pizza oven

  • Basis für gewerblichen Pizzaofen
  • hochwertiger Edelstahl
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Valoriani base for pizzaovens

This metal base is tailored to the Valoriani IGLOO / OT pizza oven. It is available as an option. There are two ways to use the base:

1. the base can be bricked up and covered. This means that the base disappears under a visually appealing individual cladding that fits in with the surroundings.

2. should you use the stove on the base without brickwork, but prefer only a visual but light cladding for the base, the stove is mobile with a lift truck. It therefore remains mobile for use in different places, for example on the terrace in summer and under a bonnet indoors in winter.

Also available as a private version for the Hobby wood-burning oven.

Powder-coated in anthracite.


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