Pizzaofen Bausatz für Gastro: Valoriani Vesuvius GR, Holz und Gas

Profi Optimal für:


  • Gas or wood firing
  • extremely long life
  • constant heat thanks to fireclay and clay granules
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Internal diameter

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After your request you will receive an offer from us by e-mail. We will receive the item approx. 14 days after your order directly from the manufacturer. Subsequent delivery time 2-5 days

Art.Nr.: GR160H

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Firing with wood


The hotter the oven, the fresher the ingredients stay on the pizza. With wood, 380 degrees is no problem.


Food from the wood-fired oven has a very special aroma. Eat with all your senses.


Fire is magic. People have been gathering around the fire since time immemorial. It is primal and sociable.


As a renewable raw material, a wood-burning oven does not burden your ecological footprint.

Product information Pizzaofen Bausatz für Gastro: Valoriani Vesuvius GR, Holz und Gas

The great oven for gastronomic continuous firing

The Valoriani Vesuvio GR is supplied in a set including door and front arch. It can be fired with wood or gas and is approved for gastronomic continuous firing. Suitable insulation material can be ordered as an option. There is a possibility to assemble it on site by yourself or to book the assembly by our professional assemblers.

The Vesuvio GR is suitable if you have to consider special architectural conditions. It is also suitable to install a more powerful model on the basis of an existing furnace.


  • The baking surface is made of refractory chamotte with high aluminum content for an extremely long life. It is absolutely even.
  • The mounting kit consists of molded modules that allow easy start-up and perfect leveling. The vault above the baking surface is made of refractory aluminum concrete. Fireclay and clay granules provide constant heat. In addition to the built-in elements, the scope of supply includes an arched furnace door with a built-in heating flue.
  • The perfect curvature of the arch in ideal proportion to the baking surface and the firing door result in this outstanding oven. The use of first class materials allows an even distribution of the heat and allows a constant and homogeneous baking with a considerable saving of wood.
  • Von der A.V.P.N. / Oven recommended by the A.V.P.N. / Association Vera Pizza Napoletana for Neapolitan pizza.


internal dimensions 100 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm, 120/160 cm, 140/160 cm, 140/180 cm and 180/180 cm.

The base of the oven should always be 40cm larger than the diameter of the oven itself (for example, for a Vesuvio GR with 100cm diameter, the base should be at least 140cm in diameter). The working height of the furnace varies between 110 - 120cm.


wood oder gas.

With gas firing, you get a connected load according to the stove diameter with the professional Milberg Spitfire gas burner: 100cm - 120cm: 25kW; 120cm - 160cm: 29 kW; from 160cm: 34kW

Assembly and delivery:

delivery of the assembly set by forwarding company. Assembly by our professional assemblers optionally bookable.

Test the Vesuvio GR!

Convince yourself of the Vesuvio GR and test it in our showroom kitchen. You bring your dough and the ingredients for your dishes and test the oven to your heart's content. Make an appointment by calling +49 6051 67777 and we will be happy to answer your questions and give you personal advice.

Hire purchase/leasing: 

possible on request.


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Manufacturer "Valoriani Forni"

The history of “Fornace Valoriani” since 1890

A great artisan known all over the world. VALORIANI is history, quality and value. It’s HISTORY, for the business passed on five generations, each of which has been able to face and cleverly overcome the challenges of its own time, thanks to innovation and
attention to new publics’ needs. Territory and tradition: these are the characterizing elements of REFRATTARI VALORIANI Srl. The success of the company, located in Reggello (Florence), is rooted at the end of the XIX century in the Florentine area of Figline Valdarno. Here, in his own factory, the forefather of the VALORIANI’s family, Pietro, produced jars, vases and bricks made of refractory cotto. To improve the production, Gino Valoriani, the grandfather of the current owners Massimo and Valeriano, decided to move the factory to a rich clayish area located in Reggello, 20 kms away from Florence. It’s 1940 and the war was coming.

During reconstruction times, Valoriani company was out in front to help the nation restoring itself. Valoriani’s bricks were essential to build thousands of ovens necessary to bake bread in the new built houses. Then comes the watershed; Silvio Valoriani, Gino’s son, had the eureka moment: “Why don’t we build our own ovens?”. Easier said then done. He designed and built the FIRST PRE-BUILT WOOD FIRED OVEN, taking advantage of the secular experience of his family in the choice of raw materials and defining the structural design of the vault, perfect in all of its proportions, to such an extent that even today it is unchanged.In response to the great request of its products, Valoriani created its own commercial and distribution network: Alfa Refrattari, regarding the Centre/South Italy, in the 80’s sold to the current owners. During the 60’s, Valoriani came to another turning point.

