Bernardi immersion kneader from Italy series RS up to 24 kg

Teigkneter Bernardi RS mit Taucharmtechnologie, 24 kg, 2 Knetstufen, 1100Watt

gastronomy best suited for:
  •     2 speed levels (38 or 52 beats per minute)
  •     Kneading capacity 12 kg, 24 kg, 48 kg
  •     kneads light and medium doughs
  •     Kneading utensils can be removed for cleaning
  •     induction motor
  •     normal plug: 230 Volt, single phase
  •     Emergency shutdown system with double channel ("Safety Torque Off")
  •     touch control panel
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RS Kneading capacity

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Art.Nr.: RS2423029


Professional kneading machine for pizzerias and restaurants

With the RS series, Bernardi offers a professional diving arm kneading machine with two speed levels for pizzerias and restaurants. As in every Bernardi machine, the patented diving arm system is the heart of the RS machine. As if by hand, the machine kneads various doughs at 38 beats per minute or 52 beats per minute. The machine moves its kneading arms into the dough from above like a human being. The hooks also have a special shape that minimizes friction in the dough, so that the yeast is not strained too much and the dough achieves an optimum consistency.

The Bernardi RS is an all-rounder for professional use. Available in three sizes with kneading capacities up to 12 kg, up to 24 kg and up to 48 kg, it kneads light and medium doughs for bread, pizza, flat bread, egg dough pasta, shortcrust pastry and croissants. RS doughs with higher hydration are left to their big sister, the Bernardi BT.

Eye-catcher in every kitchen

The dimensions of the Bernardi kneading machines are absolutely optimized and for space-saving use in professional kitchens. A kneading machine couldn't be more compact. The kneading arms are equipped with a safety system and can be easily removed for cleaning. The design is simple and modern, linear and elegant. The Bernardi does not have to hide in the kitchen.

A high-performance induction motor drives every Bernardi submersible kneading machine with a very low noise level. It can be connected to a normal socket. Due to the high dead weight of the machine, it has a firm footing and fulfils its task absolutely reliably. No maintenance work is required, only the cleaning of the kneading utensils. For safety reasons, an emergency shut-off system with double channel ("Safety Torque Off") is installed. The control panel is equipped with a touch system for setting the speed levels of the Bernardi RS kneading machine.

Perfectly suited for gluten-free doughs

Bernardi experimented with gluten-free doughs in its Bakery Lab in Italy. The results were excellent. The dipping arm technique is just as suitable for gluten-free doughs as for conventional doughs. Of course, as always when working with doughs, it depends on the experience in, handling doughs. Professionals around Bernardi have achieved up to 100% hydration.g

The Bernardi Company

Quality and tradition have been Bernardi's top priorities for 35 years. As a young boy, company founder Elvio Bernardi observed the advantages of immersion mixers for yeast dough and, as a young man, made his own model, which was very soon reproduced. Today Bernardi is run by the second generation and is dedicated to the perfection and aesthetics of his dough mixers. Bernardi is the absolute leader in the field of gastronomic dough kneading machines and now dares to take the leap towards "Smarter Technology" control.

Bernardi Bakery Lab

Bernardi has set up a baking laboratory at its headquarters in Cuneo/Italy. Here caterers and chefs can deepen their knowledge of dough production and familiarise themselves with the professional dough kneading machines.


  • fixed mixing bowl
  • Removable dough hook for easy cleaning
  • microfibre cloth
  • power cable
  • instruction manual 


Color Bernardi: White
Dough amount Bernardi: 24 kg
Kneading speed Bernardi: 38 and 52 strokes/min
Kneading steps Bernardi : 2 level
Outer dimension height (in cm): 91
Outer dimension length (in cm): 71
Outer dimension width (in cm): 45
Weight (in kg): 124
Leistung in Watt: 1500 Watt

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