5 Questions to... Malte Bruins

Mammas Simple Food offers pure Italian food, as manager Malte Bruins tells us. The owner family around Fortunato Tassone has been running Italian restaurants for 40 years. The concept for the three restaurants in Dinslaken, Kamp-Lintfort and Bocholt is as simple as it is good: simple Italian food with high-quality ingredients, of course, in a Valoriani wood-fired oven. In all restaurants the food is baked in a Valoriani Igloo 140cm and the dough is made by a Bernardi dough kneading machine.


And here Mr. Bruins tells us what makes the ovens special from his point of view - and of course his favorite recipe:

1. What is your favorite dish to prepare in your oven and why?
Pizza and homemade country bread. The dough together with carefully selected ingredients develops an incomparable aroma in the beechwood-fired oven.

2. What makes their oven special for you?
To be able to make real Neapolitan pizza, traditionally in an oven fired only with beech wood. High temperatures ensure a short baking time and the ingredients remain fresh and crisp. The taste is not lost.

3. What is your tip for hobby cooks who have a wood-burning oven?
Don't skimp on the wood. Gather little flour under the dough. Work with high temperatures.

4. Where or for whom would you like to cook?
The Italian and German national soccer teams. Anywhere... ?

5. May you tell us your favorite recipe that we may publish in our blog?

Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Pepperoncino:
To prepare, crushed or finely chopped garlic cloves are heated or lightly sautéed in a generous amount of virgin or extra virgin olive oil; the latter adds a tangy, spicy note to the dish. The oil thus flavored is seasoned with plenty of freshly ground black pepper and then mixed with spaghetti cooked al dente. In the spicy version (spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino), fresh or dried red peppers are added to the oil with the garlic, plus chopped flat-leaf parsley, either raw or briefly fried in the oil. Simple, but incredibly delicious with good ingredients and fresh pasta.

We say thank you for this melodious recipe and recommend a visit to Mammas Simple Food!


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