Italians’ eating habits were changing, mainly because of the increased disposable income, thus Valoriani decided to create a set of pre-built wood fired ovens, called Vesuvio, addressed exclusively to professional users. Our company seems to be the only one which
produces internally the refractory both for the vault and the baking floor, with no need to adapt to what is available on the market. We receive daily marks of respect from trade associations, corporations and especially from the tens of thousands of pizza places that work every single day with our ovens.


In the USA our professional ovens have the ETL Certification Mark, in Great Britain are approved from the CLEAN AIR 2005 No. 2304,
in Italy from UNI 10474: in 1995 from IMQ, from the CEE 84/500, from PH laboratory. Moreover our wood fire ovens have been the first,
while our gas ovens are the only one, to be approved from the AVPN (ASSOCIAZIONE VERACE PIZZA NAPOLETANA) for the baking of Neapolitan pizza.

Today, Valoriani in the World

Today the company is run by Massimo Valoriani, with the help of 25 co-workers and more than 300.000 ovens (both domestic and professional) sold. We think to be a benchmark for our experience, quality and reputation. Thanks to our models: GR, OT, IGLOO, VERACE and the new FORNOGRILL; we cover both the domestic and international market and we are well-known at an international level. Valoriani’s oven can indeed be found from Italy to Europe, the United States, Australia and Asian countries. Many other companies have tried to copy our ovens, we take that as a compliment, even if VALORIANI ovens are and will always be the one and only ORIGINALS.

