Recipe: Cannelloni di Ricotta e Verdura

Cannelloni with ricotta and vegetables. Not only looks good, but also tastes incredibly delicious.


400 g egg pasta dough
200 g sheep ricotta
200 g wild herbs (fresh to chop)
40 g Parmigiano
pinch of nutmeg
pinch of fine salt
pinch of butter flakes
400 g bechamel sauce
400 g tomato sauce


Roll out the dough and form rectangles of 15 x 8 cm, boil in salted water, drain and place on a linen cloth. Chop the wild herbs with a knife and mix with ricotta, parmigiano and nutmeg, add a little salt. Place the dough on the work surface and fill it with the cheese and herbs paste. Close the dough on the long side by rolling it up, leaving the short ends open. This will create a cannelloni. Butter a baking dish and spread the béchamel sauce on it and the tomato sauce on top. Place the cannelloni on top and sprinkle with grated Parmigiano cheese and butter flakes. Cook in the Fontana oven at 320-350° C for about 30 minutes. 

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