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Gastronomischer Pizzaofen Valoriani Vesuvio Igloo mit RHS-Umluftsystem, Holz und Gas, 120cm Durchmesser
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Internal diameter: 120
Technology in the service of the taste, the Valoriani Igloo More than 100 years of experience, a lot of technical know-how and a passionate ingenuity can be found in the design of the model Igloo, the first and only breathable oven with special evaporation.The main insulation vault of the furnace is lined with Valtex, an innovative, breathable mortar. It consists of a mixture of macroporous silicates, which are able to release the moisture produced during baking to the outside. As a result, the heat generated by the fuel is fully used for heating the furnace interior and ensures a constant temperature, especially of the soil for hours.Like all Valoriani ovens, the Igloo is equipped with a baking surface made of fireproof bricks, made of the best Italian and foreign chamottes and tested in a food-safe way. Its high heat output, the breathability of the material and its excellent properties as a heat storage allow a perfect and uniform baking from all sides. The advantages at a glance: Economic use of fuel, higher power, more constant temperature and last but not least its special technology ensure unique culinary delights. Also available with gas firing and 10-flame blower gas burner DVGW approved. The data:     Running costs approx. 1 Euro / hour with gas and about 2 square meters of wood per month (about 200 euros with 250 hours of operation)     Baking times approx. 90 seconds at 500 degrees and 180 seconds at 320 degrees     Tested and approved according to DIN 13229 resp. Gas Appliance Directive     This wood oven is suitable for the gastronomic endurance brand.     According to Directive 84/500 / EEC approved by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.     Furnace is supplied assembled, ground-level door is required for installation, optional installation in the local is possible. Measurements: Internal dimensions 100 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm, 140 x 160 cm, 140 x 180 cm Firing: wood and gas.With gas firing, the professional Milberg Spitfire gas burner provides a connected load according to the diameter of the oven: 100cm - 120cm: 25kW; 120cm - 160cm: 29 kW; from 160cm: 34kW Assembly and delivery: The delivery of the pre-assembled furnace is made by freight carrier. An assembly by our experts is possible on request (assembly time about 1 to 2 days). Test the Vesuvio Igloo: You have the opportunity to test the stove in our exhibition. We have installed a model and will be happy to provide you with the stove by personal appointment on +49 6051 67777 for a few hours with wood or gas firing for sample cooking and baking. Do not hesitate to call us. The quality of the Igloo will convince you! Hire purchase / lease: on request .  
Wood- Gaspizzaoven Valoriani Vesuvio OT
Internal diameter: 160
For fast baking success, the Valoriani Vesuvio OT When fast and cost-effective solutions are required, the Vesuvio OT is the best choice. It can be delivered pre-assembled and is easy to install. The GR series combustion chamber is surrounded by an octagonal sheet metal cladding, treated on the outside with a refractory paint. A sheet metal flap for closing the firebox door is included. The use of the best insulating materials on the combustion chamber and baking surface guarantees optimal functionality of all models. An ideal oven for those looking for high performance and reliability, but without giving up the inimitable characteristics of fireclay, also available with gas firing. The OT series Vesuvio oven has been designed to be easily moved with a pallet truck or crane arm if necessary. It can be delivered ready assembled on request, provided that the entrance of the room is large enough and there are no stairs to climb. Otherwise, assembly can be done by our assemblers. The details: Operating costs: about 1 euro/hour for gas. Approx. 2 square meters of wood per month (approx. 200 euros for 250 hours of operation). Baking times: approx. 90 seconds at 500 degrees, 180 sec. at 320 degrees. Tested and approved according to DIN 13229 or gas appliance directive. This wood burning oven is suitable for gastronomic continuous firing. According to Directive 84 / 500 / EEC approved by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. Pizzas per hour: With an internal dimension of 100cm bake 50 pizzas per hour.Inner dimension 120 cm: 75 pizzas per hour.Inner dimension 140 cm: 100 pizzas per hour.Internal dimension 160 cm: 125 pizzas per hour.Inner dimension 180 cm: 150 pizzas per hour. The dimensions: Internal dimensions 100 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm. Firing: Wood and gas.With gas firing, the professional Milberg Spitfire gas burner provides a connected load according to the diameter of the oven:100cm - 120cm: 25kW120cm - 160cm: 29 kWfrom 160cm: 34kW Assembly and delivery: delivered as a kit or pre-assembled. The assembly by our professional assemblers can be booked in addition (assembly time 1 - 2 days). Test the Vesuvio OT Convince yourself of the Vesuvio OT in our showroom kitchen and make an appointment for test baking by calling +49 6051 67777. You bring your ingredients and the dough and can test at your leisure how it is to cook and bake with the oven. We are available for questions and personal advice, but let you cook at your leisure. Leasing: term from 24 to 48 months possible.  
Holzbackofen Valoriani Rotativo: rotierender Pizzaofen für Gastronomie, Restaurant, Pizzeria
4.5 of 5 stars
Diameter: 130 | Structure: square
Valoriani Rotativo Wood-firing New: the first rotating pizza oven from Valoriani. A product of the Valoriani manufactory, the Rotativo continues the tradition of high quality pizza ovens. New is the first rotating fireclay plate for even more uniform results. The long experience of Valoriani motivated the owners to develop a model for the catering sector that makes the cook's work easier and ensures the rotation of the food by itself. The Rotativo is new to the range, but consistent in performance and quality - a true Valoriani. The Rotativo is fired from a combination of gas and wood. This combination ensures optimal and time-saving operation. Features of the Rotativo: The baking surface is made of food-safe and tested somewhat open-pored fireclay. This is similar to Cotto Sorent and is ideally used for Neapolitan pizza. The Milberg fan gas burner Spitfire is a ten-flame gas burner that promises the highest performance and best results. It can be controlled automatically or manually and has optimal temperature control. The Spitfire is certified according to DVGW and AVPN. The patented "Recycling Heating System" (RHS) ensures the circulation of the very high temperatures, especially under the baking surface. It utilizes the smoke emitted at approx. 300° to 350°C and directs it to colder areas of the baking surface via an exhaust system. In contrast to expensive additional burners or electric heating coils, the RHS system offers many advantages: Operating temperature is reached faster than with standard ovens, saving up to 30 percent energy. The temperature is almost constant at all points of the baking surface even after 100 pizzas, resulting in better baking results. The smoke that escapes is cleaner, as it passes through the interior of the oven several times at over 500°C. Short baking times of 70 to 90 seconds are possible. The RHS system ensures an absolutely constant temperature compared to commercially available rotating ovens, thus ensuring high throughput rates. The specially developed insulation corresponds to the properties of the classic materials sand and salt, with lower weight and easier assembly. All these quality features allow a remarkable saving in energy consumption and a high temperature for optimal baking results. The Rotativo is also suitable for Neapolitan pizza. Dimensions: internal dimensions 100cm,120cm, 140cm rotating plate. Firing: wood und gas. Throughput per hour: With a diameter of 120cm bake 80 to 100 pizzas per hour. Assembly and delivery: If delivery is possible, we can deliver the oven pre-assembled and ready at your place. Optionally, it is also possible to assemble the oven directly on your premises (assembly time 1 to 2 days). Hire purchase/leasing: possible on request.   


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